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<krein> nice cheat!

<fanboy-killerboy> parra try to raise your sens a little higher like senitivity 3.0>

<ParRa> 3on3 high
<grzesiek> ip pw?
<ParRa> 3secs
<ParRa>;password wtfbbq
<grzesiek> cu on
<grzesiek> ofc
*grzesiek disconnected*

<vanquish> zet hem dan uit :P(turn it off :P)

<strAf> lol
<strAf> parra/motif/shaky/overschie
<strAf> no wonder
<strAf> obvious cheaters with no brain bye bye

<wakizashi> rofl
<wakizashi> again random nonames owning?
<wakizashi> put on your real nicks pls

<malcik> parra cant play he cheats
<malcik> of course!
*malcik disconnected*

<spirea> at least your good at throwing nades

<slajdan> nice nades

<dolar> SURE
(santj@vent) lol parra how did u knew that

<sanda> wtf

<kapaa> SIURE

<zerohour> xd
<zerohour> throw some more obv nades

<DuKe_> your a little cheater

<jere> nieuwe talentjes (new talents)
<jere> wie was die gast met zen 6k ofzo (who was that guy with his 6k)
<jere> op supply (on suply)
<jere> parra wrs? (parra?)
<jere> dat je met zo'n gasten speelt (that you play with those guys)
<jere> ja hij cheatte niet hoor (yeh he didnt cheat)
<jere> duidelijk niet :D (obvious not :D )
<jere> als david accused is het echt zo (if david says so it must be true)

<dj-freez> nice bot hacking cunt

<raskL> parra and shaky new maus
<raskL> lol ur so obvious
<modus> I dont understand polish aswell, but I'm quessing it has something to do with you beeing a cheater.

<senti> dont wanna play with parra he hacks

<mize> maar je bent ooke en cheater echt(your really are a cheater really)

<lio> lol die parra zen damage das beter dan mij fucking cheater(lol parras damage better then me fucking hacker)

<vila> u guys hack for sure!!
<vila> !@#$%

<grzsiek> ofc
* grzsiek disconnected*

<worm> parra hax
<worm> lol parra ur so obvious
<worm> cheater

<jago> 3on3 high got server
<parra> 3on3?
<jago> sure

<tetsu0> LOL parra hoe wist je dat(lol parra how did you knew that)
<ParRa> hax!
<tetsu0> je zou bijna denken van wel(you would think it is)

<monkey> xd
<monkey> OK

<pds> high skilled merc avi
<pds> parra ur a hacker
<pds> come play rtcw ill own you noob

<psycho> nice wallhack you got there

<pearl> who was that red guy?
<parra> i was
<pearl> some nice wh you had there

<strazer> fucking hacker
<strazer> i hate cheaters like you parra
<strazer> you got such a skillboost you used to be med
*strazer is now known as famousjuh*
<famousjuh> ok i got busted for bitefite hack
<famousjuh> and for a pub hack once some years ago
<famousjuh> your still a noob hacker
<famousjuh> fucking low+ max
<famousjuh> i hate cheaters like you

<undead> en dat wist je gewoon toevallig(and you just knew that)

<speedy-bozar> wanna play 3on3?
<parra> fuck off i dont like you
<speedy-bozar> lol your a cheater anyway
<speedy-bozar> you used to be low_ but now ur med+ at least
<Speedy-Bozar> parra... dont take this obvious hacker pls :)

<elena> the king of cheaters

<t0m-resku> jij cheat eerder dan ons :P(your a cheater)

<ParRa> 3on3?
<pur3[ZaK-]> @ cc7 sure
<pur3[ZaK-]> :)

<motif-reactic> jij bent ook een hacker parra(ur also a hacker parra)

<sw1ruz> nice shot
<sw1ruz> i cant wait for your demos :)

<absit> nice nade...

<aristo> nice knowing busted cheater

<squall> so u need a cheater to win

<metsuri> OK

<dunZ> parra ur a hakcer!
<dunZ> nah just kidding :P
<dunZ> but serious u are 1

<term1> ur the only cheater in the clan now<3

<twinzz> maar jij bent een hacker lol(but u are a hacker lol)

<aima> oh pls ur serieus?

<olbaa> SURE
<olbaa> nice wallhack
<olbaa> nice shooting 2 headys with colt from that distance
<olbaa> hacker for sure
<olbaa> LOLOLOL

<jetro> FOR SURE

<elvis> i dont play vs wallhackers :)
<elvis> your busted pl?

<parra> 3on3?
<replay-boski> not vs u

<domi> joop denkt dat je cheat(joop thinks you cheat)

<ag0n> nice wallhack
<ag0n> Didnt you realize that he is a obvious aimboter and wallhacker?
Thoose kids from nowadays dont even know how to hide :\

<chizz6l> parra from zero to hero

<mcleod> ???

<tyyrd> OK

<chin0> kijk die skillboost van die parra dan(check out ur skillboost)
<chin0> je was eerst low+ nu haal je betere damage dan flashy en mij(u were low+ but now ur better ten flashy and me)
<chin0> kanker hackertje XDDD(cancer hackertje XDDD)

<acid> lol wh


<flashy> parra...
<flashy> maar goed dat ik je eruit gekickt hebt(good thing i kicked u out)
(the irony of the clan who had the most cheaters in it)

<sosi> how did u know that

<johnny> parra hax @ lan!

<rise> easy bash (should end up at least top3 aimwise with nP) for parra and overschie if they play the same offline as online (97 hs / map nP). i'm curious to see them playing on lan!

<overdrive> parra cheats
<overdrive> LOL parra 8800 dg in a round for sure
<overdrive> took the train with two teammates of parra
funny how even they were laughing at this ridiculous low sense and how obvious he was :o

<efax> ik weet het niet...je hebt van die rare momenten maar ik denk wel dat je clean bent(i dont know...you got strange moments but i think you are clean)

<calisto> sorry we never going to play vs you cheaters again
<gmx> at least we dont hack
<frozz> of course

<ovie> als je zo aimt op lan dan ga je ownen vriend(if you play like that at lan ur gonna own)
<ovie> maar je bent een hacker(but your a hacker)

<kris> lolo
<kris> ofc

<shaky> jouwn aimbot schiet 2 headys van dichtbij en houd dan op(ur aimbot stops after 2 headys in close range)

<overschie> ik ben een owner(i am a owner)
<parra> maar ik ben beter(but i am better
<overschie> maar jij bent een cheater(but u are a cheater)

<rekyyyy> cheater

<FF-xanah> lol
<FF-xanah> shoots like a robot
*FF-xanah disconnected*

<raul> nice skillboost

<SantJ> parra hackt ook(parra also hacks)

<bobbban> HAHAHAHA
<bobbban> LOL man
<bobbban> are you for real :D

<lakaii> HAHA
<lakaii> bb
*player parra kicked*

<scyther> nice skillboost

<raztih-raziel> from zero to hero
<seniel> jij bent ook een kanker hackertje(your a fucking little hacker)

<R0SS> LOLOLOLOL skillboost

<tamschi> parra the most underrated person in et :)

<rise> if jua and parra will play the same on lan as they do online - especially jua, i just love his aim (parra's aim - compared to jua's - often seems like uber-lowsens combined with rambo, backraping and camping which might lead to uber-dmg, so i'm not sure about him, but i can't believe jua), i will honestly apologise =)

<Envi> Wannebe buster omg! If he gets banned for this you can ban all et players because he is just pre shooting and checking = nothing special. And the tracking thru the wall is just coincidence. He knows 3 guys are there and doesnt see shit because the pillow is there and just preshoots (he isnt that stupid to shoot thru that wall..)

Btw played with him alot and i know he isnt hacking because he would be much better then.

<fra> I'm sorry but whoever thinks parra is a cheater, should get an actual skill, I'm not saying you're a bad aimer parra but some people are really getting paranoid here

* teKoa sets mode: +v ParRa
<teKoa> nu moet je cdc dus wel kapot gaan ownen ParRa(now u have to own cdc ParRa

<random people> sorry we dont play vs hackers

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