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Seriously, there is nothing here, I only scatter wise words and fun throughout my posts!

ps. Designer of the Pirate smiley: <o? AND ITS MY FUCKING COPYRIGHT

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Netherlands Rewolf
England jnO
England Tardler
England Ollz
England tace
Scotland sean
Norway shiim
Finland Niko
Finland Pr3d
Scotland Gabt'
Scotland kilty
Sweden caul
Ireland Bilgrim
England cApo
England Shnaps
Scotland Brox
Scotland stormeh
England Suiy
England stKz
Netherlands Henk
England ArtstAr

Guest Stars (in order of Appearance):
England Griim
Belgium/Yugoslavia Lazio
Estonia al
Estonia hell
Denmark xcN
Sweden rat
Norway Eirik

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Scotland HOOGIES
Netherlands/Poland DIO'RA
Portugal MIKE
Netherlands NOTWOLF

>> Ex-Clans <<

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After Aim Gaming fell apart due to inactivity, Sean, cn and I tried to pick up the pieces and go on with the same clan. We recruited some new members, but the team didnt fit together enough to last. Although I still got to know some nice and fun people this way with whom I still play.
Quote by Line UpScotland Sean (cl)
France Rebel
United Kingdom Elfeh
United Kingdom Tardler
Denmark lazy
United Kingdom DtSje
Finland Statti
United Kingdom unizo
United Kingdom Josh
Netherlands ReWolf (C)

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After some while TLR, merged with another clan and we made it into Aim Gaming. We lost some members, but also gained some new members so it looks like the clans changed totally, but didnt feel this way. After a half year we stepped over to 2.6b as we began focussing more on scrimming. Great bunch of people which gave me fond memories of a clan who build something up together.
Quote by Line UpScotland Sean (cl)
Denmark lazy (cl)
United Kingdom Josh
Netherlands killanddie
Netherlands Caesar
Netherlands Abusy/BooYa
Netherlands Sinzer/Fusion
Poland Mjollnir
Finland madmax
Netherlands Wolf (C)

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The first clan I ever had, was also the one I created myself. Co-Leader Stefke and me decided on this crazy plan after our favorite Public Server, RLR Server, died because of their leader dissappering. I shouted that I would create my own clan to continue the RLR legacy and Stefke turned my words into actions.This clan has the memory of being the best time in which I ever played ET. No worries, just relaxed pubbing and nice, good people!
Quote by Line UpSerbia Stefke (cl)
Scotland Highlander/Sean (cl)
Denmark cn/lazy
Netherlands Killanddie
Poland Mjollnir
Finland Meitti
Finland JaRpp3
Finland Foul
Poland/Netherlands DIO
Finland Nasty
Finland Pred
Poland Bamber
Netherlands DarkRageWolf (C)

Xfire clan link

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Quote by [bQuotes![/b]]>>|Quotes|<<[/center]]
[17:43] F2K#[Emo>Sum@<Chav]#F2K: i wish u was a door
[17:43] REVOLUTION | ReWolf: why/ :P
[17:43] F2K#[Emo>Sum@<Chav]#F2K: i'd bang u all nite <3 lol

[17:49] F2K#[Emo>Sum@<Chav]#F2K: What do you say we go back to my room and do some maths: Add a bed, subtract our clothes, divide your legs, and multiply.

[12:56] Rebel: playing a cup = playing to win
[12:56] Rebel: it's like saying : Yeah EC is for fun
[12:57] REVOLUTION | ReWolf: I think there is a small difference between a random OneDay Cup and the EC?

[17:09] Wolf' #revolution.et: zijn er mensen met wie jij veel omgaat op je werk?
[17:09] Wolf' #revolution.et: die zijn vaak eerder in staat voor dit soort grappen
[17:09] Wolf' #revolution.et: :P
[17:09] Dio: ach ik ga met elke meid om op mijn werk

[17:13] Wolf' #revolution.et: GRRRR, grumble, mumble
[17:13] Dio: last van een ochtendhumeurtje?

WOLFMAN: I knew I couldnt count on High anyway :P
Gabt`LCA: eh?
Gabt`LCA: u mean sean ye? :P
Gabt`LCA: 'high' lols
WOLFMAN: too used to his old nickname
Gabt`LCA: should've been 'low' lols

[00:04]seAn: i can see you

22:41; Gabt` sets mode: +oooo ziqvpix Tardler ReWolf Cheesy|Qubenet
22:41; Gabt`: oops
22:41; Gabt` sets mode: -o ziqvpix
22:41; Gabt`: forgot i dont like you

[19:01] // SEAN // : I BET SOME SHIT GAY ONE
[19:01] // SEAN // : THAT ONLY GAYS USE
[19:01] // SEAN // : GAYS AND FAGS
[19:02] Wolfman : uTorrent
[19:02] // SEAN // : ..oh fuck.
[19:02] // SEAN // : Disregard my last comments

In reference to #qubetemp members getting banned from #6on6.et because we fullhold 1 round
<@`Sean> isnt your brother banned too?
<Tardler> no
<@`Sean> Well he needs to be

23:20 @Rewolf; do you know what I think?
23:20 @re-play|griim; i dont think a team of japanese scientists working around the clock could tell what you're thinking

[00:10] Mike : i ahd fun at school today
[00:10] WA!ChA^> : Oo
[00:11] WA!ChA^> : i will
[00:11] Mike : had fight with 2 people in 1 break
[00:11] WA!ChA^> : nite
[00:11] Mike : nn
[00:11] WA!ChA^> : did u win
[00:11] WA!ChA^> : ?
[00:11] OVERLOAd`Rewolf : ofc
[00:11] Mike : ofc
[00:11] OVERLOAd`Rewolf : he used his epic mount
[00:11] WA!ChA^> : pwned
[00:11] WA!ChA^> : wow style
[00:11] WA!ChA^> : imo
[00:11] Mike : i just go beserk!
[00:11] Mike : ROAR!!!!!!!
[00:12] WA!ChA^> : and s4
[00:12] WA!ChA^> : how many hs?
[00:12] MOTHERFARMER : were they both girls or just one of them?

[23:08] OVERLOAd`Rewolf: Henk up for a game?
[23:09] Henk: yes i'm fully prepared!
[23:09] Henk: :)
[23:09] OVERLOAd`Rewolf: dezelfde vent
[23:09] Henk: heeft ie jou weer mishandelt?? :/

(20:17:54) +|jnO|: Gaming makes you cool. Irresistable to women and generally GREAT
(20:18:16) +|jnO|: rewolf is the exception to the rule
(20:19:02) @ovr-Rewolf: liar!
(20:19:15) @ovr-Rewolf: you saw the pictures of my girl, so you know it isnt true
(20:19:16) @ovr-Rewolf: :P
(20:19:40) +|jnO|: I am not ruling out you using rohypnol

(23:02:57) @ovr-Rewolf: My secret is coke
(23:03:12) @ovr-Rewolf: the bleeding nose is an annoying side effect
(23:03:16) @`Niko: druck are bad mkay
(23:03:20) @ovr-Rewolf: but you get used to it after a while
(23:04:41) @`Niko: u can get used to everything.. exept icepick in ur ass.. it melts before u do...
(23:06:01) @ovr-sean: i dont if i should be impressed or worried about that niko

[17:57] jnO: You Are 54% Evil
You are evil, but you haven't yet mastered the dark side.
Fear not though - you are on your way to world domination.

[17:58] OVERLOAd`Rewolf: You probably checked that you hated kids
[17:59] jnO: no I dont hate kids
[17:59] jnO: I just think they taste better with ketchup

(00:01:44) @ovr-Rewolf: btw guys, I really need your PB Guids for the ET masters
(00:01:54) @Gabt`: mine changes, auto change in etbot

(23:33:46) @TrailerParkBoys: Wires Are: RED - YELLOW - GREEN - FEAR
(23:33:47) @TrailerParkBoys: Use: ".wire <color here>"
(23:33:54) @shiiim: lol
(23:33:54) @`tace`: .panzer ovr-Rewolf
(23:33:54) @TrailerParkBoys: ovr-Rewolf was blasted by `tace`'s panzerfaust
(23:34:03) @TrailerParkBoys: 10 Seconds Remaining... Come on shiiim ! Its Gunna BLOW !!!
(23:34:04) @ovr-Rewolf: GO LINDA
(23:34:06) @shiiim: well i can blow
(23:34:07) @shiiim:!

(18:25:26) @ovr-Rewolf: You won the essay competition? :o
(18:25:45) @ovr-Rewolf: and I even helped you for a bit!
(18:25:46) @mouK`griim: pim would've remembered
(18:25:54) @sean`: you didnt help me Pim
(18:26:01) @sean`: you just kept your ideas to yourself
(18:26:09) @sean`: and i remember that
(18:26:09) @sean`: :D
(18:26:15) @sean`: selfish cunt
(18:26:22) @mouK`griim: tbh sean, that probably helped

(16:37:07) @Gabt`: i was quite drunken last night
(16:37:37) @Gabt`: i remember talking to yu, then just pulling the plug out on my pc

@pstarZ|joop`• Of je neemt gewoon een team met 5 rifles, dan zijn er geen goede rifles voor andere teams, wat een uber tax he

>> Shout Outs:[/i]
Scotland Mr. SheepShagger Sean
France Mr. lowbie noob Rebel
Denmark Mr. troll lazy
United Kingdom Mr. random tracking madness skiller unizo
Poland Mr. PolishPwnMachine Mjollnir
Netherlands/Poland Mr. Pubmeister and rl-friend DIO
Scotland Mr. fag McBalls Gabt'
Switzerland Lady for randomly adding me as her buddy, just like I did to her!
England Mr. Sisterbanger Tardler
England Mr. OMG Griim OMG
Belgium Mr. Belgian Lazio
Estonia Mr. Whining Cockface hell
Ireland Mr. Irish Prick Bilgrim
Norway shiim for her nice voice on vent!
England Mr. Random Flame Shnaps
Netherlands Mr.Awesome Olly
Denmark Mr. MANS FLASH
France Mr.Parodia Yoshikii
England Mr.Rohypnol jnO
England Mr.Anus tace
Finland Mr.Hippie Niko
Finland Mr.ETTV Replay Pr3d

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>> Cups:
Outlaw Thursday 6on6 (Big Beats mix: ReWolf, Tardler, Niko, shiiim, Daif and duKe)

>> Random:
Starting Revolution Aftermath as TLR ( The Lost Revolution ) on 22th of May, 2006, with help of SeaN. Played with him from that moment on. Clan we were in lasted for 2,5 years, great guy! <3
MEGA SUPER HYPER DUPER PRO by Karrde.hu -> http://www.crossfire.nu/?x=journal&mode=item&id=58747
CPUMobile AMD Sempron(tm) Processor 2800+, MMX, 3DNow, ~1.6GHz
Memory2GB DDR2 RAM
Storage460 GB HDD
GraphicsNvidea GTS8800
SoundStereo Speakers
Operating SystemWindows Service Pack 2
MonitorSamsung HD5520
KeyboardLogitech G15
MouseLogitech USB MX518 Optical Mouse
MousepadNormal MousePad
HeadsetLogitech Precision Gaming Headset
ConnectionWireless Cable Speed Haxor!