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02:08:51°pm (+mikewozere) make artlove not war


18:40… @wl|Viperius: I'm opped in (14/19) channels on (1) network. I have the power over (206/300) users.
18:40… @artlove: HOW TO CHECKK
18:40… @Craigo: /part
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Re: Untitled Subject PMao
Sent by bizkid on Tuesday 11th November 2008, 03:43
Quote: artlove are u female? :S

ofcourse not :D

haha rofl...my gf was like hey ffs u are again talking to some girls...im like fuck she got it...then she said cf and i was like uh? then she said artlove and i was like nooo its a male for sure she was like no check the profile :D

gn8 m8


11:24:12°pm (@artlove) _star can't make spaces cuz hes in linux and alt codes dont work there MWAHAHAHAHAHA .
11:24:17°pm (@_star) unless with count the ***** ***
11:24:29°pm (@_star) :S
11:24:37°pm (@_star) no spaces?
11:24:56°pm (@_star) why dont you boot up your shitty ******** and try to make something in it? :)
11:25:12°pm (@Scriabinist) oh nice putting a period there you cunt
11:25:20°pm (@Scriabinist) I nearly thought I had a dead pixel on my screen


[20:57:13] [@Suiiiiiiiiy] I LIKE MY FLICKS WITH CHICKS AND DICKS!

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Thanks for reading!!!!!!


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