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Teams History
Belgium Nicolah
France Taik
Morroco Helication

France Drkje
France Bistouk
Finland Jahe
Netherlands Wrath
United States of America Common
France Ki2s

CB OC Spring 2011 3v3 (Div3) - Link
ESL SummerCup 2010 3v3 (Div3) - Link

Team Morocco(2007)]
Morroco Helication (Jakatas)
Morroco Luyah
Morroco S@3D
Morroco Saad'NN
Morroco Faks

.WolrdCup 3v3

hell.Team (2007)]
Morroco Helication (Jakatas)
Morroco Luyah
Morroco S@3D
Morroco Saad'NN
Morroco/France Faks
Morroco Deter
Morroco Seto

Competitions :
. OpenCup fall 2007 3v3
. OpenCup Spring 2007 3v3
. OpenCup fall 2008 3v3
. CFET 3v3 #2

Apocalyptic Soldiers (2006-2010)]
Morroco Helication
Belgium Ag3nt
France Skyline
France NikonN
France Isa

Competitions :
. Easy Company II 3v3 - Link
. 4th ESL SummerCup 2009 3v3 - Div4 -
. ESL SummerCup 2009 2v2 - PlayOffs Div3 -
. GoldCup 3v3

Need a Medic (2005)]
Ireland Pimpas
United Kingdom 40032
Morroco Helication (DeadMoroccan)
United Kingdom Radek
United Kingdom Mustang
United Kingdom LuBu

Management History
#hellcups - Head Admin
ET CB EuroCup XX - Ref
ET CB SummerCup 2009 - Admin
ET 3v3 OpenCup Fall 2008 - Admin
ET CB SummerCup 2008 Admin