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Hi. I created this!

Homepage: http://www.voetsjoeba.com
Location: Belgium Belgium

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Estonia vessar
( deSire`vessar ) hello
( venue-taLa ) hi
( deSire`vessar ) can i have your authograph ?
( venue-taLa ) my e-autograph?
( deSire`vessar ) yep
( venue-taLa ) sure
( deSire`vessar ) well ? :)
( venue-taLa ) http://img160.imageshack.us/img160/4241/autographrx0.png
( venue-taLa ) np
( deSire`vessar ) thanx
( deSire`vessar ) <3
( venue-taLa ) np


Bringing Crossfire.nu to your screen!
CB ET OpenCup Spring 2006, 4th league with Benelux Krauts
ESL ET 6on6 European Ladder with Europe OCTENse
WL 6on6 Season VII, group Bravo I with Europe OCTENse
ET 6on6 OpenCup Fall, 3rd league Group G with Europe OCTENse
CB ET 6on6 European Ladder with Europe OCTENse
WL 6on6 Season VII, division Bravo with Europe OCTENse

- Got a EuroCup qualifier with Europe OCTENse
- Played CPC2 with Europe OCTENse.LAN
Operating SystemWindows XP Professional