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Quotenoone :/

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18.02.09 - 19.02.09 banned by image: de chosen because personal ideas

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IRC: [irc]#inst!nct[/irc]
PM: click

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image: et Enemy Territory

image: de Team Inst!nct Alpha[/b]]
image: de Kenji
image: de Joka
image: de Ers
image: de mUnduS
image: be eaves
image: at xXx

• Team History •

image: us Two.and.a.half.Men - ALOHA[/i]]
image: at v1ech
image: at xXx
image: de mUnduS
image: de flR

image: at pLug&pLay Gaming[/i] by 9th-Dimension]
image: at TRanSi
image: at Mandy
image: at eZe
image: at xXx
image: de mUnduS
image: de Diclonius
image: de rANDOM

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/be.gif[/img] Anticlimax by r@g]
image: be Flashy
image: be sile
image: hu seNti
image: it Stevji
image: nl fritsie
image: de mUnduS
image: pt krypto

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/uk.gif[/img] eQual Inglorious Basterds]
image: uk Potty
image: de mUnduS
image: fr lunaa
image: fr AkrAm
image: hr beanS

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/uk.gif[/img] Team-Enigmatic THE CUBE]
image: uk Potty
image: uk eVo
image: uk owzo
image: uk rAzbo
image: uk unblind
image: de mUnduS
image: hr BeanS

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/eu.gif[/img] BigPenis Incorporated 2on2]
image: es M1st3R
image: de mUnduS

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/eu.gif[/img] damn'it]
image: nl YEOJ
image: de mUnduS
image: es M1st3r
image: nl mlo
image: de Evilynn
image: be NawoR

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/at.gif[/img] 9th-Dimension OMEGA]
image: de mUnduS
image: at xXx
image: at v1ech
image: at transistor
image: de flR
image: be vaRit

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/de.gif[/img] REKTAL1TY 3on3]
image: de flR
image: at v1ech
image: de mUnduS
image: at xXx

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/eu.gif[/img] Team uSELESS]
image: at TRanSi
image: at Annalia
image: de naimmje

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/de.gif[/img] Team ANTIFA]
image: de TrG
image: de cookie
image: de mUnduS
image: il wecero
image: gr madmax
image: de sepp

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/de.gif[/img] gtv.Germany]
image: de SaQq
image: de Skydriver
image: de mUnduS
image: de scowl
image: de skooli
image: de rhoeni
image: de Trubel
image: de arni

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/de.gif[/img] Hamburg.et (2008 - 2009)]

image: mirc_logo #hamburg.et


image: de kallomena (c)
image: de spann3r
image: de eNCOR3
image: de zhul
image: de criatura
image: de pZyKo
image: de mUnduS
image: de nk3 image: ico_warn

image: de zhul (c)
image: de mUnduS
image: de kallomena
image: de spann3r
image: de Gumb4ll
image: de pZyKo
image: de porno-
image: de draqii

• ET-Config •

image: cfg_b4_2

image: cfg_supply

image: cfg_grush

image: cfg_radar

image: cfg_adler

• Related Movies •

xXx[/b] - blAsTed]
Publisher: image: eu plug&play Records
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 330 mb
Lenght: 11:57 min.
Codec: x264
Developed: 12th August '08
Stream: here

beAsty[/b] - The Movie]
Publisher: image: eu plug&play Records
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 344 mb
Lenght: 8:43 min.
Codec: x264
Developed: 18th November '08
Stream: here

Publisher: image: eu plug&play Records
Resolution: 1280x720
Size: 272 mb
Lenght: 9:51 min.
Codec: x264
Developed: 28th August '09
Stream: here

• Console Achievements•

PSN-ID: naimmje

image: platin Batman™: Arkham Asylum
image: platin Skate™ 2
image: platin RESIDENT EVIL 5
image: platin Trine
image: platin Deas Space™
image: platin Tekken 6
image: platin Uncharted: Drakes Fortune™
image: platin Terminator Salvation
image: platin God of War® I
image: platin God of War® II
image: platin Darksiders™
image: platin BAYONETTA
image: platin Dante's Interno™
image: platin Uncharted 2: Among Thieves™
image: platin HEAVY RAIN™
image: platin Star Wars: The Force Unleashed
image: platin God of War® III
image: platin Just Cause 2™
image: platin Skate™ 3
image: platin Assasins Creed™ 2
image: platin Tomb Raider: Underworld
image: platin inFAMOUS
image: platin Singularity™
image: platin Mafia® II
image: platin Castlevania: Lords of Shadow™
image: platin ENSLAVED™: Odyssey to the West™
image: platin Prince of Persia The Forgotten Sands™
image: platin SPLATTERHOUSE
image: platin Alice: Madness Returns™
image: platin Captain America™: Super Soldier

x 111
x 465
x 1709

• Shoutouts & Hates•

image: lovemy9[/center]]
image: de kafux ~ best ESL Admin ... always helps me
image: de Evilynn ~ female skillz
image: de chrzz ~ old great nip-times
image: at minos ~ my scripting dude!
image: de Schmuuz ~ my buddy! :D
image: gr Graecos ~ nice Guy!!!
image: de eaGle ~ <3 your ettv help
image: at transistor ~ owned!!!11
image: at xXx ~ blAsTed - He's only blasted
image: de Adornit ~ the trickjumping dude!
image: at eZe ~ for keeping p&p alive with the RecordsFoundation
image: pl v0iler ~ Ty masz duzy ptaszek!
image: be nuNca ~ hsnat0r
image: de eNCOR3 ~ image: cup_gold Finktown ftw!
image: uk andyF1 ~ GTV.org!!!!1111
image: de zhul ~ ..: <3HH CiTY<3 :..
image: lu Dick ~ WTF Luxemborg XD
image: be Bartichello ~ what i have to say
image: de Oldman ~ image: eu 8Bits-Gaming <:
image: at v1ech ~ More than an e-Buddy!!!11
image: de frogg ~ gr33tZ :)
image: be sAm ~ simply sAm :D
image: at Nurse ~ <3
image: be Anaconda ~ sponsoring my BNC
image: de Spoggy ~ Poker Genuis ;>
image: co Soho+ ~ Awesome colombian guy...always fun to talk to him :D
image: cl M@X ~ A really sportsmen! BIG <3 TO HIM
image: es M1st3r ~ M1hh1h1h1h1h1h1
image: nl YEOJ ~ Awesome dutchie!
image: nl twnzy ~ the FatGamer ;>>
image: de flR ~ Command Completed :DD
image: at M@ndy ~ MY HONEY...SIMPLY!
image: be GoldoraK ~ such a nice guy!
image: nl Woody ~ Always fun to talk this guy :)
image: nl joopie ~ <3 playing mixes with him! Fun only!
image: de Kenji ~ nice aim... nice comms... nice guy! :D

image: hateby0[/center]]
image: be Frauwe ~ most whining person i've ever seen
image: no MoOomi image: yawn ~ gtfo with ur Cup u ban whoever u want
image: de sHiNe ~ retard! thx for ur ban in #6on6.et
image: cz meesji image: yawn ~ cheating tard calls me hacker?! :XD
image: ro FaKy ~ most narcissistic guy i've ever seen!
image: nl nickeR image: yawn ~ racism not welcome this days!
image: de sNoOp ~ it's sNoOp ... 160cm of arrogance
image: pl phase ~ a damn low brained polak
image: de w0nd3r ~ such a boastful piece of shit
image: fi SOOSSI image: yawn ~ cheating prick
image: be Masterseries ~ 12 letters of ignorance and stupidness

• Quotes •

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/de.gif[/img] flR]
[15:19]<mUnduS> 'ma style is a bomb bomdidangdigigi
[15:20] <flR`> ich hab kein motto außer
[15:20] <flR`> umklatschen!
[15:20] <mUnduS> auch net schlecht
[15:21] <flR`> is zwar nich bondigidigibinbingdibongbong un so aber egal
[15:21] <flR`> ^^

Quoteplay paly......klingt doch irgendwie wie ein schwuler Vogel!

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/be.gif[/img] Anaconda]
[23:19] <@gtv`Anaconda> need 3 mercs for 3o3, pm

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/at.gif[/img] v1ech]
Quote[00:51:41] [v1ech^imUrlaub] who s the admin of andif1 ettvs?
[00:51:49] [Killerbooiiii] andyf1?
[00:51:56] [v1ech^imUrlaub] good point
[00:51:58] [v1ech^imUrlaub] :D
[00:52:11] [Killerbooiiii] xD
[00:52:29] [v1ech^imUrlaub] i guess i have never failed so hard all the past years
[00:52:29] [v1ech^imUrlaub] :D

Quote(23:25:45) (cdap\v^ech) 3on3 havemundus

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/nl.gif[/img] nickeR image: ico_warn]
Quoteur a fucking nazi...thats it

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/fr.gif[/img] Stormy image: yawn]
[23:19] Stormy <:D : nice instant skillboost

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/pl.gif[/img] hunter (aka Wakabayashi) image: yawn]
QuoteWakabayashi:X) was killed by MUND1TY's Thompson
DarthPrader was killed by MUND1TY's Luger 9mm
Wakabayashi:X): UUUUU
: MUND1TY: Hi!
Wakabayashi:X): INCOMING !

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/uk.gif[/img] TosspoT]
QuoteOnce, mAus was found near Jesus .... with a MP40 in his hand. But its not mentioned in the Bibel. Perhaps he wasn't religious.

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/ee.gif[/img] ludA]
Quote<ludA> 3v3 high hs sillyctf

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/nl.gif[/img] Loekino]
Quote[14:08] <mUnduS> hi
[14:08] <mUnduS> anyone out there?
[14:08] <True`Loekino> hello
[14:08] <True`Loekino> i am here
[14:08] <True`Loekino> from space
[14:09] <True`Loekino> prolly you need to have sex with one of us now
[14:09] <True`Loekino> but that will be fine too
[14:09] <mUnduS> :XDDD

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/il.gif[/img] wAffle image: yawn]
Quote wAffle: guy
wAffle: really
wAffle: if you are cheating
wAffle: why you are showing it ?

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/uk.gif[/img] unBlind]
Quote[22:12] <unblind> ok so i got a bit pissed last night
[22:12] <unblind> woke up this morning and there was a book in my toilet o.O
[22:12] <unblind> how do you dry a book
[22:12] <OMEGA^mUnduS> jesus christ
[22:12] <OMEGA^mUnduS> i dont know
[22:12] <OMEGA^mUnduS> :DD
[22:12] <unblind> : d

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/de.gif[/img] Spoggy]
[14:47] <Spoggy> wann kann ich mit der Herrschaft rechnen ?
[14:47] <Spoggy> ;)
[14:48] <[CB]mundusAWAY> ich ziehe mich jetzt an
[14:49] <[CB]mundusAWAY> also in ca 10 min gehe ich hier los
[14:49] <Spoggy> geiles wetter Draußen wa ?
[14:49] <[CB]mundusAWAY> also verstecke besser alles geklaute von mir :DDDDDDDD
[14:49] <[CB]mundusAWAY> ja draussen is mega geil
[14:49] <[CB]mundusAWAY> !
[14:50] <Spoggy> bei mein Gedächnis weiß ich gar nicht mehr was von Dir war !
[14:50] <Spoggy> :)DDDDDDD
[14:50] <[CB]mundusAWAY> hahahahahahahha
[14:50] <[CB]mundusAWAY> :DDD

QuoteWenn man anfängt heisst das, der nächste ist als zweites dran!

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/pl.gif[/img] Gruby]
Quote[21:54] * GLekkeLION (~Sektor14@89.108-136-217.adsl-dyn.isp.belgacom.be) has joined #6on6.et
[21:54] <aego`gruby> 6on6 now med/+ hvserv clans NO SPRAJT NO MUNDUS

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/nl.gif[/img] twnzy]
Quote[15:49] <FatGames`twnzyy> [CB]mUnduS
[15:56] <FatGames`twnzyy> Lol, from who did you got your config.
[15:56] <FatGames`twnzyy> The Enemy Territory one.
[15:56] <[CB]mUnduS> made myself and minos?
[15:56] <[CB]mUnduS> why?
[15:56] <FatGames`twnzyy> Fuckin lies. I got exactly the same.
[15:56] <FatGames`twnzyy> Only different crosshair.
[15:56] <[CB]mUnduS> no!
[15:57] <FatGames`twnzyy> You're a lier.!
[15:57] <FatGames`twnzyy> You must be following me for age's!
[15:57] <FatGames`twnzyy> I knew it. Stalker
[15:57] <[CB]mUnduS> XD
[15:57] <FatGames`twnzyy> So tell me your undercover nick
[15:57] <FatGames`twnzyy> Its Rhand isn't it?
[15:57] <FatGames`twnzyy> Be honest!
[15:57] <[CB]mUnduS> ye
[15:57] <[CB]mUnduS> :x
[15:57] <FatGames`twnzyy> Cause I will find out the truth
[15:57] <FatGames`twnzyy> Bah, you fanboy
[15:57] <FatGames`twnzyy> You're following me for how long?
[15:58] <FatGames`twnzyy> Tell me how you did it, How did you get acces to my computer and stealz the secret info?
[15:58] <FatGames`twnzyy> Did you watch some hardcore porn from me to?
[15:58] <FatGames`twnzyy> Say me, or it will have serious brain damage for you :D
[15:58] <FatGames`twnzyy> Did you see me naked?
[15:59] <FatGames`twnzyy> You apparently did.
[15:59] <FatGames`twnzyy> Well.. I will send you a bilt. So u can pay. since nobody can see my penis for free.

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/uk.gif[/img] rAzbo]
mUnduS: Damn ... why i've got bad weather since days now?!?!
rAzbo: Guy, you're talking about bad weather! I got artic conditions here. I see a polarbear chillin' outside!


- 6on6 -
ESL ET Freizeitliga Summer 07 Group C (9th)
German StadtCup 2008 (Hamburg.et)
ESL ET Freizeitliga Spring 08 Group B (9th)
ESL ET Freizeitliga Winter 07/08 Group B (9th)
I Kannt Spall 6on6 Cup (9th)
ESL ET Freizeitliga Summer 08 Premier (9th)
ESL ET Fall 2008 Instant Cup (9th)

- 3on3 -
ESL ET Freizeitliga Summer07 Group C (9th)
CB ET SW 3on3 OpenCup Spring 2008 4th League (uSELESS)
deathless et 3on3 cup (uSELESS)
Paper Cup v2 (uSELESS)
CB ET SW 3on3 OpenCup Spring 2012 5th League (iNSTINCT)

- other -
ESL ET 2on2 Spring League 2009 (bp.inc)
CB ET SW 2on2 OpenCup Spring 2010 5th League (ALOHA)
CB ET SW 2on2 OpenCup Spring 2012 3rd League (iNSTINCT)
ESL ET 1on1 Ladder
CPUIntel Core2 Quad Q9300 @2,50 GHz
MotherboardAcer Aspire M5711
Memory8,0 GB DDR3
Storage500 GB Samsung SATA
GraphicsnVidia Gforce GT 130
Sound5.1 Dolby On-Board
Operating SystemWindows Vista 64bit
MonitorIiyama Master Vision Pro 454
KeyboardLogitech G11
MouseRoccat Kone
MousepadRoccat Sota
HeadsetAKG GHS1
ConnectionDSL 16000 - Ping Express