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Good countries which receive my love:

Bad countries which I regularly send hate:

United States of America [urlnew=http://www.groundcontroltouring.com/CAT/jennylewis/gallery/promo/00500003.jpg]Jenny Lewis (of Rilo Kiley)[/url] worshipper[/u]

Anonymous Fringe lover
United States of America [urlnew=http://l.yimg.com/img.tv.yahoo.com/tv/us/img/site/44/99/0000034499_20061021001105.jpg]David Caruso (Horatio Caine)[/url] aholic
United Kingdom [urlnew=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Richardson_(television_presenter)]James Richardson[/url] appreciator
Canada Wesbo owns the shit lolz!
United Kingdom [urlnew=http://www.modularpeople.co.uk/] Modular Records[/url] fan
United Kingdom [urlnew=http://www.wallpaperme.com/57253-2/Rosamund-Pike-16.JPG] Rosamund Pike[/url] fan
United States of America [urlnew=http://farm1.static.flickr.com/94/238496908_010208e374.jpg]Greta Salpeter[/url] appreciator
Latvia [urlnew=http://www.last.fm/user/vinyl_/]vinyl[/url] fan
Hungary [urlnew=http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=user&mode=view&id=9595]Trevize[/url] fan
United States of America [urlnew=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayjyV8XOuk4]Nothing Better Acoustic (Jenny & Ben)[/url] listener
Estonia Holz lover

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Netherlands xeoxis: And potatoes are invented by the dutch.
Portugal mAver1ck: this boy got naked in my religious studies lesson and got excluded for a week i lol'd so fucking hard.
Hungary Trevize: woman < man
Netherlands Wesbo: are you making the mickey?
United Kingdom TosspoT: foonr thinks hes a comical genious [sic], but he isnt, infact he upsets my facebook flow of women quite regularly.
Germany FlyingDJ: There's nothing erotic about a woman's vagina.
United Kingdom Baggiez: You're a prick. I got a comment from one of my uni mates about your emo shit
United Kingdom TosspoT: and yet again, nellie wins the nellie award
United Kingdom BBC Sport: 2138: Avram Grant is looking perturbed. Very perturbed.
Belgium Jada: In coitio I was to stupid to just try a public hack to see what it brings, & stupid me tried it in a war, I can understand that you hate me for that.
But PLZ, don't call me a cheater.

United Kingdom Graballa: (Michael Goulbourn) is using volumising shampoo to maximise his hair. 2m ago
United Kingdom Nyke: a blind cat could get into highschool... u need like 5 GCSEs to get in. gtfo
edit: congrats
Pakistan kams: Don't want to sound arrogant but I'm better than the majority of players in this game, and a lot of other people are too
Iran xaxa: hi, i´m a lowskilled pubwhore. I think that you have no skill and I hope you get syphilis.
Poland gnajda: You buy cigarettes, I bought bot. I bought bot and I do not have heal impairment.


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8. Never forget: "Hype shows his intelligence"
9. Journal with 321 comments without a single picture

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I<3<3<3<3 United States of America Jenny Lewis
I <3<3 United States of America Bright Eyes

I <3<3 United States of America Sufjan Stevens
I <3<3 United States of America The Postal Service
I <3 Canada Of Montreal
I <3<3 United States of America Rilo Kiley
I <3<3 United States of America Death Cab for Cutie
I <3<3 United States of America The Decemberists

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