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Quake 3 Arena:
Dreamhack 2000 -1st place with ugh (swe /Jönköping)
Wcg calification sca - Made it to lan top 16 in1v1(swe/sthlm)

Return To Castle Wolfenstien:
Quakecon 2002 - 2nd place with infensus (Usa / Dallas)
ESport Invite 1 - 1st place with infensus (internet)
CB Eurocup VI - 1st place with infensus (internet)
Intour Lan Invite- - 2nd place with infensus (swe / sthlm
Quakecon 2003 -1st place with infensus (Usa / Dallas)
Esreality Invite II -1st place with infensus (internet) Season 6 -1st place wiith infensus (internet)
CB Eurocup VIII -3rd place with infensus (internet)
Rtcw Nation cup -1st place with team sweden (internet)
Rtcw Nation cup II -1st place with team sweden (internet)
Rtcw Nation cup III -1st place with team sweden (internet)
Rtcw Nation cup IIII -3/4th place with team sweden(internet)
CB Eurocup X -1st place with emaho (internet)

Quake 4:
Dreamhack 2005 winter - 5th place in 1v1