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<moto`sleep> 1/8 T6 4/5 T5 5/5 T4 Full Guardians 6 Epic flyers
<blindedPETTINGcat> nice
<SirSydAlot> decked out in a full set of virginity

<~toe> fuck avatar is good. 3D makes me want to pop acid and go to the movies
<&shrek> it would be freaky on acid tho
<~toe> dude i reckon i would have freaked out and left at the 3d trailers
<~toe> sat mindlessly giggling in the hallway outside for 2 hours then gone to maccas.
<&shrek> 12 hours u mean
<~toe> yeah. you always *think* you want food. then you buy it and its like eating razor blades

<Leggless> you have an oven, man you could cook up some meat pies and stuff be great.
<Leggless> even some fish fingers and stuff

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/q biggz @ irc.ausirc.net
/q biggz- @ irc.quakenet.net

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image: kill_the_dead_by_bad_bloodDownloaded the game in 2005 when a mate told me it was free and that I could also play it online for free (no data usage) if I played on Optus (aussie telco provider) servers. I was in uni at the time so anything free was awesome!

That first year of innocent pub play still holds my favorite memories of ET. Getting around with nothing more than a different crosshair to default, crawling through the long grass on radar "undetected", hiding in the steam on secret weapon, and getting goomba kills on Fueldump, good times.

In 2006 Optus decided to shut down its game servers so most of us moved over to GamArena (hosted by Telstra, the only other major aussie telco provider at the time). I still remember some massive thread about how the "Optus noobs" could integrate safely into the GA community.

Early memories on GA servers included getting tk'd by a pro rager called McSpud for ammo and creating my first animated gif signature of rifle nading someone across the map on battery ("think you're out of range?" something lame like that haha). I still recall the adrenalin rush I got sneaking through to plant on battery when allies had been getting spawn camped for 20+ minutes and winning the map, thinking I was awesome.

Then around mid 2006 the then captain of ubik Muffin, posted a thread on the GA forums looking for some extra players. I wasn't really interested at first but then lots of people replied saying how nice a bunch of guys they were so that helped me change my mind.

My application to ubik included important info such as how much XP I averaged on the 8 map campaign server, I really had no clue! After the first couple of games vs TOG (The Older Gamers) and some other fun, "boomer" teams, Muffin needed to take a break to study for some IT certifications and asked someone to take over the reigns. I thought I'd throw my hat in the ring and everyone seemed happy with me heading up the team too.

I'd probably say there were two games that got me basically addicted to ET. One game being the GA Season 6 semi-final between Infernal Chaos and YoY on Beach and the second game being ubik vs Warholic on Braundorf where Korean superstar Bui aka -_-v completely destroyed us (featured in their movie by Quaky). I think we practised and played Braundorf non-stop after that match until we got half decent at it.

I've enjoyed playing with many players in ubik but that was probably my favourite line-up mostly because we had so much fun coming up with random strats. The main line-up included GiT, Bob, Hoolio, RoyBatty, Yubby and myself. GiT and Bob being ex-YoY legends, they were also pro trick jumpers and painfully taught me how to strafe jump (I still can't strafe jump properly!).

They are the most nostalgic times for my time spent playing ET. I have only played for one other team apart from ubik, that being Sublime PC Gear in 2007/8 where we tried to form a "super team" with the "best of the rest" in the Australian ET community to try and de-throne the Wood ducks super team (iceman34, riCo, haste and co). We came closest on our first attempt but we pretty much got rolled the second time around and decided disband. I went back to ubik and have since helped to form the CyberGamer ladder and prize leagues after GameArena GameOps (Admins) lost interest in the game.

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Australia GameArena Season 10 B-Grade - ubik
Australia GameArena Season 13 - Sublime pc gear
Australia GameArena Season 14 - Sublime pc gear
Australia Cybergamer Season 1 - ubik
Australia Cybergamer Season 2 - ubik
Europe Cybergamer Season 1 - mikeh's low gamers
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