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Anonymous suffering.et[/b]]
image: pl mst
image: pl viC
image: pl albin
image: pl nAsty
image: pl tiAmat
image: pl Thoro
image: pl cymky
image: pl szyker
image: pl overhit
image: pl fuxor

Anonymous wArning![/b]]
image: es doneX
image: uk Nyke
image: pl fuxor
image: uk j0hn
image: pl roman
image: nl rimi
image: be Prydz

Anonymous vodka.et[/b]]
image: pl sosn4
image: pl Yoshiharu
image: pl fuxor
image: pl hitsu
image: pl Michalek
image: pl kIano
image: pl fuzi

Anonymous iStar[/b]]
image: uk Edge
image: uk L0ck
image: nl Xo!
image: uk mohey
image: pl fuxor
image: fo heya
image: is Pearl
image: fi p0rtrait
image: ee zomec

Anonymous subtilitas[/b]]
image: uk DtSje
image: de Hirdhor
image: pl aZ
image: se Ti+es
image: uk dzire
image: uk daze
image: pl fuxor
image: fi Akingboy
image: mt mcro

Anonymous reaction.et[/b]]
image: pl malczik
image: pl albin
image: pl cisy
image: pl fuxor
image: pl mArszal [*] R.I.P
image: pl bialas
image: pl arturek
image: pl viC

Anonymous dOJA[/b]]
image: de sohn
image: pl matec
image: ee bpr.
image: bg !taliano
image: bg m1rage
image: be PhiL
image: cz Rifleman
image: cz esti
image: pl fuxor
image: fr Keytaro
image: be tetsuo
image: be Nick

Anonymous signum[/b]]
image: uk splodge
image: uk Bulld0g
image: uk AziMiZ
image: uk bidy
image: uk Pieface
image: es JizZ
image: pl fuxor :)

Anonymous team-cojones[/b]]
image: pl rsd
image: pl frick
image: pl mirage
image: pl fuxor
image: pl moja
image: pl isover
image: pl skyr

Anonymous buttsechs[/b]]
image: fr strAf with image: ch Lady
image: ch Puu
image: pl fuxorinlove
image: be kiNki
image: ch Dabster
image: pl God
image: es Winghaven

Lona - Nic dziwnego
Captain Jack
Rise Against - Drones
Hello Tomorrow - Zebrahead
Akon - Belly Dancer
donGURALesko - Dobrze o tym wiesz
Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
Lais - t'smidje

image: 3742
image: 5501
image: 20740
image: 471
image: 17593
image: 9227
image: 20972
image: 22592
image: 15711
image: 22467
image: 5913
image: 3989
image: 20866



Head Redactor - Poland www.et.owned.pl
Redactor - Poland www.et.owned.pl
Head redactor - Poland www.uvm.pl
Redactor - United Kingdom www.tlr-clan.co.uk
Cup Admin - Europe Clanbase
Proud member of England #chelsea fanclub
Head Orga - Poland #e-pirates



Redactor - Poland www.et.owned.pl
Redactor - Poland www.eliteplayers.pl
Redactor - Poland www.just-play.pl
Head Orga - Poland ET AllstarZ Cup Poland 2008
Member of England #chelsea fanclub
Shoutcaster of Poland#heartZ.et

Proud ETPlayer since autumn 2004
CPUPentium 4 3.2ghz
Memory1GB DDR
Storagerandom 200GB
GraphicsgForce 4 6800GT 128mb
SoundRealteck A97
Operating SystemWindows xp proff sp2
MonitorSamsung LCD '17
MousepadQcK+ steel
ConnectionCable 512kb/s