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Ex Clans:

Netherlands Zenix (c)
Netherlands Appel
Netherlands Bullvox
Indonesia Efax
Indonesia Yullaw
Netherlands Rezta
Netherlands Aemkei
Netherlands Kris
Netherlands Pyro
Netherlands Bilal
Netherlands $no0z3r

3v3 SummerCup 2004 3rd Division

NetherlandsMorrigu[/b] old school]
Netherlands Boxer (c)
Netherlands Wesbo
Indonesia Efax
Netherlands Nijmege01
Netherlands Mize
Netherlands amnes1a
Netherlands Aureon
Netherlands eR!k
Netherlands Rapylid
Netherlands duPer

6on6 Spring 2005 6th Division
3on3 Benelux Cup 2005 Premier

Netherlands $no0z3r
Netherlands NxM

Netherlands Efax
Netherlands Mize
Netherlands fost

Indonesia Efax (c)
Netherlands $no0z3r
Netherlands Perfo
Netherlands nik0z
Netherlands Gl+h
Netherlands boog
Netherlands Xzz
Netherlands Arise
Belgium Fostrum
Netherlands rsQ

3on3 Fall 2005 2nd Division

Netherlandsbad//boys[/b] cdc3]
Indonesia Efax (c)
Netherlands ZaK-
Indonesia wuKas
Netherlands Shaky
Netherlands LavOd

NetherlandsThe Netherlands[/b] World Cup]
Netherlands Perfo (c)
Netherlands Abort
Netherlands Aza
Netherlands BuLL
Netherlands Efax
Netherlands Kris
Netherlands Modus
Netherlands N30
Netherlands Overboost
Netherlands Rocky

NetherlandsMorrigu[/b] EuroCup XV]
Netherlands Wesbo (c)
Netherlands rocky
Netherlands N30
Indonesia viborator
Netherlands ins
Netherlands Leonneke
Netherlands mize
Netherlands Kitty

EuropebSTURZ / Ministry of Defence[/b] EuroCup XVI]
Poland Krein (c)
Finland Spirea
Sweden Fuchs
Germany myth6ss
Netherlands Efax
Poland Dialer
Belgium xAv_
Hungary fobje

6on6 Spring 2007 Premier
7th place EuroCup XVI

France dESIRE[/b]]
France Bruceh (c)
Italy _dio
Netherlands Efax
France k2k
France karn4j
Netherlands 0V1E
France Sinus

6on6 Fall 2007 Premier
Qualifications EuroCup XVIII Losed vs France muse 0-4