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Current Team

Germany disQonnect

* Germany Warlord
* Germany Blo0dy
* Germany kEvji
* Russia eryuz
* Italy r4inb0w
* Austria SHOESiii (cl)

Ex Teams[/b]

Belgium OVERLOAd

* Belgium vila (cl)
* Belgium lio
* Belgium mesq
* Belgium jetro
* Belgium zeto
* Belgium acid
* Belgium Kevin

* Austria shoes (tl)

Germany roYality

* Poland ska (cl)
* Poland Jadol
* Finland sandi
* Finland riZla
* Finland amgg
* Germany fabuloz
* Belgium POEPj
* Austria Sho)es

Germany Power Maurer Clan Germany - PMCG

* Germany $howtime (cl)
* Germany humM3L
* Germany faux
* Germany murDa
* Germany heldor
* Italy ambOs
* Austria Sho)es

Europe 8BiTS

* Malta Killerboy
* Belgium PhiL
* Belgium nakato
* Portugal surreal
* Germany kuraigu
* Austria Sho)es (cl)

Russia Team -[x]- #Force-gaming

* Russia jago
* Russia joke
* Russia 4live (cl)
* Germany stownage
* Germany Bl4d3
* Austria Sho)es

Europe Team -[x]-

* Poland Jadol
* Poland ultimATE
* Finland sandi
* Estonia infect
* Germany fabuloz
* Germany woDka
* Austria Sho)es (cl)

United Kingdom signum

* United Kingdom potty cl)
* United Kingdom Munchies
* United Kingdom Bulld0g
* United Kingdom speaker
* Netherlands Allir
* Netherlands mAxi
* Austria Sho)es

Germany noTeamplay

* Germany powelcheck (cl)
* Germany sNoOp
* Germany aSmOgAn
* Germany vaGgi
* Germany niGht
* Netherlands Paintrain
* Netherlands Lasher
* Austria Sho)es

Germany Fanta

* Germany fabuloz (cl)
* Germany boNg
* Germany woDka
* Poland fuxor
* Netherlands ParRa
* Austria Sho)es

Austria violating - PoR

* Austria DerGraf (cl)
* Austria unkrAUT
* Austria benji
* Germany Metatron
* Sweden A!my
* Netherlands j#nky
* Netherlands j#ker

rAmoZ: in 2 Minuten haben sie respawn

Warlord: ma puttana du noob

Germany Shoutouts

Germany stownage *One of the nicest guy i know *
Germany krucio * Best Panzer ever *
Germany kReSti * Headshots only *
Germany Bl4d3 * One of the best ET player *
Germany flopjehZ+ * Best rifle *
Germany coLdicE *Best cup owner *
Germany PZY-Q *Best Leader ever *
Germany Quarki *Best Leader ever *
Germany r4INB0W *Nice ingame leader *
Germany Rest of AoW *Best Team *
Germany timen *Really nice guy *
Germany eryuz *I love to play with him in Team *
Germany Blo0dy * Talk really much *
Germany blaze *Play ET since a little time and pwn me *
Germany zabija *My big brother *
Germany butzi *Chilled guy *
Germany boNg *just <3 *

Germany Best mates

Germany Warlord *Best guy i ever meet in ET *
Germany Techniker *1on1 owner and rly nice guyCurrent Team


No warlord, no ET4Me!!! I miss you!!!! Come back!!!

Tac2 Cup II (overdoze)
Iks.et (overdoze)
Elite spots (uberpwner
Good Cup 1on1 (Sho)es)
Insecure VI (disQonnect)
OnedAycup VII (disturbia)
Showdowland Tournament (epsylon)
Elvone (orly)
1on1 Tournament IV (Sho)es)

Pornostyle I (uP)
Pornostyle III (uP)
ReLiC Tournament (evo7)
Evolution (Impure)
Global][II] (MixXed)
Phobia II (Bunny)
Pwnd.et (Bunny)
Tac2 I (Bunny)
Getskill Tournament (exiliCa)

Expect VI 2.55 (PoR)
Phobia IV (Bunny)
Phobia II (Bunny)
Cancer 1on1 (Sho)es)
Luger.Cup (uP)
EpicFail 2.55 (MixXed)
Rifle 1on1 II (Sho)es)
ET-Cup (3er)
Knifeonly (impure)
creative II (scorch& criatura)

/4th Relic VI (sNoOp& aSmOgAn)

I've played..

+ Open Cup Premier Leauge 6on6 Germany roYality
+ Open Cup Premier Leauge 3on3 Belgium bNd
+ Open Cup 2nd Division 6on6 Europe Team -[x]-
+ Summercup Premier Leauge Europe vINDICATE
+ Summercup 2nd Division Europe Team -[x]-
+ Open Cup 5th Division Europe ego.et
+ Liga4Fun Final 3on3 Austria violating
+ Liga4Fun Final 6on6 Austria violating
Operating Systemlol