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Practising my lightning gun,and plasma gun.

ET rubbishness


My awful stats

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Statistics for most used weapons
image: ROCKET_v2009100201.0 Rocket Launcher 43% accuracy 53% use.
image: LIGHTNING_v2009100201.0 Lightning gun 25% accuracy 8% use.
image: RAILGUN_v2009100201.0 Rail Gun 34% accuracy 8% use.
image: PLASMA_v2009100201.0 Plasma Gun 18% accuracy 9% use.

image: ttl_favorites_v2009100201.0
image: none_v2009100201.0 Arena: Campgrounds Redux.
image: CA_v2009100201.0 Game Type: Clan Arena.
image: ROCKET_v2009100201.0 Weapon: Rocket Launcher.

image: 410690

{Funny Quotes}[/u]]EstoniaduNzy: i'm drinking some shit ass Estonia limonade which tastes like piss.
Response to duNzy by EnglandXedos: hope the bubbles get brains, jump outta the bottle and strangle the fuck outta ya weedy ass fuckface....
CongoMind: going to fuck some girls.
Response to MindCongo by Latviazivs: like ... save picture as in your own naked pics folder?

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Funny Random pics
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Download Naruto Shippuuden Movie 1 [urlnew=]here[/url]
Download Naruto Shippuuden Movie 2 [urlnew=]here[/url]

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in de hartverscheurende desillusie
van volledige onverenigbaarheid
ligt de mooist denkbare wereld blakend
op een hoogte die ik net niet kan betreden

het onvermogen om torenhoge vergezichten
resoluut in hart en ziel dwingen
lichamelijk te versmelten
met de eeuwige tijdelijkheid der dingen

dansend als een vlam het vuur te zijn
waaiend in alle levende kleuren van de wind
zwevend door de regen de mist te ademen

dat was al zo
voordat jouw woorden mijn ziel bestempelden

dit waren reeds mijn vormeloze gedachten
voor ik ze in jouw handschrift
met mijn diepste ziel zag verenigen

slechts even
maar wel met een oogopslag

en nog steeds is het niet te beschrijven.


QuakeLive Skill Levels:

Clan Arena : skill level 44/100.
TDM: 65/100.
CTF: 43/100.
Duel: coming soon ?/100.
FFA: 65/100.
--dont know if they are realy correct but it say in serverinfo on skillrating--

Roses are red Violets are Blue but my Love will Destroy all of you.
Skill low-- in quakelive come own me in quakelive :(
People actualy enjoyed speccing me in clanarena on 24-11-2010 in the evening cause I put up a show with rocket launcher bouncing against walls and flying through maps.
When I played quakelive and then play ET I feel like im in slowmotion land.
Netherlands Most quakelive Clan Arenas in one day till now 18 Clan Arena wins.

Crossfire is such a cool place, When you spent a year in crossfire I can guarantee you will be in a mental institute in no time

Netherlands Lowest skill ever imaginable ^.~

Quakelive best friends
Netherlands qlq Devilsbiitch, Skalpel1985, pszemo69, Chengis1, Gash smasher, qlq xPrincessx qlq Blackmoonchen and some more.

Quakelive Clan(s)
Clan Gah.
Now Clan QLQ aka Quakelive Queens.

Quakelive wins ~.^
Netherlands 91 Free For All wins ~.^
Netherlands 45 Duel wins ^.~
Netherlands 1178 Clan Arena wins ~.^
Netherlands 181 Team Death Match wins ~.~
Netherlands 5 Capture the flag wins ~.^
Netherlands reached the 1000 wins in quakelive ^.~ You can definitly write homeless about that.

made lithium90ftw dont know if its the one of ET ragequit in tdm.

I'm addicted to music that makes you feel good. I don't get angry music and I loathe music for the sake of money. This is my music. Taking you to your own world, where everything is like a movie at how perfect it is. The impossible perfection that only you can see, where you are completely at peace with everything and you forget yourself. Where you are, who you are. You're just a formless consciousness, at one with the happy music.

trance (the word) by itself does not have to mean gentle it means to be

1 A hypnotic, cataleptic, or ecstatic state.

2 Detachment from one's physical surroundings, as in contemplation or daydreaming.

3 A semiconscious state, as between sleeping and waking; a daze.

dictionary definition

i find the best trance to be the stuff that makes me want to move and feel as if i have left the physical world or view it in a different way. music is powerful stuff and can be the best drug

De papaverplant Het zijn mooie sierbloemen om in de tuin te hebben. Ze moeten wel veel zon hebben en weinig wind, anders krijg je erg kale bloemen.

Half crippled from birth...Growing old...Envying the young...Hands no longer able to hold the violin I have played quietly all my life...Seeing the eyes of this blue wolf looking toward the sky as if seeking answers to questions he and I do not know to ask...And the bitter irony that I have long used the name Wounded Wolf in my writings ...We are lost kindred, this animal and I... I gaze upon him, listen to this music, and still I wonder to myself, "Why am I crying?"... From The Wounded Wolf.

als ik een knal wil horen laat ik wel een steen op de grond vallen of zo ;)

Why so serious? I just had a lolgasm!

Oooh zat je daar konijn! onder het kozijn, Ik zag je niet door het gordijn :)

Dit is Zoveel humor waar is die tijd gebleven s'morgens voor de buis stiekem met een zak paprika chips,lekker pulkend in je neus om daarna trots je zelfgemaakte beeldje van snot zondag s'middags aan je oma laten zien.
Stond ook zo leuk... op de vensterbank,wel uit de zon zetten oma anders smelt tie.

Ik doe ook altijd een schildpad na door een badkuip groen te schilderen en op mn rug te binden....
kan best leuk zijn hoor...

The saddest but most epic thing I came across in my life was the interwebs but little did I know was that the interwebs slowly took over and destroyed my life, it's like a newspaper that never ends sigh -__-.

/!\New trance scroll down in the textbox/!\
[Amy greets >_<fire with]
/\_/\ /\
/ o o \ \ \
/ Y \/ /
/ \/
\ | | | | /

Creature from: I dont know.

The only ET movie that impressed me much was mAx movies.

/!\Coming soon: new trance music./!\

I have less hits then I can count on my fingers.

If you can play a game very well your good but if you can play other games just as good your a amazing talent.

Als je de televisie uitzet kijk je dus niet.
Gooi dan maar snel je computer uit het raam, ren naar een grot en ga vanuit daar je biefstuk maar eens proberen te vangen..
I think when thats possible in the history of time.
Skill : Carefull fragile!
Almost no one likes me.
Netherlands Had invitation by quakelive clan luv uk topclan if I wanted to join them.
Netherlands rocket multiple times luv multiporn from a uk topclan in clan arena and one time even with plasma gun while he was lightning me with lightning gun his comment on plasmaing him: zomg.

Netherlands For being unbelievable bad at quakelive, Thats what quakelive makes interesting for me ^.~

Netherlands For having worst rocket aim of all in quakelive :3

Netherlands Once got in clanarena 5 frags with rocket launcer with 1 hp left
and the last alive, Shame I dont have a demo of it ^.~

NetherlandsAmy : ill join you. quakelive Devilsbiitch : no lol i have noobs on my team
i dont need another pro on the other :P:PNetherlands
Netherlands #wTF.landofv on quakelive said your are ever the are a great player.Netherlands
Netherlands Someone said I have a nice strafe in quakelive ~.^
Netherlands Another one said I have nice strafe in quakelive but it looks weird :}
Netherlands Captain darling [quakelive]: Are you using cheatcodes? Amy1986: no by training very hard everyday in practise mode for hours.
Playing in: Clan GAH is dead sadly :( need new newb clan.

Netherlands Tace can beat me with no effort at all in duel ^.~

ET Awards
Netherlands Knifed Ov!e.
Netherlands Knifed Fl0cky multiple times.
Netherlands Knifed Pretty Ricky.
Netherlands Knifed Secret Ninja.
Netherlands Knifed f0nix.
Netherlands Knifed mAxzy.
Netherlands Knifed poule.
Netherlands Knifed Poulo po.
Netherlands Knifed Quiz.
Netherlands Knifed Yella.
Netherlands Knifed Kartez.Wck
Netherlands Knifed KeKe.
Netherlands Knifed Koala.
Netherlands For killing 1 or 2 people with mp40 and a knifekill.
Netherlands Knifed Tefal.
Netherlands Knifed Kingsize on afk :(
Netherlands Knifed eg0.
Netherlands Knifed kOxx<3marine.
Netherlands Knifed Daffz.
Netherlands Knifed KaKa.
Netherlands Knifed er4z.
Netherlands Knifed chu!l.
Netherlands Knifed Larotic.
Netherlands Getting two knifekills at once.
Netherlands Knifed acemel.
Netherlands Knifed S4ga.
Netherlands Knifed omfg.
Netherlands Knifed two people in 2/3 seconds.
Netherlands Knifed random riflezz.
Netherlands Knifed dj_pedrito in close combat while some has hard time shooting/aiming on him/her..and disconnected after I knifed him/her in one blow with stamina.
Netherlands Knifed lags suxx.Netherlands
Netherlands Knifed Sineg + Knifed sineg in a close combat battle first shooting him and then knife him with a quick spin.Netherlands
Netherlands Knifed yINyANG* after that he said pro.Netherlands
Netherlands Knifed radiator. Netherlands
Netherlands Knifed Panda when he was climbing a ladder on braundorf Netherlands.
Netherlands Knifed Nesuri.' Netherlands
Netherlands Knifed Solomon on afk :(
Netherlands Knifed Optik in close combat from the front Netherlands
Netherlands Knifed El Duck Netherlands
Netherlands Knifed 100|kek3rd0m# in close combat Netherlands
Netherlands Knifed highmedic? in close combat and when on lag Netherlands
Netherlands Knifed rAp in close combatNetherlands
Netherlands Knifed emelianko on afk Netherlands
Netherlands Knifed Erza Netherlands
Netherlands Knifed Xazx Netherlands
Netherlands Knifed no more Netherlands

ET Awards from the past or things I forgot to say
Netherlands Played together on Dp0w server with Jinosta and other people I cant remember.
Netherlands Played on Dp0w those days while hitboxes were messed up and got mostly every round around 100/120 headshots..if you dont believe me I upload demos of me, If I can find them..
Netherlands Was level 1 user protected player on u|k public and after also for a few weeks/months admin which level I dont know anymore, Maybe ask goomis or English for this.

Crossfire removings considering buddy list
NetherlandsSHAREd removed you as a buddy! 22 November 09,15:46 and many more just cause, Thats the way it is.

More Et Stuff to share which you didnt know about
Netherlands For holding back for a year in 2008 cause else my aim would be too sick and I hate whine but im starting to get over it now.
Netherlands mAes for comparing me to being the same as Mystic in aiming
Netherlands mAes for saying I can have sick aim or have sick aim
Netherlands H2G for saying I was kk goed in u|k public server
Netherlands Tace for being best friend on internet including Goomis , English , Panda and many more.
Netherlands Tace for having most humor I have ever seen in a person, And most fun moments I have done in games with Tace.

Things about the crossfire user mAus
Netherlands For having a nice aim.
Netherlands For playing for attention whore on crossfire cause everybody always says mAus or has mAus in their profile cause they replyed to him/her.
Netherlands For getting sick of always hearing stuff in journals about mAus.
Monitorphilips flatscreen 17 inch.
MouseRazer Mamba on 5600 dpi.
MousepadIcemat Second Edition steelseries.
HeadsetSennheiser PX 100.