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[OLD guid etpro]
[new guid etpro - old guid PB, because I have new hard drive]

Lan photos! Ehh, old times:P:
image: fota2hq3.th
image: p5170206uy1.th

#5th Lublin 3on3 LAN 14-15 May 2007 - Poland team-swidnik[/b]]
- my first LAN ;o
-78hs and 8k DG @ match vs. damage team.
- the best DG @ match vs. essence (s4rna, dialer, templar)
- the best XP @ match vs. executors (rio, endarked, orsz)
- gratz from Poland FF-JC X-Fi to me for nice playing.
- Poland FF-Wrobel X-Fi watching my game from 2 minutes!

#6th LUBLIN GAME PARTY 6o6 17 MAY08 Poland - wave @ peXg[/b]]
1st elite players ( xanah Krisek Michalek Dolar shog sosn4 )
2nd authenic ( zMk dialer krein naga aphesia unix )
3rd executors @ lp5 ( orsz Tevion Elviss rou pu chudy )
4th atoon @ re-play ( boski errol jebutor aZrael miks stn )
5th bv @ tm ( fixxxer estaloth edain n00n crushed hunter )
6th wave @ peXg ( anemia klejf bizun tsq jaguar ght )
7th invintium @ result ( turki rodia saqu michat riseje voiler)
8th 34ry ( chelmianin h3fty Mak Trakos quackeh tuCzi )

#5-8th UGS lan owned.pl @ 22.08.08 Poland - wave @ peXg[/b]]
I dont have been at this lan. Sory mates. I had a lots of problem with my auntie. She was INCURABLE. She was my dear auntie.
Wave@pexg playing without me, but they play so good. 5-8 place (or STH) is not bad. (there was 20-30 teams) Gratz ;)

ET: current clan :

Quit gaming - summer 2008-2009. Thx4all
Now I owning in MTB cycling:

ET: ex clans
vAillant.eu ]
Belgium rAtji
Netherlands icarvs
Netherlands nueVa
Netherlands abuse
Poland anemiia
Netherlands inPlux

wave.et@pexg-2nd LAN SQUAD 4 UGS lan]
Poland Anemia (me)
Poland Bizun (ex. Love team)
Poland klejf (ex. wave)
Poland lest (ex. eC4, snd gaming, uAznia.et)
Poland mxc (ex. FwC)
Poland vojdal (ex. team-abnormals, trivium)

Poland sinuss (ex. TAG.et, oXomoze multigaming, trivium)
Poland westi (ex. re-play beta, nyja)
dont be @ lan.. had problems with my auntie.

Poland wave-LAN @ peXg[/b]] #wave.et , #pexg
Poland Klejf
Poland Anemia
Poland Bizun
Poland Jaguar
Poland ght
Poland tsQ

Poland westi
Poland mors

Poland Anemia
Poland klejf
Poland bizun
Poland raiven
Poland mxc
Poland westi

wave old squad]
Poland Anemia
Poland klejf
Poland bizun
Poland lukeey
Poland Hitsu
Poland szy

Poland Kuloch
Poland Kichus

NoNames.et]Poland NoNames.et - #nonames.et
Poland D3st BUSTED
Poland Svepe
Poland Fuxor
Poland Kratek BUSTED
Poland Lamka
Poland Viruz
Poland Mayki
Poland Blachta
Poland gaxx

Europe noll8.et [/b]]
Poland Anemia
Denmark darkie
Norway zerom
Europe hotknife
Poland Triton
Sweden eddie
Europe vaGgi
cant remember. but ~4fun team, ussuallllyyyy triton's 3o3

Europe Control.et[/b]]
Poland Anemia
Canada keepsix
Canada rossko
England StoQ1e
Ireland Flushje - omg world cup Ireland capitan. omg
Sweden CupCake
Estonia Eagle

Europe eChaoZ [/b]]
Poland Anemia
Portugal Spectre
Portugal Blasi (or sth)

Europe Team-4frag[/b]]
Poland Anemia
Poland CMS
Poland svepe
Poland Triton aka jaroszy
Poland Triger
Poland D3st
Germany crk;o

Poland scArifiers[/b]]
Poland Michalek
Poland Anemia
Poland D3st
Poland vrz
Poland triger
Poland swiruzz - (OOOOOOOKKKEJJJJJ, oookej)
Poland sqq aka absit

Europe ReniCom Team[/b]]
Poland Anemia
Poland Kwilos
Poland Kdz
Poland Ziomekpvp
Netherlands Smerf
Poland kronos
Poland hell
Poland milka

Poland q2nf team[/b]]
Poland Anemia
Poland erik
Poland lamka
Poland dnl666
Poland filozof
Poland winq

Germany Cry.et[/b]]
Germany lukey??
Poland/Germany Satan
Poland Juice
Poland Artur
Poland Bombel
Poland triton
Poland overhead (anemia) me :D old nick
Poland vexo? axo?

Poland The Chosen[/b]]
Poland Nightcruel aka toryu
Poland ziomekpvp
Poland kronos
Poland anemia
Poland jaroszy aka triton
Poland smerf

Poland Team Swidnik - LAN TEAM[/b]]
Poland Anemia
Poland Triton
Poland Nightcruel aka toryu
Poland Wojtus

[21:07:09] <@peXg|anemia`afk> :*
[21:07:10] <@peXg|anemia`afk> bb
[21:07:12] <ultd`i`trazo> thx a lot :$
[21:07:13] <ultd`i`trazo> :P
[21:07:19] <ultd`i`trazo> can i suck ur dick ? :D

Oh, oh I'm overclocker, my oc team is United Team of Poland. We are 5th in world. My o/c = Hardware Rank: 11th Athlon 64 4200+ X2 Windsor @ 2862mhz
and time of superpi 1mb = " 29.66 " thx.
i can beat this... i only need some dry ice..

Netherlands Kris
Poland Nightcruel
Poland Triton
Poland Klejf
Poland Bizun
Poland Jaguar
Poland Marszalek aka pertiun
Poland TRIGR ;p
Poland yoodas - sory nie wiem jak sie pisze
Poland jasiek
Poland sqq aka absit
Poland swiruzz
Poland sqq
Poland D3ST
Poland vrz
Poland Lukeey
Poland Lamka
I love u !! Thx for beeing a nice friend

I'm Netherlands Kris - fanboy. | I use his cfg, |

image: labels=0

image: img0906custommy2th5.th


Never busted, never had cheat @ pc;o,
my motto:
play hard, go pro! :DD


Medium Cup 6on6 - Poland scArifiers.et
Clanbase OC 4 DIV 6on6 2006- Poland scArifiers.et
Clanbase PL ladder 6on6 2007 - Poland NoNames.et
Pro Teams Cup 6on6 - Poland scArifiers.et
Clanbase Italy 6on6 ladder 2006 - Europe team-4frag
REPLAY ET CUP 2008 6on6 - Poland wave.et @ peXg
CDAP ET CUP 2008 6on6 - Poland wave.et @ peXg
#1/4 Clanbase OC 2 DIV 6on6 - Poland NoNames.et
#7th Clanbase 6on6 EURO ladder 2008 - Poland wave @ peXg
#1st @ group D by owned.pl LUBLIN GAME PARTY ONLINE Qualifiers 6on6 with Poland wave@peXg
-Played in OC premier till 2007.
-Played in EC in 2009.
Ya, yeti, pozdrawiam
CPUAMD Athlon 2X 5400+ black edition @ 3450mhz | AC freezer 64 pro
Motherboardgigabyte nforce 550 v2 bios 22.03
MemoryOCZ platinium rev.2, 800mhz cl4 @ 916 CL4 2.3V, 4gigs
StorageWD 500 aaks + seagate 500 7200.11.
GraphicsGigabyte 9600gt cooler @ 5V
Soundusb sound 5h card
Operating SystemWin xp pro sp2, / linux backtrack
MonitorSamsung SM 2032MW windows @ 1680*1050,-60hz ET @ 1280*1024-75hz widescreen. crap .
Keyboardanother Tracer keyboard
MouseLogitech g5 @ 400dpi, 1.3 sens et, windows, setpoint default, 1000hz @ 27.6 GRAMS
MousepadSteelpad QcK+
HeadsetSteelsound 5H v2
Connection12mbps (;O