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Germany Game-Foundation

Enemy Territory:
Europe deaths embrace
Germany team-hardware4u
Germany team angelDust e.V.
Germany one4one
Finland junk52
Germany gods.inc
Europe Butter my Arse


Germany team angelDust e.V.:

image: smallcup_silver ESL ET Premiership
image: smallcup ingame.et-cup #16
image: smallcup_silver Rtcw.No Alpha Group
image: smallcup_silver Clanbase Premier Opencup
image: smallcup ESL 6on6 ET Ladder

Germany one4one, junk52, gods-inc:

image: smallcup clanbase 6on6 Ladder
image: smallcup alpha Group 2 warleagues
image: smallcup eGL
image: smallcup_silver ESL-Premiership
image: smallcup international ESL 6on6 Ladder
image: smallcup_silver ingame.et-cup #20
image: smallcup_silver ingame.et-cup #22
image: smallcup_silver fastgaming.cup
image: smallcup_bronze clanbase eurocup X
image: smallcup_bronze clanbase eurocup XI
image: smallcup_silver artic.et-esports challenge

to be continued...

You can download my ingame config on the
[urlnew=http://www.gods-inc.org]gods.inc homepage[/url]. (register first)

Im playing as a honarary member for:
Europe VogtlandPower [urlnew=http://www.vpclan.de]www.vpclan.de[/url]

You can contact me in the IRC-channel of Butter my Arse: #BmA @ Quakenet.