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Off to real life shit.

shit you don't care about

¤ Thibaut
¤ evl <> evlish
¤ 26
¤ France French
¤ Playing :
- Enemy Territory since October 2004
- Tmnf since March 2008
- CS 1.6 since 2007
- Wsw since June 2008
- COD4 since August 2008
- Quakelive since 2010
- BF Heroes since November 2009
- WoW since july 2009
- Brink since May 2011
- xonotic - 2012
- Ravaged 2012
- Nexuiz 2012
- League of Legends September 2012
- Shootmania May 2012
- Firefall December 2012
- CS:GO December 2012
- Overwatch 2017

Kind of player : iseebehindwalls / I can hear anything

Previous Enemy Territory Teams :

France Folken
France evl
France Locky
France Narco
France jau
France menjah
France Tefal
France Aero
France Nc3r
France mistfits
France odr
France Ryuk

France melo
France skynet
France Provok
France soma
France moushou
France uzeh
France evl

France FolkeN
France jau
France Arnold_Layne
France evl
France Azaa
France Odr

some 2weeks teams like : Europe normality, Europe hakuNa
Sweden Tites
Germany Kevji
France evl
Slovenia Aniq3
Germany eujen

Sweden Tites
Poland Elviss
France Luis
France evl
Germany znArk
Israel blitzz

Slovenia Aniq3
Germany BloOdy

Spain meth0je
Spain redeu
France evl
France MTZZ
France Luis
Spain extatic /Spain typical

Netherlands braun (c)
Germany genezis
Denmark brad / Germany warlord
France evl
Belgium sylvester / Germany hAMMER
Belgium brCh

Italy nevee
France evl
Germany hAMMER <3
France er4z
Germany v1oletz
Europe tba

Finland Milu


France Bowler
France isoh
France htaiss
France NoX
France evl
France niss
France Hathor

France diabolo (c)
France ralaoups

France convct
France evl
France MTZZZ
France Luis


France] evl (cl)
France jAu
France gast
France kim
France krypton
France YozZ
France exteh
France simoon
France Akraxx
France] momo


image: be leito
image: be aieuh
image: be xAv
image: ch sCred
France medine
France KDL
France pulp
France invi
France k1ruaa
France uzeh
France k2k
France yoyo
France DooZ
France evl
France karnaj


Line Up[/i]

image: fr f3nr!s (cl)
image: fr Sunny (lig)
image: fr narco
image: fr mtz
image: fr evl
image: fr capo
image: fr gast
image: fr Luis
image: fr ezz


image: fr evl (cl)
image: fr Nudge (cl)
image: fr Dudinsky
image: fr yamip6
image: fr Cash
image: fr J3r3m
image: fr nNice


image: fr beqs (cl)
image: fr tzbq
image: fr evL
image: fr ussx
image: fr jpth
image: fr siew (busted)
image: fr Dudinsky

Europe :

image: fr ewaz (busted)
image: fr Tico
image: fr progz (busted)
image: fr evl
image: ch Dezix (cl) (busted)
image: fr Magnum (busted)
image: fr Muse
image: pl voiler

Frop has just deleted your journal


CLEAN Player
Captain of team France nord pas de calais (pro captain) for 3 seasons
League ET-FR. division beta with France CBZ
Division 2 Esl Summer Cup 6o6 with Europe eLogic
ESL Div3 3o3 with France Distinct
CFET Div1 with France 3F
CDR 3rd edition with France NPDC
Potos Cup with France 3F
CB SummerCup 7thLeague with France 3F
place noBra!n.cup 5v5 with Europe quaco
Clanbase 6v6 ladder for 4 days with Europe quaco
Clanbase 5v5 ladder with Europe quaco for 2 months
evu.cup 5 - Fourth league with Europe quaco
--> played oc premier until 1st round of playoffs with Europe quaco
Clanbase Duel 4th division @ Quakelive

6th with France X.et at Fragland 4 in Paris

Cybsum Qualifier
Adroits Cup
Games-Tournament Cup
ESL Gamescom Qualifier #3
ESWC Qualifier #3
ESL 3on3 Beta Cup Elite #4
ESL 3on3 Elite Beta Cup #21
ESL 3on3 Beta Cup Elite #16
ESL Siège 5on5 Beta Cup #1

9th @ Gamescom
ESWC France
9th @ ESWC World
HF Lan

ESL FFA Alienware Qualifier #2