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Quote by JizZ
. Big AL! .. (Y) .. dit (20:07) :
*ive got an itchy ball sack
        &#272;    &#953;&#1108;g&#1086;     (Awayy) dit (20:08) :
.. (Y) .. Big AL! .. (Y) .. dit (20:08) :
*i dont think that will help
*its on my ball sac
        &#272;    &#953;&#1108;g&#1086;     (Awayy) dit (20:08) :
*shave ballsack
.. (Y) .. Big AL! .. (Y) .. dit (20:08) :
        &#272;    &#953;&#1108;g&#1086;     (Awayy) dit (20:08) :
*good luck
.. (Y) .. Big AL! .. (Y) .. dit (20:08) :
.. (Y) .. Big AL! .. (Y) .. dit (20:09) :
*if i cut that bad boy
*il lose my juice
*and one ball might fall ouit
        &#272;    &#953;&#1108;g&#1086;     (Awayy) dit (20:09) :
*cuz you only have one bro
*it's ok luv
*i love u the way you are
.. (Y) .. Big AL! .. (Y) .. dit (20:10) :
*shall i show u on webcam
*cos i trimmed like 2 weeks ago
*i think my ballsack might just be dry
*il moisturise b4 i go to bed
        &#272;    &#953;&#1108;g&#1086;     (Awayy) dit (20:11) :
*you know alex, i think you're sort of bicurious
.. (Y) .. Big AL! .. (Y) .. dit (20:11) :
*im not curious
*id fuck you
*and a girl
*at the same time
*Right ive got dinner


From [Yaxi:70]: Troliot men...
To [Yaxi:70] from [Trollilol:70]: What.
From [Yaxi:70]: I dont woan tis shet... I get 1800 reting then i lag and i lose 14 omg i not get 1850 rating... its like... magek speral...
To [Yaxi:70] from [Trollilol:70]: What.


"Rhand: I'll break your face at next LAN. Cu nerd."
"Twinzzy: Haha :) I'll fucking crush you cc6 if you have the balls to come"
"Wakizashi: Ill enjoy stomping your head in =) If you got the balls to come that is. Have a nice night"


CriTiK on 08/05/08, 11:59:36 PM | Reply

t'inquiette gros.
Wesh Wesh bling bling tic tic
Ta vu sa ? j'ai défoncer des joueurs EC :O omg je savais même pas que j'étais si fort... .
Y Doit y'avoir en moi... un truc spécial, tu sais on appel sa la "Haine" nan ? peut-etre pas.

Gros bizoux à tous :) on vous aimes.

IMNOTKAZE on 08/05/08, 12:05:10 PM | Reply

Je pose ma bite sur ton crane et stop ta croissance
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Memory1GB DDR400 Ram
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