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<FiF|Renegade> (on vent)
<FiF|Renegade> ow sorry je hoorde me niet , ik had mijn mute gemiced.

<FiF|iMmi> Geef mij da ip is van die gamestv.org server
<gtv`Anaconda> Nee
<gtv`Anaconda> ik kan da nie :<
<FiF|iMmi> wa kunt gij eigenlijk wel als gtv admin?
<gtv`Anaconda> darmsnokke

<Circus> Wa maakt da uit als ge 1x cheat in een public server
<Circus> Als Tom boonen met zijne brommer naar de bakker gaat dan cheat 'm toch ook nie he

<master1993> are u free on monday?
<[8B]-iMmi|FiF> hmm dunno
<[8B]-iMmi|FiF> I have a girlfriend so
<master1993> ahh :] same
<master1993> she knows et is like a hobey for me :]

<[8B]-iMmi|FiF> at yawn your pb guid has only 8 characters
<[8B]-iMmi|FiF> but your full pb guid has more
<master1993> i know but i just repeat the thing 4 times
<master1993> u get the same thing

image: 11073aa4


1vs1 stopwatch ladder(2x)
6vs6 Warleagues X with Benelux 8bits/FiF
3vs3 OC fall 2008 3rd league with Benelux 8bits/FiF

6vs6 Bunkercup with Benelux 8bits/FiF
6vs6 Summercup 2009 2nd league with Europe Zero.E FiF.red

6vs6 seasonal ladder playoffs 2009 with Europe Zero.E FiF.red
CPUIntel(R) Pentium 4 (1500mhz)
Storage40 GB
GraphicsGforce FX 5200
Operating SystemWindows XP pro'
MonitorPlug & Play Monitor
Keyboardcompaq keyboard
Mouselogitech 1000mx laser
MousepadPaper (xD)
HeadsetMicrosoft LX 3000