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http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/nl.gif[/img] Team jESUS (2008)]
image: nl nickeR
image: nl Ney
image: nl viLe
image: nl sjhozda
image: nl sQx
image: nl Wazari
image: nl synthic
image: nl mAxi

Played OC 2nd devision.

http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/eu.gif[/img] Team signum (2008)]
image: gb Munchies
image: gb Splodge
image: gb Bulld0g
image: gb Jizz
image: gb Dwayne
image: cr Beansy
image: fr Menth
image: nl mAxi


http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/eu.gif[/img] Team g.spot (2007/2008)]
image: ee couchor - Joosep Krüger
image: de finkregh - David Klischat
image: pt mAv - Flavio Amorim
image: fi moff - Mikko Mourujärvi
image: pl jadol - Michal Jadczak
image: nl maxi - Björn Beerendonk
image: ee Electricity - Eerik Purgel
image: gb Emortal - Brian

#g.spot was sponsored by #SkillLess Multigaming

http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/nl.gif[/IMG] seriouZ-Gaming (2007/2008)]
image: nl KmkZ
image: nl Maxi
image: nl Supah
image: nl Viruzz
image: nl Vane
image: nl Rody
image: nl Aracon
image: nl Bolle
image: nl Legend
image: nl Aapi
image: nl Dino
image: be phan


http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/eu.gif[/img] Team Fightclub (2006/2007)]
image: cy fugg
image: nl maxi
image: be m4xi
image: se zaF
image: de dAve
image: nl kmkZ
image: gb Conn
image: nl Vane
image: be savage
image: pl spooz
image: gb X4jp
image: ee jyri
image: fi Infi
image: de resu
image: ee friokir
image: fi jeti
image: pl mume
image: fi moff
image: it scofield
image: ee couchor


http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/pl.gif[/IMG] Nitrogenium]

image: pl spooz
image: nl maxi
image: ee couchor
image: de finkregh
image: ee friokir
image: se duckass
image: ee kollane
image: ee jyri


http://www.gamestv.org/images/flags/ee.gif[/IMG] Planc.ee]
image: nl maxi
image: ee couchor
image: de finkregh
image: ee friokir
image: se duckass
image: ee kollane
image: ee jyri


In the scene
- You want to see my hello?
- The best CC5 moments ever!

My first bust and not even a cheater bust but a fag bust!
My second bust with out picture![/i]]
^pala on 19/06/08, 06:05:02
potty i wanna fuck u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Potty here is the prove i maked you famous with your ass on crossfire!

image: nl (Because, I love him.. and pimped this profile!)

#re-play at mirc
fcmaximus at xfire
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Personal achievements:
For coming on earth @ 02 january 1989
For dave a.k.a. frinkregh for helping me with my profile!
For being the first one who love's bulld0gs nipples!
For busting the first gay on crossfire!Potty!!!!

Gaming achievements:
#sun-cup 3rd February with #g.spot
#sun-cup 24th February with #g.spot'sL
Team Victory Cup with #havoc
FC-Cup with #fightclub
GraphicsGeForce nVidia EN8600GT
MouseLogitech G5