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Inactive since June 2008.

» Previous clans:
Poland savak @ ElitePlayers
( 12.2007 - 06.2008 )
Website: www.savak.glt.plwww.eliteplayers.pl

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Last lineup:
image: pl aDman
image: pl Dolar
image: pl Michalek
image: pl shog
image: pl sosn4
image: pl Xanah

image: pl krisek
image: pl Nekris
image: pl wiadro

Poland Beyond the Grave
( 01.2006 - 09.2007 )
Website: www.shog.ovh.org (offline)

image: emblemat

Last lineup:
image: pl Bl4nko
image: pl errol
image: pl KOT3K
image: pl n4jm
image: pl shog
image: pl swiruz

image: pl aDman
image: pl amb
image: pl fuzi
image: pl hitsu
image: pl Lukey
image: pl Pasek
image: pl Raiven
image: pl sosn4

» Jobs:
newswriter » 4bdden.com
newswriter » eliteplayers.pl
newswriter » enemyterritory.pl
newswriter » et.owned.pl

» My online games:
Playing Counter-Strike (1.5, 1.6 & CS:S) since March 2003
Playing Enemy Territory since January 2006

» Contact?

» My ftp:


» LAN:
#1 Lublin Game Party 2008 with savak
#3 Goleniow Game Theatre 2008 with savak

» Online:
#2 6v6 OpenCup Spring 2008 I division with savak
#2 6v6 ouTplayed Cup #1 with Run4Skill
#3 Warleagues Primary Chaos Cup with savak
#3 6v6 Clanbase Euro ladder with savak
#3 ESL MS Season II PL Qualifiers with savak
#3 5v5 Clanbase Euro ladder with grave
#3 6v6 Wintercup 06/07 edition with grave
#4 - #5 ESL MS Season II with savak

» Others:
#1 et.owned.pl award: most underrated polish team with savak
CPUIntel Core2Duo CPU 4300 @ 1.8 GHz
MotherboardGigabyte S-Series
Memory2GB RAM DDR2
Storage250 GB
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce 7600 GT
SoundRealtek High Definition Audio
Operating SystemWindows XP
MonitorLG Flatron 17"
KeyboardTurbowin (some shit for 10zl)
MouseLogitech mx518
MousepadSteelpad QcK
HeadsetCreative HS-600
ConnectionCable 2 mb/s