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Ex Clans:

image: de Blacksquad

image: de Non Plus Ultra

http://www.crossfire.nu/images/flags/de.gif[/IMG] nWo-Esports]

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image: de Grashalm Team Captain
image: de *O*Dog
image: de Likan
image: de FreeZer(now SexPistol)
image: be Quinne
image: at Crawler
image: at Athene
image: at FanaT!C
image: de Phoeni><

http://www.crossfire.nu/images/flags/at.gif[/IMG] cdap.osQl]

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image: at Tramal Team-Captain
image: tr RazZah
image: de Rah-Q
image: de H@ngi
image: de SexPistol
image: at Tamerlan

http://www.crossfire.nu/images/flags/de.gif[/IMG] nroX.de]

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image: de FreeZ Team Captain
image: de bLaNe
image: de diZz
image: de heades
image: de Martini
image: de SexPistol
image: de aAAl


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Germany GrasHa1m Team-Manager
Germany SexPistol Team-Captain
Germany foRtis
Germany Quasimoto
Germany Sanji
Germany Kraft
Germany wnb


Current Clan:

http://www.crossfire.nu/images/flags/de.gif[/IMG] Team-ZodiacX]

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Germany bnz1 Team-Manager
Germany mAurice Team-Captain
Germany TBA
Germany PreZ
Germany predi
Germany jiGGa

z0r.de Loop #141

z0r.de Loop #133

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Team WoD Infantry Cup 5on5 with Team P!nk
CPUAMD 64 X2 Dual Core 6000+ 3GHz+
MotherboardAsus K8V SE
Memory2 GB
GraphicsATI Radeon HD 4600
SoundOn board
MonitorSamsung SyncMaster 940w
KeyboardEdnet Office :D
MouseRoccat Kova
MousepadSteelseries QCK
HeadsetSharkoon Rush
ConnectionDLS 32000