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  • Bjorn Van de Sompel
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1st Gameday6 (3vs3 cod compo)
2nd LanFormation (3vs3 cod compo)
3th OCC 16 (5vs5 cod compo)
1st Fatlan8 (5vs5 cod2 compo)
3th Gunkcon (3vs3 and 5vs5 cod2 compo)
1st Gametime6 (3vs3 cod2 compo)
7th Regroup 12 (5vs5 cod2 compo)
1st Fatlan10 (5vs5 cod2 compo)
2nd Fom9.1 (5vs5 cod2 compo)
2nd Pihlan (3vs3 cod4 compo)
3th OCC24 (5vs5 cod4 compo)
4th Fatlan 11 (5vs5 cod4 compo)
4th FoM 10.1 (5vs5 cod4 compo)
5-8th The Reality VII (5vs5 cod4 compo)
1st Genk In Game (3vs3 cod4 compo)
5th Fatlan 12 (5v5 cod4 compo)
16th -32th Outpost On Fire 3 (cod4 compo)
14th-16th Iserie38 (cod4 compo)
5th-6th FoM 11.1 (cod4 compo)
3th The Reality IX (cod4 compo)
3th The Reality X (cod4 compo)
5/6th Fatlan 13 (cod4 compo)
5/6th Frag-O-Matic 12.1 (cod4 compo)
1st Frag-O-Matic 12.1 (cod2 compo)
4th Frag-O-Matic 13.0 (cod4 compo)

3th 2nd league QrX TDM cup (cod)
2nd 4th league Clanbase Open Cup Spring 2005 (cod)
3th 2nd league 3vs3SD Hosted Cup (cod)
1st place Benelux ladder 3vs3 Clanbase (cod)
1st place Enemy Down 5vs5 (cod)
3th 2de league KARbrothers and DrinkS 2on2 TDM (cod)
3th 7th league Clanbase Open Cup Spring 2006 (cod2)
4th Eurocup IVX CTF (cod2)
3th Nations Cup XI CTF (cod2)
1st ESL BNLX Nightcup I (cod4)
2nd ESL BNLX Nightcup II (cod4)
3th ESL BNLX Nightcup III (cod4)
3th League summercup CB 2009 (cod4)
1st Kuppen #113 (cod4)
1st Kuppen #104 (cod4)
7/8th Esportsheaven Alienware Invasion (cod4)
13/16th CM Storm Cup #2 (cod4)
2nd ESL BNLX Nightcup VI (cod4)
3th ESL BNLX Nightcup VII (cod4)
3th ESL BNLX Nightcup VIII (cod4)
1st eXclusion Esports nightcup (cod4)
CPUCore 2 Duo E6550 (2.33 GHz, FSB1333(!), 2x 2Mb cache(!))
MotherboardGigaByte P35
MemoryApacer 512MB DDR400 *2
Storage600 GIG
GraphicsNvidia GeForce 9800 GTX+
Operating SystemWindows XP Pro service Pack2
MonitorLG 19inch flatscreen
Keyboardsimple one :)
MouseMX518 Logitech
MousepadSteelpad QcK+
HeadsetSteelSound 5H
ConnectionTelenet 20mbit