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Fragmovie in which I have a part:
We're not Famous by YoYo

Editing randoms achievement I found on my dead HDD

reLic-cup #12 with LOSb
cdap cup #3 with LOSb
aow cup#12 with LOSb
NDcup with LOSb
iKs.et Nightcup with LOSb
reLic-cup #11 with LOSb
dRnkMnkys Cup #1 with vse!
reLic-cup #13 with LOSb
iNvictus-cup #3 with LOSb
Bronze jsg.cup #5 with anxiety
Bronze Dinner Cup #1 with anxiety
rEtArDz'z cup #4 with III

Previous clans:

6on6/5on5 teams:
Best french team so far in 2.55, we beat almost every frenchies. True story !

France Kiki (former)
France Holy (former)
France Clem (c)
Belgium PhiL (c)
France Power
France drazz
France DeVrenci
France Tiser
France Rom@no
France Requi3m / mElq
France scRim
France kondom
France carrey
France sKyliNe
(first team in 2.55), *FB!*,
Belgium GoldoraK
France N!Ko
France momo
Belgium PhiL
France F@B
Belgium pKK
(first 2.6b team),
France rqmbo (c)
Belgium PhiL
Finland luKsu
Netherlands Qke
Germany eiM
Canada punkk
Austria sAckl
Greece Immortal
Netherlands OV1E
, Pr3dS.gaming,
Poland cms (c)
Switzerland sCred
Finland kaide
Netherlands ParRa
Belgium PhiL
Spain WeZoR
Anonymous DiZzEl
France momo
, iGods / Team-ND[/b]]
Belgium PhiL (c)
Belgium leito
Belgium xAv
Belgium edge
Belgium timoun
France maxuh
France kyp
France keeji
Belgium CriTiK (c)
Belgium PhiL
Belgium Mika
Belgium Ganon
Belgium Jej3
Belgium Mout
France Tsu
France kyp
France emoreJ
Switzerland GunN3r
Belgium PhiL
Germany phate
Netherlands 0V1E
Switzerland sCred
France kARnAJ
Poland fuxor
Hungary adze
France maxuh
Portugal surrealj
Poland Soplica
Poland roox
Poland dbC
Belgium PhiL
Finland kapaa
3 weeks, can't even remember with who I played
Germany junky /!\
Belgium PhiL
, ...


Israel TeRm1 (c) /!\
Netherlands KoRaL
Belgium PhiL
Poland Estaloth
United Kingdom daze
Hungary adze
Romania mili
Romania eXelero
Belgium PhiL (c)
Canada anim
Germany phate
Germany roYal
Finland Jacker
Portugal archy
Portugal ag0n
Portugal At!llaaa
Slovenia immoo
Slovenia carniee
Slovenia verunA /!\
Netherlands PhAz
Belgium Prydz (c)
Belgium Player (he was nice but became a fucking ego whore. Too bad :)
Belgium PhiL
Belgium leito
Belgium SneeK
Belgium chry
United Kingdom jkzZ /!\
Norway Lakaii
Sweden sAvage /!\


United Kingdom Bulld0g
Germany pZyko

Netherlands twinzzy (what a retard)
Portugal ag0n
Portugal sexclick
Germany aSmOgan
Germany sNoOp
Denmark exquizit
Hungary srph
Belgium PhiL

Poland Estaloth
Portugal setupj
Germany faKy
Austria xet

Break of 5 months
Italy Decade (c)
Italy VaL
Italy Sir
Italy mama
Poland Palemki
Belgium PhiL
Russia 4live

Spain M1st3r
Spain Z1P
Spain Neom
Spain Zion
Portugal archy
Portugal jet
Belgium PhiL
Belgium miAmi /!\

Spain btC
Spain metal

The downfall of the best belgian ETplayers :O)

Belgium eternity (c)
Belgium Kit4na
Belgium PhiL
Belgium LeDragon
Belgium iNsAne
Belgium Bryce
Poland Estaloth
Poland edain
Denmark muffsor
Finland kotz

It was more like a mix team but I enjoyed it

Poland Raypiel / dXc_ (c)
United Kingdom rN
Netherlands LiCiD
Netherlands Lun4tiC
Netherlands abort
Netherlands vis
Austria beAsty
Austria day_
Belgium PhiL
Germany con
Germany ramiN
Germany murDa
Germany rodo
Germany con
Germany sLaz
United Kingdom RazZ
United Kingdom sqzz
France StrAf
Sweden Lelle
Sweden crajsor
Sweden smutzig
Sweden GlasS
Finland Reikkeri
Poland Palemki
Poland zMk
more that I don't remember soz :D
Netherlands SA Gaming / True destination / Los Pistoleros]

Netherlands Sa7z
Netherlands eager
Netherlands h3ro!n
Belgium PhiL
Netherlands Ipson
Netherlands Banaan
Netherlands Lun4tiC
Belgium Giin
Netherlands teKoa
Break of 1 year
Anonymous viral (c)
Finland clouver
Finland funky
Finland riZla
Belgium PhiL
United Kingdom tyyrd


Belgium PhiL
Finland Jacker
Austria Limbonic
Germany tALi
Austria jok3
Hungary Karrrde
Austria raypiel / dXc

Stopped playing ?

3on3 teams:
Slovenia Los Bastardos
Romania eXelero
Hungary adze
Finland Metsuri
Belgium PhiL
Belgium spiROZE
Portugal mAv
Romania loctarar
Poland Palemki

Europe III
Belgium PhiL
Belgium Lazio
United Kingdom Griim

France medine
Finland nixuu

Denmark muffzre (c)
Sweden newbJe
Sweden jONAS
Belgium PhiL
France StrAf
Finland nixuu

Belgium Shewie
Belgium mika
Belgium PhiL

France feK
Belgium chry


Belgium ET Belgium Allstars South 2009

Belgium Shewie (Captain)
Belgium wKa (Co-Captain)
Belgium mika
Belgium PhiL
Belgium IglooW
Belgium xAee
Belgium ForZz

Wallonia/Brussels Wallonia/Brussels

Wallonia/Brussels PhiL (c)
Wallonia/Brussels Shewie
Wallonia/Brussels mAx
Wallonia/Brussels xAv
Wallonia/Brussels mika
Wallonia/Brussels Graecos
Wallonia/Brussels wKa
Wallonia/Brussels Cherry
Wallonia/Brussels Xeondorfozorus
Wallonia/Brussels Gold0raK

Brussels Brussels
Brussels PhiL (c)
Brussels Gold0raK (co-c)
Brussels Ganon
Brussels jeJ3
Brussels Xend
Brussels Shewie
Brussels leito
Brussels timoun
Brussels pKK
Brussels AGa
Brussels Lazio
Brussels Alka

Brussels PhiL (c)
Brussels GoldoraK (co-c)
Brussels leito
Brussels player
Brussels chry
Brussels dodgeh
Brussels Taniban
Brussels Canni
Brussels Ganon
Brussels xDay
Brussels Jej3

Brussels PhiL (c)
Brussels GoldoraK (co-c)
Brussels Azur
Brussels Lazio
Brussels Ouchen
Brussels Nkd
Brussels Mad
Brussels pKK
Brussels Xday

Brussels GoldoraK (c)
Brussels Xeondorfozorus
Brussels Ouchen
Brussels Nkd
Brussels PhiL


Enjoying the pubs, ultra kills and shit

I've played / I'm playing:
Return to Castle Wolfenstein (SP)
Guild Wars.6

G5 @ 800dpi, 125 hertz 8ms
Steelseries QcK Limited Edition Wrath of the Lich King
windows sensitivity 6/11
windows accel 0
/sensitivity 1.45
/cl_mouseaccel 0
/r_mode 4
/cg_fov 95

Steelseries Ikari Laser mouse @ 800dpi
Roccat Sense glacier blue, Steelseries Qck Starcraft II Limited edition
/sensitivity 1.45
/cl_mouseaccel 0
/r_mode -1 (1600*900)

A Belgian Day
RaZiel - Iratus
Knö or Die
U96Dasboot GZA Fragmovie
Frag Area III
Parodia Magnifica
TWK unmaks

image: counter


Shoutout to all the people I meet

Clanbase | ESL | SLAC |
http://www.yawn.be New Laptop Asus G73JH
http://www.yawn.be Second Guid after I lost my HDD
http://www.yawn.be First pb & ETPro guid


Real life[/u]
2011 Belgian Rugby Champion D1 with Kituro
2011 Supercoupe Rugby with Kituro
Country Of Origin 10's Rugby tournament with IrelandIreland

Also know as Prophete, because I am one.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory[/u]

Online only:
Playoff CB OpenCup Fall 07 6on6 Second League Group A with aero
Playoff CB OpenCup Fall 08 3on3 Premier League Group C with mV
CB SummerCup 07 6on6 Premier League Group A with iGods
CB OpenCup Spring 08 6on6 Premier League Group A with pstarZ
CB SummerCup 09 6on6 Premier League Group A with sA Gaming
CB OpenCup Fall 09 6on6 Premier League Group A with sA Gaming

ESL 6on6 Winter 2008 Second League with 33cl
ESL Europe Major Series Qualifier with pstarZ
Playoff ESL 3on3 Winter 2008 Premier League Group C with mV
ESL 3on3 Spring 2009 Premier League Group B with mV

ET-Cup #28 an invite only cup with Team-ND
ET-Cup #31 "Goodbye-Cup" Group G with aero
Playoff Sorcer/FiF Cup 07 Premier League Group B with aero
Crossfire Devotii Challenge 4 Qualifiers with seek'N'destroy

Captain of Team Brussels & Brussels/Wallonia

Starcraft II: Wings of the liberty[/u]

None yet :[
But the superstar Belgium Shewie is learning me, be ready !
CPUIntel® Mobile Core™ i5 430M / 3MB L3 Cache, 2.26GHz - 2.53GHz Turbo
MotherboardIntel® HM55 Express Chipset
Memory4Go HyperX 1600Mhz (2x2)
StorageHDD 320Go 7200RPM 16 Mo & HDD 320Go 5400RPM
GraphicsATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 1 Go DDR5
SoundSound Blaster Compatible 3D Audio
Operating SystemWindows® 7 Edition Familiale Premium
Monitorwide LED 17,3" (1600x900)
MouseSteelseries Ikari laser mouse
MousepadRoccat Sense glacier blue
HeadsetLogitech Premium Stereo
ConnectionEthernet 10/100/1000BT -- WiFi 802.11b/g/n -- Bluetooth