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prevoius teams:

Norway Instant-defeat - (

Finland idno. svidE
Austria idno. lagUna
Estonia idno. fraN
England idno. h20xygen
Sweden idno. zaTuu
Slovenia idno. rezon

Spain wArning! - #wArning! (

Finland wArning! Cartek
Belgium wArning! Trixii
United Kingdom wArning! Nyke
United Kingdom wArning! John
Finland wArning! Vanhaomena
Estonia wArning! Cali
Estonia wArning! cms

Europe Insta-Gods - #insta-gods

Finland iGods cartek
Finland iGods Sumatra
Finland iGods CorpseMaggot
Finland iGods p0rtrait
Finland iGods CompoO
Sweden iGods zwitter
Poland iGods wolvE
Netherlands iGods hAndy
Poland iGods eternity

Germany Retroactive - (

Finland retro| unique
Germany retro| myth6s
Germany retro| HeinZii

Estonia syKotic - #syKotic (

Finland syK cartek
Finland syK sumatra
Estonia syK wolv
Estonia syK wiz
Estonia syK bff
Estonia syK pilsner


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