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My ICQ : 451041162.
My msn : bodnar_the_man@hotmail.com
My age : 17
Born in : Texas ( United States of America )
Live atm. in : Holland
Playing for own country : Yes, team USA
Fraggmovie : comming soon! by sc4r


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ex clans :

dynastY gaming

Skill : med+ ( I thought low coz it was allmost the first clan I played for )

Lineup : MelkRrr, gifty, NoiZzzery, mys ( and some others who I forgot )


Skill : med ( The first clan where I heard the biggest word of Poland xDD *CIPKA* )

Lineup : Broken, beniek, wolf, z3r0, Andy


Skill : med/+

Lineup : Gagarin, voffcka, wolfy, mega, ( and a really nice funny guy who I forgot but his joke was allways about his wife and child or a choper accident xD)

cdap secutus

Skill : med+ ( the clan with the BEST decipline I ever saw!!! )

Lineup : wAyne, vi3ch, pixx, sNoOp, Kris, futur3, gerumba


Skill : high ( the best clan in my history and the best boys!! )

Lineup : D-sing, static, barclay, sinnu, rOOt

Ironic ( the clan made by me and Kadir )

Skill : med/+

Lineup : inVid, popz, turkye, adze, humanoid

KiH - old

Skill : med+/high

lineup : Eddie, ozzy, zer0m, fuchs, rosa

KiH - new

Skill : fakers! ( I thought they where med+ but their low+ :( )

Lineup : biitii, jqsN, junksta ( and some random other guys )

Devills Taills

Skill : med/+

Lineup : herOin is the only one I remember


Skill : med

Lineup : jaQula and those other guys where allways off :(


Skill : med+

Lineup : irZy, apple, kotz, fear, maikel


Skill : med+

Lineup : sanoz, spec3, blasi, cArloz, draysik

team USA

Skill : med+

Lineup : Slurpee, dator, matt, r6l, 50cent


Skill : high

Lineup : SkyLine, Rymmer, Tasslehoff, nubal, vEg

Currently playing for : sYmbian

Class : rifle

Names that I use ingame :
mArt ( mostly for all games )
mARTIJN ( for USA games and speciall events )
Knuppeltje ( public xp-save play )
UFOPORNOOOO ( fun mixxies/matches )
Cipka ( for polish mix/matches only )

Current name only : Rifleboyyzz