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Cheap quotes:
Rebly: you is very joke ;D
Rebly: in crossfire ?
Rebly: hum
Rebly: where is ? :D
Deltharac..: crossfire.nu
Deltharac..: ^^
Deltharac..: everyone knows that site nub ;D
Rebly: site de noob
Rebly: ;D

Ken/Fainth<: homofilie is spreading quickly throughout the whole of ET
saNjih // #CoS.et: you are a fucking best joker
Loeb: Dtrc is way better than Deltharac
Ken/Fainth<: jizzle in her face
Ken/Fainth<: that'll teach her to wear clothes

[21:41] <Smashio> bb sexe voice
[21:41] <Deltharac> lol whats with the voice? :Q
[21:44] <Smashio> its like your a pornstar
[21:44] <Smashio> sexy and charismatic

Deltha goes French!
starji: tu parle bien francais !
starji: Respect
starji: xD

KPONE: t'apprends la france
Rebly says:
parle francais
Rebly says:
tu est fr
Rebly says:
parle fr

(F) MaRokiiNo says:
(F) MaRokiiNo says:
Ur french =)
(F) MaRokiiNo says:

There will be more ofc

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Cup Terror with Ken/Fainth :>
Miss California 2008
Can't be touched
CPUAMD Sempron(tm) Processor 3000+
MotherboardAsus K8N
Memory1024MB RAM
StorageMaxtor 6L300R0 300GB + 1TB External gogogo downloadz
GraphicsRADEON 9600 Pro
SoundCreative Sound Blaster Augidy SE
Operating SystemWindows XP Professional SP2
MonitorBenQ FP931
KeyboardTrust KB-2200 Multimedia Scroll Keyboard
MouseRazer DeathAdder
MousepadRazer Mantis Speed
HeadsetSilverCrest MHS 5100