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United Kingdom ~ United Kingdom ~ United Kingdom
England England England

Playernames: daaftji(uk) / shindig

image: GBlogo2

image: balkenjk91

http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g6/rhiw/infomini.jpg[/IMG] » Clan history: ]

» Europe ¬ ind3x
England potty (c)
England cupper
England daaftji
England xed0s
Netherlands SQuid

» Europe ¬ fuCt
England potty (c)
England cupper`
England daaftji (c)
Wales panda
Netherlands SQuid
Ireland Skydeh
Belgium RaYZoR

» Europe ¬ Divine Intervention
England daaftji (c)
England reAson
Norway infernus (c)
Norway moldu
Netherlands pAniC
Belgium swiift
Belgium lumi
Belgium fr3Ak
Germany flaSh
Germany c3nty
Finland Janus

Team Divine Intervention now under new management due to my lack of availability. Best of luck to the new team -x-


http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g6/rhiw/infomini.jpg[/IMG] » My Favorites: ]

Class: Medic, Engineer (smg)
Weapon: MP40
ex Teams: ¬
» (RtCW) Sweden Infensus, Europe one.RtCW
» (ET) Europe Reload.et, Europe Saevus, Europe rAtatosk
Current Teams: United Kingdom =118=, United Kingdom UnKind
Players: ¬
» (RtCW) Wales Crumbs, Sweden Civ
» (ET) Wales sqzz, Belgium Shewie, Turkey fireBall
Lineup: ¬
» (RtCW) Europe (One.RTcW) United Kingdom MerlinatoR, United Kingdom crmbs, United Kingdom chrns, United Kingdom sharky, Netherlands Junc!e, Belgium viX, Scotland conker, United Kingdom hoontah
» (ET) Europe (Reload.et) Belgium Shewie, Belgium mAx, Belgium Ganon, Belgium mika, Ireland Sol, France shaq
Frag Movies: BIGMAC, Parodia Magnifica
Films: United Kingdom Lock, Stock and Two Smokin' Barrels, United Kingdom Snatch
Chick: England Katie Elizabeth Downes
Music: Hardcore/style drum n bass/shuffle: << Headhunterz, Dark Oscillators,Noisecontrollers, Brainkicker, Angerfist, 2 Playaz, Pavo, Zany, D-Block, S-te-fan, Carpe-DM, Alpha Twinz, Brooklyn Bounce, Bass Agents, The Pitcher, A-Lusion, Ganjaguru, 666, Technoboy, Brennan Heart aka Blademasterz, SMF, SMD, KAT, Builder, Showtek, Psy Man, Sol Ray, Dark by Design, Davide Sonar, Korsakoff, Dutch Master, The Prophet, DV8 >>
Songs: Headhunterz - Scantraxx Rootz, Dark Oscillators - Stereophobia
Food: Full english breakfast (2 x egg, 2 x bacon, 2 x sossage, 389 beans, 53 chips (pub chips) and 2 x fried bread. Chocolate fudge cake
Drink: RedBull - it gives you wiiings


http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g6/rhiw/infomini.jpg[/IMG] » Congrats...]

...to England reAson & England dAredeVl for joining up with the wrong area code in ET All Stars UK. lolz


http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g6/rhiw/infomini.jpg[/IMG] » Do i give a damn?]
image: attemptingtogiveadamn

http://i52.photobucket.com/albums/g6/rhiw/infomini.jpg[/IMG] » My Photoshop Artwork]
image: daaftjifire
image: etAllstarsUK
image: GBlogo2
image: switch image: snake
image: shinaaftjiBLACKnWHITE
image: pendulum
image: Headhunterz
image: harderstylez

image: balkenjk91


CPUAMD Athlon 64 (Clawhammer) 1600 Mhz
Memory510MB DRAM Synchronous + Swap File 1.245MB
Storage100GB HDD
GraphicsATi Mobility Radeon X700 128mb
SoundATi Sound
Operating SystemWindows XP Home
Monitor15.4" ATi MOBILITY RADEAON X700 128MB
KeyboardMissing the 'H' key
MouseLogitech G5 (blue)
HeadsetSennheiser HD 515's
ConnectionCable / LAN