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If you're in need of some space
for bustmovies or similar, feel free to ask me.

Be nice to me,
and I will be nice to you :)


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Currently playing for: Lost Soldiers /<

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Quoteur so fucking hot i wanna make babies with you ;'(((((


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Click me hard!

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QuoteNow take your emo pic and go to some adultfinder page and try to get a girl, ugly fucker.

ha-ha :D

Quote[18:56] <alexL> ppl don't know how the way I play games :DDDDD

[22:02] <w0nd3r> iiky` is the nicest gurl around here
[22:02] <w0nd3r> no shit
[22:02] <w0nd3r> !

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Quote[02:02] <soool> if one guy is holding you off for 20 seconds with 4 nades it's time to /uninstall

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Quote[16:52] <iNm-snip0> wsk war übrigens sehr angepisst von deinen rifles wonder

Quote[16:52] <iNm-snip0> wsk was pissed off your rifles, wonder

luck > skill :P

1st visit on a ET server
My punkbuster hax

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» Enemy Territory «
Arranged showmatches for sw_battery and missile
Involved in alpha tests of sp_delivery_te and missile
Became ESL Admin, quitted after a year
ET Allstars 2009 Head-Admin
GamesTV.org Site Supervisor
German shoutcaster for ET powered by United Kingdom #CUBECAST

» 4phun «
Officially approved Atze of Germany FaKy
pwnd Germany mKs in arm wrestling
ConnectionPolski Telekomski :o)