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image: et Germany 8Bits Black » Team]
image: orangearrow #8bits-gaming

Belgium PhiL ([/i] Ex Clans:pstarZ, seek'N'destroy, eC4, aero, sFx )[/i]
Denmark muffzre ([/i] Ex Clans:pstarZ, alvi, CarpeDiem )[/i]
Portugal surreal ([/i] Ex Clans:pWs,aerial, bRUTAL )[/i]
Italy shoes ([/i] Ex Clans:mE )[/i]
Malta Killerboy ([/i] Ex Clans: Team Malta,artline,zOMG,Team med+ )[/i]
Belgium nakato ([/i] Ex Clans:disqonnect, attention )[/i][/hide]
image: et Germany roYality-esports » Team]
image: orangearrow

Poland roYality|ska
Poland roYality|Jadol
Finland roYality|sandi
Netherlands roYality|vis
Ukraine roYality|^jESUS
Slovenia roYality|sLyzzzz
Austria roYality|shoes[/hide]
image: et Germany roYality-esports v2 » Team]
image: orangearrow

Poland ska ([/i] Ex Clans:pstarZ, sFx, A+R, cdap )[/i]
Poland Jadol ([/i] Ex, invictus )[/i]
Belgium POEPj ([/i] Ex Clans:dark and beyond, oceanse6 )[/i]
Slovenia sLyzzz ([/i] Ex Clans:infected,smashed,lost soldiers )[/i]
Austria shoes ([/i] me )[/i]
Finland sandi ([/i] Ex Clans:floration,,40:1 )[/i]
Finland riZla ([/i] Ex Clans:8Bits,sFx,cdap, DSky )[/i]
Finland amgg ([/i] Ex Clans:one4one,mMm )[/i]
Germany fabuloz ([/i] Ex Clans:x3,cdap,Team russland )[/i][/hide]
image: et Germany PMCG » Team]
image: orangearrow #PMCG

Russia humM3L ([/i] Ex Clans:Highbot,Team Russland,GMPO )[/i]
Germany faux ([/i] Ex Clans:Highbot,Team Germany )[/i]
Germany Showtime ([/i] Ex Clans:rEM,PMCG )[/i]
Germany heldor ([/i] Ex Clans:rEM )[/i]
Germany murDa ([/i] Ex Clans:one4one, Team Germany, Team russia, helix )[/i]
Austria ambOs ([/i] Ex Clans:infected,smashed )[/i]
Austria shoes ([/i] me )[/i][/hide]
image: et Europe Team -[x]- Force Gaming » Team]
image: orangearrow [irc]#Team-[x]-[/irc]

Russia 4live ([/i] Ex Clans:cdap,Team Russland, Luger )[/i]
Russia jago ([/i] Ex Clans:disQonnect,lost soldiers,Team Russland )[/i]
Russia joke ([/i] Ex Clans:x3,cdap,Team Russland,disQonnect )[/i]
Austria shoes ([/i] me )[/i]
Germany stownage ([/i] Ex Clans:AoW,cdap,PMCG,chill on fire )[/i]
Germany Bl4d3 ([/i] Ex Clans:AoW )[/i]
Germany criatura ([/i] Ex Clans:Highbot, Team Germany )[/i][/hide]

image: et United Kingdom signum » Team]
image: orangearrow #signum

United Kingdom potty
United Kingdom Munchies
Canada rossko
United Kingdom speaker
Italy shoes
Portugal setupj

Ex Players

United Kingdom Bulld0g
United Kingdom Splodge
Netherlands Maxi
Portugal setupj
Netherlands Allir
France meNth[/hide]
image: et Benelux Team -[x]- » Team]
image: orangearrow[irc] #Team-[x]-[/irc]

Finland sandi ([/i] Ex Clans:floration, 40:1 )[/i]
Poland Jadol ([/i] Ex, 40:1 )[/i]
Poland ultimATE ([/i] Ex Clans:Team-HD,Team-[x]- )[/i]
Estonia infect ([/i] Ex Clans:disQonnect,Goes to hollywood,uniQe )[/i]
Portugal surreal ([/i] Ex Clans:pWs, aerial )[/i]
Austria shoes ([/i] me )[/i]
Anonymous setupj ([/i] Ex Clans:Team Portugal, k1ck,pstarZ,vib )[/i][/hide]
image: et Europe » Team]
image: orangearrow[irc][/irc]

Germany fabuloz ([/i] Ex Clans:x3,cdap,Team Russland )[/i]
Italy shoes ([/i] me )[/i]
Netherlands ParRa ([/i] Ex Clans:aero,sFx )[/i]
Poland fuxor ([/i] Ex Clans:signum, wArning! )[/i]
Germany woDka ([/i] Ex Clans:PoR )[/i]
Europe tba[/hide]
image: et Europe overdoze » Team]
image: orangearrow #overdoze

Germany ph4zor ([/i] Ex Clans:santix, 187 )[/i]
Germany oGr_ ([/i] Ex Clans:Goes to Hollywood, blutSTARZ )[/i]
Germany butzi ([/i] Ex Clans:187, noTeamplay )[/i]
Germany kReSt ([/i] Ex Clans:AoW,VagrantS,cdap,4evol,chillonfire )[/i]
Austria shoes([/i] me )[/i]
Netherlands ton1 ([/i] Ex Clans:4evol, exiliCa, chill on fire )[/i][/hide]
image: et Germany noTeamplay » Team]
image: orangearrow [irc]#noT|ET[/irc]

Germany powelcheck ([/i] Ex Clans:Team dresden, noTeamplay )[/i]
Germany vaGgi ([/i] Ex Clans:sFx, noTeamplay )[/i]
Germany niGhT ([/i] Ex Clans:noT )[/i]
Germany eMpTy ([/i] Ex Clans:AoW, noTeamplay )[/i]
Netherlands Paintrain ([/i] Ex Clans:noTeamplay )[/i]
Netherlands Lasher ([/i] Ex Clans:sFx )[/i]
Austria noneck ([/i] Ex Clans:sonatix )[/i]
Austria shoes ([/i] Ex Clans: me )[/i][/hide]
image: et Austria PoR » Team]
image: orangearrow

Austria DerGraf
Austria unkrAUT
Austria benji
Germany metatron
Netherlands J#ker
Netherlands f#nky
Netherlands EVD
Italy shoes
Sweden A!mY[/hide]


Germany Rezz aka Freak
Austria liVi


Sheep'i: unhittable fucktard

Raptrrr: tingtingting wh!!!

dAv1d{: low- max

Vegt4: sure

rY`shoes: 3on3?
`Flamer: rY`shoes?
`Flamer: no sry your too good
Tzoki: lowtard with hax

Kiddystyle: gg wp bb hacker

outlAw|bNoo: haha for sure

ScaTmaN_: Durch die Mauer...

oNkor: verfickter hurensohn mit cheats

rapeout: more backrape skills ftw...


Need Moviemaker!


Founder of #offi-et
Admins: Lightning, shoes, hentai

image: 107e72ea4042540fc8ba2024926d752c5.1


Websitehttp://dont need it
() with Europe overdoze #Tac2 reLic 3on3 cup
() with Europe overdoze v2 3on3 cup
() with Germany uberpwner #evolution 2on2 cup
() with Benelux =RD= 2.55 #good.cup 1on1 cup
() with Germany disqonnect
() with Europe disturbia #onedaycup 6on6
() with Germany epsylon Shadowland OneDay 2on2 Tournament
() with Germany Sexy #eLvone

() with Germany uberpwner #pornostyle v2 3on3 cup
() with Germany uberpwner #ponostyle v4 3on3 cup
() with Belgium lio EnglandNatch #reLic cup
() with Germany impure #evolution 6on6 cup
() with Europe MixXed #Global][Gaming 3on3 cup
() with Benelux Bunny #Phobia- Team v1
() with Benelux Bunny cup
() with Benelux Bunny reLic Tac2 Cup
() with Europe exiliCa #getskill 1 week Tournament

() with Austria violating #expect cup
() with Europe Bunny #Phobia-Team v4
() with Europe Bunny #Phobia-Team v2
() with Germany uberpwner #cancer 1on1 cup
() with Benelux Team -[x]- #Luger.cup v2
() with Europe MixXed #EpicFail 2on2 2.55
() with Italy shoes #Rifleonly 1on1 cup
() with Italy 3er #ET-Cup 1on1 cup
() with Europe reactiv5 #jsg.cup 3on3
() with Germany impure #knife knifeonly 5on5 cup

(/4th) with Germany sNoOp Germanyasmogan #reLic cup 3on3
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