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image: new_message About me:

¬ Nick: mztic
¬ Country: image: de Germany / Lower Saxony
¬ Languages: image: de / image: en / a lil bitimage: es
¬ Skill: Med/+
¬ Experience: 6 yrs of ET
¬ YAWN: My old YAWN | My new YAWN
¬ Games: image: etimage: csimage: wsimage: cod2 and some more...

image: balkenjk9

image: new_message Contact:

¬ image: icq 195-407-497
¬ image: mirc_logo #ls.et / #noT|ET / #moviemakers.et
¬ image: F2004120317403800000 mic_et@gmx.de
¬ image: xfire_icon only4noob

image: balkenjk9

image: new_message My Clanhis:[/center]]

image: de eMhk
image: de mTa
image: eu team4god.et
image: de dynasty
image: de GoL / u6
image: de noTeamplay
image: de quality Frags
image: de wAckorn.et (2on2)
image: de wAckorn.et (6on6)
image: de mYms
image: de cHRONIx
image: de sonatix
image: de Lost Soldiers
image: de SMASHEd
image: de dA-Gaming
image: de noTeamplay (lanteam)
image: de SMASHEd
image: de myRevenge e.V.
image: de KNACK&BACK (3on3)
image: de Teamoxid - wnbpro
image: de Mysterious-Monkeys (lanteam)

image: balkenjk9

image: new_message My Current Clan:[/center]]

Europe rApeit.et 3v3
Germany silenZy
Germany sYnop
Germany zadd
Germany mztic

Germanywnbpro.et 6v6 LANTEAM
Germany RAMOZ
Germany Fendah
Germany seNti
Germany Phazor
Germany genShi
Germany mztic

Germany ohzor4
Germany TimeN
Germany flR

image: balkenjk9

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© mztic


Enlarged-LAN in Germany - Lanproofed
Cdap-Cup 6on6 #1
Liga4fun 3on3 #11
AoW 3on3 1day Cup #11
2nd Div. 2008 Opencup Group D
2nd Div. 2012 Opencup Group D
Liga4Fun 6on6 #16
Liga4Fun 6on6 Group 1
2nd Div. Clanbase Opencup 2008

2008 ESL Master Serious German Group
#et.tourney #1 4th Div.
#Force.gaming 3on3 CUP #1
2008 Liga4fun Deutsche Meisterschaft

Sun-cup 6on6 #3
cwG.et 3on3 cup #10
Grainted Special People Cup 3on3 #1
Splendid-Gaming 2on2 Cup #10

9th Adroits ETMasters 2012

some random cups
CPUAMD 64 X2 4800+
Memory6GB DDR2
Storage2600 GB
GraphicsATI Radeon 4870x2
MonitorTCO 99
MouseLogitech g5