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Get off my profile you fucking monkey.

R.I.P GPWRB 15/12/2011 4:28

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And shepherds we shall be,
for thee my Lord for thee,
power hath descended forth from thy hand,
that our feet may swiftly carry out thy command.
We shall flow a river forth to thee,
and teeming with souls shall it ever be.
In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.


There's a hole in the world like a great black pit
And it's filled with people who are filled with shit
And the vermin of the world inhabit it
But not for long...


¬ Games ¬

» Playing

image: Enemy_Territory Enemy Territory
image: swtor Star Wars: The Old Republic
image: cod2 Call of Duty 2
image: c3db079c-0019-e111-972b-0025902c7e73_14666 Ghost Recon Online
image: k7qx3 Battlefield 3

» Played

image: quake3 Quake 3
image: warsow Warsow
image: css Counter Strike: Source
image: 20e2c533-1553-e011-b79f-0200d897d049_9902 Half Life 2
image: day_of_defeat_source Day of Defeat: Source
image: battlefield_2_tweaker-359923-1271833296 Battlefield 2


¬ About Me ¬

» From: England, United Kingdom
» Languages: English
» Started out in a 3v3 ETPro clan after moving over from ETPub, moved into a 6v6 format with the same team and started using rifle. Used a lower than low sensitivity before changing to high, and now back to a mid ranged sensitivity for rifle, and a low range sensitivity for SMG.

Mouse History:
Standard default PC mouse, broke then changed to MX518 until it decided to break and have random spasms, now using a Deathadder with Icemat.

» image: Bugatti_Veyron
Bugatti Veyron

image: slr
McLaren SLR

image: lamborghini-gallardo-superleggera
Lamborghini Gallardo

image: carrera_gt1
Porsche Carrera GT


¬ Clan History ¬

» Current Clan

United Kingdom encrypt -

United Kingdom hvK
Germany mental
Sweden cupcaKe
Croatia danL
Croatia diablos
Slovenia m1ke

» Ex-Clans

Europe • erAse.et

¬ Netherlands esSe
¬ Netherlands Apoc
¬ United Kingdom Nips
¬ United Kingdom Element
¬ United Kingdom hvK
¬ India rAmbo

Europe Intensive Noobs - Homepage
¬ United Kingdom hvK (c) (Rifle)
¬ United Kingdom Element
¬ Belgium xkl
¬ Poland sonseeh
Europe LimiTed - #increased
¬ United Kingdom hvk (c) (Rifle)
¬ United Kingdom noedel
¬ Netherlands Bigsmoke
¬ Netherlands syntic
¬ Netherlands Terifire
¬ Belgium Fab
United Kingdom IMTCSS (increased) - #increased
¬ United Kingdom Belchbane The Unspeakable (Rifle) (c)
¬ United Kingdom Variable Hydrotank: Gaywing
¬ United Kingdom Howling Koala of the Apocalypse
¬ United Kingdom Fluffy Ash Wombat
¬ Austria Diseaseo
¬ Finland Viyghe, The Demon Black Goat in the Blackness
¬ Belgium Muckhorn The Beast
United Kingdom Increased playing under EU - #EUClan
¬ Poland Homer
Main Lineup
¬ United Kingdom hvKiii (c) (Rifle)
¬ United Kingdom Noodle
¬ United Kingdom Mayni
¬ United Kingdom Owzo
¬ Japan Kirark
¬ Estonia fredd
¬ Netherlands perfo
¬ Netherlands Bigsmoke
¬ Germany crz_
¬ Bulgaria Mirage
¬ United Kingdom Azimiz
¬ United Kingdom Sheep
¬ Estonia Priit
¬ Estonia popz
¬ Sweden kAj
¬ Sweden Gillis/Kuken
¬ Netherlands Insecure
¬ Belgium sarcasm
¬ France Cya
¬ Malta hex4
¬ Norway BamZe
¬ Spain Gengis
¬ Austria P3RF

image: profile1
Europe Annihilation - #increased
¬ United Kingdom hvKiii (c) (Rifle)
¬ United Kingdom Noodle
¬ United Kingdom Stuper
¬ United Kingdom Tzu
¬ Netherlands Bigsmoke
¬ Netherlands Terifire
¬ Netherlands Syntic
¬ Belgium Fab
United Kingdom increased v8
¬ United Kingdom hvk (Rifle) (c)
¬ Belgium Fab
¬ Netherlands Terifire
¬ Germany sabio
¬ Estonia Priitus
Back up
¬ Belgium POEPj
¬ Japan Kirark
¬ Finland Snatch
¬ Finland nixuu
Europe Proliferate - #Proliferate
¬ United Kingdom Azimiz (c)
¬ United Kingdom Noodle
¬ United Kingdom Nevari
¬ United Kingdom Mayni
¬ United Kingdom Meez
¬ United Kingdom Confo
¬ United Kingdom hvkiii
Back up
¬ Netherlands Bigsmoke
¬ Netherlands Azatej
Anonymous Useless.Mix - #increased
¬ United Kingdom hvk (c) (Rifle)
¬ United Kingdom Noodle
¬ United Kingdom Stuper
¬ United Kingdom Tzu
¬ United Kingdom Meez
¬ United Kingdom Mayni
¬ United Kingdom Owzo
¬ United Kingdom Scarzy
¬ Netherlands Perfo
¬ Netherlands Bigsmoke
¬ Netherlands Terifire
¬ Netherlands Syntic
¬ Netherlands Hellgast
¬ Netherlands FlaVour
¬ Netherlands Xerox
¬ Belgium Fab
¬ Finland Swanidius
¬ United States of America Chew
¬ United States of America Sixers
¬ United States of America Jmo
¬ United States of America Jen
¬ Bulgaria Mirage


¬ Extra ¬

image: 1zdtzr7
I am you Saviour
Why is the rum gone?!
Coming To Take Me Away
In The Air Tonight
Dancing Shoes
R.I.P Ayrton Senna
R.I.P Tom Pryce
Master Chief Sux
Boondock Saints
Cat Goes Boom


¬ Shoutouts / Thanks ¬]

United Kingdom Got me to start playing ET, doesn't play much anymore himself apart from Jaymod and shit, cool guy with amazing jokes and sarcasm.
United Kingdom Funny guy on comms always joking around, pretty nice aim nothing too special ^^ Fun to play ET with.
United Kingdom Always providing us with vent and so on in the good old tough times, and spamming me while in the middle of games! Was also part of the 3v3 where I got my most memorable frag :o Thanks for the rage back in the days man.
United Kingdom Funny guy, helped me out in a lot of games, CS:S, BF2, BF2142 and always cracking funny jokes - True legend, miss him
United Kingdom Just for being fragma :)
United Kingdom Good guy and fun to play ET/CoD with, also a laugh on vent, dirty hacker
Netherlands Good guy, tought me a lot in ET, how to aim, sensitivity settings and so on, unreal aimer
Netherlands Tought me in more than just ET and getting good config settings, also very nice coder doing a good job on ET-Ace, one of first ET friends
Belgium Stoner Belgian tard, hitting too many headshots and flaming the rest of us like hell, fuckwit!
Belgium Raging whiner, great player to play with most of the time though, will always be my 2nd favourite Belgian / Italian tard. Thanks for all the flame you've thrown at me <3
Finland Always been a sarcastic bastard, but that just makes him awesome, cool guy.
Finland Random 3v3's at any hour in the morning, also created the most pointless CB team ever, "Mo!" - Shame we never got to rape, miss this faggot.
Estonia Estonian bitch, also got me into my role at nOu, helped me out with a lot of things, thanks man.
Austria My little nazi <3
Bulgaria Old ET friend, miss you buddy.
Anonymous PM me if you were not in this list but think you should be.
But note, I won't add retards that think I like them :)


Quote by Ajit[17:39:24] [Ajit]: yesterday i called to my inet provider
[17:39:32] [Ajit]: they said i even lag trough phone
Quote by hste[21:50:02] [hste]: u hawt

[19:17:13] [@nOu\hste]: i do not speak with you
[19:17:21] [@nOu\hste]: nor stay in the same channels as you
[19:17:27] [@nOu\hste]: as long as you're associated with baggiez
[19:17:30] [@nOu\hste]: bye
[19:17:31] -› Part: (nOu\hste) (hste@hste.users.quakenet.org)

Quote«23:31:50» {triviabot} Question 9: Category: Barbie: What Barbie wears when she visits Japan?
«23:31:50» {+zeroE`hsTE} :<
«23:31:52» {@spLd|bXN} it means pro
«23:31:52» {@spLd|hvK} shit rite?
«23:31:59» {+zeroE`hsTE} v51
«23:31:59» {triviabot} Hint: *****o
«23:32:04» {@spLd|hvK} nipple ring
«23:32:05» {+zeroE`hsTE} nothing
«23:32:05» {@spLd|bXN} skirt
«23:32:09» {triviabot} Hint: ki***o
«23:32:12» {@spLd|bXN} kimono
«23:32:12» {triviabot} Correct spLd|bXN, the answer was kimono. Your channel score is now 9, network score is 661.
«23:32:19» {@spLd|hvK} U PLAY W BARBIEZ


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© Lady


Gaming Achievements

ClanBase 6v6 Ladder (26.11.2011 - 19.03.2012) - encrypt
ClanBase SummerCup 3rd Division 2009 - VitiNetwork Gaming
#increased 6v6 Night Cup v1 - EU Clan
Shidima 5v5 Cup - increased
Glitz XMAS Cup 6v6 - Useless/increased
Outlaw 6v6 Cup v.1 - Useless/increased
ClanBase 5v5 Ladder - Proliferate
wAFFEL 6v6 cup v.1 - Too Many Hot Sundays
Freshcore 6v6 cup 17 - increased
ClanBase 6v6 OpenCup Premier League Fall 2011 - encrypt
Freshcore 6v6 cup 18 - increased
ClanBase 5v5 Ladder (20.07.2010 - 10.08.2010) - Fatal Aftermath
c4L 6v6 cup v2 - Useless.mix/increased
cwG v2 - G-Unit
Retrocup - Ex-Facultas
#9 - #12 Battle for Berlin - encrypt
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