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» Current Team

¤ http://www.crossfire.nu/images/flags/eu.gif[/img] syncro]

» Line-up:

image: ag syncro.Sun
image: fr syncro.blackji
image: fr syncro.DadoO
image: fr syncro.Chasseur
image: fr syncro.Ikeij
image: fr syncro.NaKaTa
image: fr syncro.Switch
image: tr syncro.Metc
image: tr syncro.Hope
» Manager:
¤ Jrom

» Ex-Teams

¤ http://www.crossfire.nu/images/flags/fr.gif[/img] Syndrom]

» Line-up:

image: fr Syndrom::ewAz
image: fr Syndrom::muse
image: fr Syndrom::Qate
image: fr Syndrom::progz
image: fr Syndrom::Kusa
image: tr Syndrom::Hope


¤ http://www.crossfire.nu/images/flags/eu.gif[/img] LegenD]

» Line-up:

image: ag LegenD|Sun
image: fr LegenD|blackji
image: fr LegenD|Chasseur
image: fr LegenD|karnaj
image: fr LegenD|skyline
image: fr LegenD|frocks
image: ag LegenD|yamip
image: fr LegenD|smirzz
image: tr LegenD|Hope


» Contact :

¤ image: mirc_logo - #syncro.et
¤ image: cfmw7 Crossfire - Pm Me
¤ image: xfire Xfire - hope68

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» One Day cup:

¤ 3on3:

» ChupaChups Cup
» One day cup v5
» [-Hw-] cup
» [-Hw-] v2 cup