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image: counter[center] R e Z o N[/center][/url]image: abbdq3
Finland Team meridian

Finland nubiks
Finland JacKer
Finland slyfox
Slovenia ReZoN
Portugal ag0n
Europe you
Europe you

image: abbdq3
Europe Recoil gaming

Netherlands phytia
England h20xygen
Belgium mesq
Belgium dNzl
United Kingdom Ste
Slovenia ReZoN
Ireland puba

Europe Team DnD

Netherlands Azatej
Netherlands mize
United Kingdom nevari
United Kingdom confo
Finland JacKer
Slovenia ReZoN
England Maniac
India hantai

Slovenia Team Slovenia

Slovenia carniee
Slovenia optimal
Slovenia Meth
Slovenia c0ld
Slovenia snAil
Slovenia ReZoN
Slovenia vektor
Slovenia immooo

Germany Team angelDust

Germany binBash
Germany hAse
Slovenia ReZoN
Finland RauZki
Germany tropfn
Austria lagNa

SloveniaTeam laSeki

Slovenia carniee
Slovenia immoo
Slovenia vektor
Slovenia ReZoN
Slovenia Meth


place at sonatix with laseki
place at Rtcw2 cup with evol
place at get laddder with evol
place at cup with laseki
place at snd cup with laseki
place at cb oc with lasek
place at slomix lan with mix
place at et-cup 22 with d6
place at bust3D cup with laseki
#4 place at bust3D cup with laseki
#4 place at yap-it cup with laseki
#5 place at cb ladder with secret!!
#5 place at snd cup with laseki

#6 banned from CrossFire 5x coz of spam
#6 being a emo (zato ker sem kupil emo pas)
CPUIntel cure 2 duo e6400
Graphics7600 gt
Mousepadicemat 2nd
Headsetzalman 5.1
Connectionsem vesel :O)