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Starring: SlovakiaBrotherhood of Steel members
Duration: 16:07
October 2006 - April 2007
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image: getImage.php?url=aimless-logo
Starring: SlovakiafiluS
Duration: 11:49
April 2007 - July 2007
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image: getImage.php?url=epiloguelogo
Starring: SlovakiafiluS
Duration: 11:28
August 2007 - December 2007
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image: getImage.php?url=teamplay
Starring: SlovakiafiluS
Duration: 1:00
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image: getImage.php?url=aaa-logo
Starring: SlovakiafiluS
Duration: 7:47
December 2007 - May 2008
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image: getImage.php?url=ica-logo-full
Starring: SlovakiafiluS
Duration: 6:40
June 2008
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image: getImage.php?url=fresh_blood
Starring: SlovakiafiluS
Duration: 10:57
December 2008 - April 2009
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image: getImage.php?url=one4all
Starring: SlovakiafiluS
Duration: 7:32
August 2009
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image: getImage.php?url=nOu_way
Starring: SlovakiafiluS
Duration: 8:17
November 2009 - February 2010
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image: getImage.php?url=ROCKiT
Starring: SlovakiafiluS
Duration: 7:02
July 2010 - February 2011
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image: 179
image: 195

United Kingdom crumbs
Estonia freeze
Netherlands ZaK-
Slovakia filuS
Finland kapaa

honorary: Netherlands haya, Netherlands joop

April 2009 - March 2010
image: 156
image: 151
image: 130
image: 119

Netherlands ZaK-
Finland lettu
Hungary Nonix
Poland zMk
Slovakia filuS
backup: Netherlandsjoshua, NetherlandsLavOd

NetherlandssaKen, PolandFrag'Stealer, United Kingdomrazz, Polandtemplar, FranceRizZle, Polandedain, Finlandchmpp

October 2007 - February 2009
image: 1

Czech Republic pecka(CL)
Czech Republic flasha(malfoy)
Czech Republic mnew
Czech Republic cromer
Czech Republic imp
Slovakia filuS
backup: Czech Republic drearem
honorary: Czech Republic desirable, Czech Republic jafix, Czech Republic angel, Czech Republic esti

December 2006 - October 2007
image: 90

Slovakia pyth9n
Slovakia bladee
Slovakia twist
Slovakia FiLuS
Czech Republic smejky
Czech Republic m1ch3l
Czech Republic jack0b

member of Team East in ET Allstars 2011 (captain candidate, not elected)

image: 90

LatviaClown (c)

member of Team East in ET Allstars 2009

image: 90

Germany/Russia zerender (C)
Estonia Night
Estonia RELOAd
Poland wiaderko
Poland diAler
Poland Wrobel
Poland kot
Latvia Clown
Slovakia filuS
Hungary Nonix

few offis under FatGames flag (February 2009)

image: 69

Poland Cursed (CL)
Poland Frag'stealer
Poland palemki
Germany murDa
Germany freezer
Slovakia filuS

once played in 68 Minicup Final for

image: 90

Czech Republic verbucha
Czech Republic ganja
Czech Republic wertyz
Czech Republic dante
Czech Republic denton
Slovakia filuS

Played couple of NC matches for Team Slovakia

image: 42

Slovakia CML(Captain)
Slovakia filuS
Slovakia SillentAssassin
Slovakia kredenc
Slovakia bladee
Slovakia pyth9n

<3 Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Patch 1.10 (& Avalon mod)
<3 C&C: Generals Zero Hour


Major Events:
9th Crossfire Intel Challenge 7

CB EuroCup XXVIII (Francephase)
CB EuroCup XXVII (NetherlandsDecerto)
CB EuroCup XXIV (NetherlandsMouseCon)
ESL Major Series VI (EuropeRockit/idk) - 100e
ESL Major Series V (EstonianOu way!) - 150e
ESL Major Series IV (Germanyone4one) - 100e
CB SummerCup Premiere 2013 (NetherlandsDecerto)

#6th ESL Major Series VII (Europeidk/Giants)
#7th CB ET EuroCup XXII (Europeidk/Giants)
#7th CB ET EuroCup XXI (EuropeRockit/idk)
wooden spoon in CB EC XX
#7th CB ET EuroCup XIX (PolandAuthentic/Germanyone4one)

#4th Group A in EMS II (Czech Republic NR)
#5-8th ESL Major Series II (Czech Republic NR) - lost in relegation cup
ESL Major Series II Czech Qualification (Czech Republic NR)

Special Events:
ET Allstars 2011 (EuropeTeam East)
ET Allstars 2009 (EuropeTeam East)

Crossfire Movie Awards 2011 (for movie "I will ROCKiT")

ESH Steelseries challenge (EuropeGLITz) - Steelpad QcK Heavy
Team Dignitas 5on5 Invitational (Europeidk)
/ Intel 5on5 Cup #2 (EuropenOu way)
Rockit 5on5 Invite Cup (EuropenOu way)
CZSK Clans Cup (Czech Republic uW)

# Crossfire Community Awards nominee for "Fragmovie of the year 2010"
Other Events:
6on6 Flash Forward Cup (Europe TAG)
6on6 Desi One Day Cup (Europe TAG)
Teamplay Exodus Cup (Czech Republic NR)
68 Minicup (Czech Republic d.rium)
Magic Balloons Cup (Czech Republic NR)
#CZET Cup (Czech Republic crAsh team)
Coldfire Nightcup II 3on3 X (Europe pigs)
/ Teamplay Celebration Cup (Czech Republic NR, Grand final was not played...)
/ Minus Gaming 3v3 1-day-cup (we won semifinals but we werent able to play in the finals) (Czech RepublicuW)
6on6 Summer Cupski v2 (Europe TAG)
Coldfire OneDay XIV 3on3 (Netherlands accurate)
Coldfire OneDay XII 3on3 X (Czech Republic uW)
Infinity Night Cup (Europe Team Santa)
#pigs.et 3v3 cup #1 (Europe pigs)
Cyborg.et 3on3 Cup(Europe pigs)
cdap Cup v14 3on3 (Czech Republic NR)

et.sk(Czech Republic/Slovakia) awards 2007
Newcomer of the year 2007
The most overrated player
The most underrated player
CPUAMD Ryzen 5 5600X + Noctua NH-U12S chromax.black
MotherboardASUS TUF Gaming B550M-PLUS
MemoryCrucial Ballistix 32GB (4x8GB) 3600 MHz CL16
StorageSamsung 970 EVO Plus 500GB + ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB
GraphicsPowerColor Red Devil AMD Radeon RX 6700XT
SoundCreative Sound Blaster Z
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home
MonitorZowie by BenQ LCD XL2546K + Eizo FORIS FS2333
KeyboardLogitech G915 TKL Tactile
MouseLogitech G Pro X Superlight
MousepadArtisan Hien L Mid Wine Red
HeadsetAudio-Technica ATH-G1WL