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France » Wolf.Clan «[/b] - March 2006 -> February 2007]
¬ Red Squad
- v1
France Ange aka Rose aka Maman
France Codeur (c)
France Doc' aka Personne
France Helm
France Ludo
France Nono
Switzerland Shak
- v2
France Akraxx
Belgium Aga
France Ange aka Maman (c)
France DooZ
France Fets
France Hao
Switzerland Octa
Belgium Pkk
France ReAk
France Wow

¬ Blue Squad
- v1
France Archange
France Bao
France Diablo
France Gheist
Belgium K@nji
France Lex
France PostMortem
France pw3t
France ReAk (c)
France TimeCop
France Tsuboon
- v2
France Bao
Switzerland Cid
France FdY (c)
Belgium Orgus
France pw3t
France Tibo
France Tsuboon
France Yoh
France Zaza

France » Clan Phenix «[/b] - May 2007 -> October 2007]
Belgium Darklord
France Deathstar
Belgium Foxhund
France Fuzion
France Imanol
France Lok
France MrWhite
France Overflox (c)
France pw3t
France Talgess
France Zorg

Pakistan » Team-Pakistan «[/b] - February 2007 -> November 2008]
Pakistan Fuzion
Pakistan MrWhite
Pakistan Overflox
Pakistan pwt
Pakistan Talgess
Pakistan Zorg
image: userbar_pk

France » Buveurs d'Orge «[/b] - November 2007 - June - 2008]
France Bink
France Britt
France Caro
France Chimay (c)
France Duff
Switzerland Duv3l (c)
France kwAk
France Ptimino

Anonymous » #mixdemerde «[/b] - March 2008 -> ?]
France Angail
France Beny
France Boc
Belgium Cryptz
France Deglingo
France Disco
France Domrod93
France Fado
France Flamenco
France Gast
France Kali
France KoiZa
France Lith
France Methan
France Mistfits
France MrWhite (c)
France nauZ
France pw3t (c)
France Sannou
France Slayne

image: sign

France » D@ddies «[/b] - February 2009 - ?]
¬ War Squad
France bebop aka pw3t
France Furet
France Heavy aka G3x
France saLsa aka MrWhite
France Soul aka Kitou

¬ Back-up
France Disco
France Polka aka Bya

¬ Away
France Blues
France Djidjine
France Fado (c)
France Gospel aka Klown
France Groove (c)
France Dub aka Koye
France Musette aka Kunu
France Soca aka pAKYLA