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» Welcome To Italy / Switzerland sCred Profile [/b]

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Real life :[/u]


Name: Stéphane
Location: Switzerland Geneva Switzerland
Origins : Switzerland & Italy <3
Languages: France & England & Italy

Virtual life :[/u]

-I Began ET In July 2006 and got better thanks to some good teams & mates. <3
-November 2007 I stop ET for COD4.
-March 2008 Im back to ET
-January 2009 Stop ET

Nick : sCred
Games : COD4 \ ET

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Current Clans :

¤ Switzerland ¬
Switzerland w1nd
Switzerland sCred
Switzerland Gifty
Switzerland RaigeKi
Switzerland Mickael

Web Site : Team-Switzerland

image: mirc_logo #Team-Switzerland.cod4

Old's Clans :

¤ Europe ¬
Switzerland Jollzz
Switzerland sCred
Switzerland sp1n
France emknN
France nerveux

Web Site : team-extenSia

image: mirc_logo [irc]#extenSia![/irc]

¤ Europe ¬
Poland eque
Switzerland sCred
England dysan
England daze
United Kingdom neo

back-up :

United Kingdom om3ga

Web Site : intact

image: mirc_logo #insta-Gods

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image: gameetml4 Enemy Territory

Current Clans :


¤ Switzerland ¬
Switzerland AliaS
Switzerland sCred (cap)
Switzerland ShAx
Switzerland DabSter
Switzerland Rapt6rr


¤ Switzerland ¬
Switzerland AliaS
Switzerland sCred (cap)
Switzerland Syem
Switzerland GunNer
Switzerland Rapt6rr
Switzerland Octa
Switzerland Pred
Switzerland Legend

Web Site : Genève

image: mirc_logo #Geneve.et

Old's Clans :

¤ Europe ¬
France kauli
France okko
France k2k
Denmark bamZe
Switzerland sCred
France kaz
France ked
France strAf
United Kingdom Sheep
Italy vegeta
Israel FrAgOn
Estonia Priit

image: mirc_logo [irc]#moine![/irc]

¤ Europe ¬
Switzerland AliaS
Switzerland sCred
Sweden Viral
Portugal kMt
France okko
France fuZ
France mirage

back-up :

France RizZle

image: mirc_logo #execlam

¤ Europe ¬
Belgium fast
Switzerland sCred
Sweden Viral
Finland exe
Finland faesti
Austria laguNa

image: mirc_logo #kikz

¤ Europe ¬
Sweden fuchs
Switzerland sCred
Italy DaNoNe
Belgium dodgeh
Netherlands ratte
Netherlands aphesia
Germany Viol
Germany FaKy

image: mirc_logo #royal-bandidos

¤ Europe ¬
Slovenia aRkas
Switzerland sCred
Germany KwaIn
Germany sCow
Belgium dodgeh
Netherlands semtex
Canada anim

back-up :

Netherlands abort

Web Site : antract

image: mirc_logo #antract

¤ Europe ¬
Switzerland AliaS
Switzerland sCred
Belgium sezL

back-up :

Germany viol

image: fS-Spiral

Web Site : freak-Skill

image: mirc_logo #fS.et

¤ Europe ¬
Poland cms (c)
Switzerland sCred
Finland kaide
Netherlands Parra
Belgium Phil
Spain WeZoR

back-ups :

Malta DiZzEl
France momo

Web Site : sFx

image: mirc_logo #sFx.Gaming

¤ Europe ¬
Finland Pasha
Switzerland sCred
Morroco luyah
Canada Anim
Netherlands axel

image: mirc_logo #3playbois

¤ Europe ¬
Finland sandi
Switzerland sCred
Belgium leito
Israel Coolio
Israel DeePo
Israel almost

image: mirc_logo #Question-Mark

¤ Europe ¬
France Keyser
Switzerland Octa
Switzerland sCred
Switzerland wCk
France Coni
France Bumeu
France Sacr

Web Site : modesty

image: mirc_logo #modesty

¤ Switzerland ¬
Switzerland aspa
France beers
Switzerland sCred
Switzerland ShAx
France elmo
Belgium EvO
France WarN

Web Site : logic

image: mirc_logo #logic.et

¤ Europe
Fun Clan :[/b]
Switzerland sCred
Switzerland AliaS
Italy Vegas
Poland poiu
United Kingdom hYpe
Finland Tarrek
Netherlands heroin
Spain Zapk1ng
Poland Caprio

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image: qw Enemy Territory:Quake Wars

Public's Only

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image: msn Contact @ Mail :[/u]]


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QuotedESIRE|kARn4J : sCred BUSTED
omg sCred le BOT !

Quotesweetooth: NICE WH
sweetooth: you guys too obvious
sweetooth: hope they take demos for your bust

QuoteiNv smolu: bb
fS - sCred: ?
iNv smolu: u dont see walls
iNv smolu disconnected

QuoteCLAIMAXz: gonna kick you soon
sCred: why?
CLAIMAXz: 4 nades right at my face
CLAIMAXz: i moved without sound
CLAIMAXz: and amazing skilboost since 1st round
CLAIMAXz: why are you so obvious?

QuoteMetsuri: you started aim floor
Metsuri: couldnt hit headie

Quote(23:35:08) (@EDiT`lio) i don't know you but if you wanna admit from yourself that your cheating, then idd no you can't play

QuoteTLR{mAus: u killed my razer!

Quotejetro: sCred played 1 month
jetro: u are arrow

QuotecRod: typical Swiss hitbox

Quoten1ce hype: wh
n1ce hype: ftw
n1ce hype: hackers

QuoteReZoN: nice knowing

QuoteunKind R0SS: ur a cheater anyway
unKind R0SS: been busted
unKind R0SS: ur shit and u cheat rofl

QuoteunKind sqzz: sCred who the fuck r u neways
unKind R0SS: some random cheater
unKind R0SS: as usual

Quotesavage.se: wh

Quote6s'narcy: wh
6s'narcy: for sure
6s'narcy: more wh

Quotetacky/Lakaii: cheaters noob
tacky/Lakaii: raped by low cheaters
tacky/Lakaii: what bot do you use?
tacky/Lakaii: MbudGet

Quote(21:54:21) (kapaa) random hackers
(21:54:24) (kapaa) with wh

Quotesosi: but pls set wh off
sosi: k?

Quoteag0n: there is a wall mate

QuoteSexclick: lag more

QuotesFx.momo: pre shoot more

MatzZ Quote XDDDDDD[/u]]
(03:34:20) (sCred) next time stop whine
(03:34:23) (sCred) im not cheater ;D
(03:35:09) (MatzZ) "ok"
(03:36:30) (MatzZ) BandidaS
(03:36:34) (MatzZ) lol
(03:36:40) (MatzZ) ur not very good at hiding ur self
(03:37:03) (MatzZ) http://www.yawn.be/findPlayer.yawn?gamecode=ET&pbGuid=6746eec2
(03:37:08) (MatzZ) has the same ip as u :D
(03:37:15) (MatzZ) and this one
(03:37:15) (MatzZ) http://www.yawn.be/findPlayer.yawn?d-1588-p=1&etproGuid=61F9EE45C8A3134985FAED2C60C6005B40DDB81F&gamecode=ET
(03:37:17) (MatzZ) :D
(03:37:19) (MatzZ) nice one!!!
(03:37:38) (MatzZ) http://www.yawn.be/findPlayer.yawn?nick=Spiralji&pbGuid=&etproGuid=&gamecode=ET
(03:37:39) (MatzZ) :D
(03:37:44) (sCred) mm ?
(03:38:12) (MatzZ) exactly the same ip
(03:38:15) (MatzZ) as u just played :D
(03:38:17) (MatzZ) same location
(03:38:21) (sCred) yes and ?
(03:38:24) (MatzZ) why have u got so many guids
(03:38:27) (MatzZ) 3 new pcs?
(03:38:37) (MatzZ) just another random
(03:38:48) (MatzZ) come out of no were
(03:38:53) (sCred) its me
(03:38:56) (sCred) i got new PC
(03:38:57) (sCred) ...
(03:39:04) (MatzZ) yeah 3 of them
(03:39:05) (MatzZ) :D
(03:39:06) (MatzZ) ok
(03:39:24) (sCred) do u see
(03:39:28) (sCred) smthg obvious ?
(03:39:29) (sCred) ..
(03:39:34) (MatzZ) yeah
(03:39:42) (MatzZ) that u have bad gamesense
(03:39:42) (sCred) what ?
(03:39:45) (MatzZ) and good aim :D
(03:39:50) (MatzZ) and play with ppl like fuz
(03:39:54) (MatzZ) funny stuff

image: balk

image: balk

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image: bunny


Enemy Territory :

Played :

WorldCup 3v3 v.1
CB NC XI 1 war only :<
OC Div. 1
Some cups

Ownage Since August 2006 =)
CFET D1 With logic
Retards-cup With fS
Kicked from idem cup final after raped insecure(olBaa , pesh & royal) (for cheat oO) <3 admins

Some Smaller Cups And Leagues. \o/

antract cup 3on3 With antract

FrenchLAN with Online-Only
Team-play Cup With Sexy (6on6)
#iKs.cup 3on3 1DayCup - 16 Teams With GLITZ
4th Team-desire Cup With fS

Call Of Duty 4 :

Played :

Shokleague PRO
Some cups

Shokleague Div Pro Qualifications With extenSia.
Nova eSport Night Cup ODC With extenSia.
Shokleague Div Pro Qualifications With dreamvision.
CPUIntel® Core™2 Duo CPU E6850 @ 3.0GHz
Memory2Go Corsair
Storage400GB Sata
Operating SystemWindows XP PRO
MonitorDell 17'
MousepadNova Killer (big size)
HeadsetLogitech Precision
Connection4911 kbit/s