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I'm bored so I'll just type something about myself here! Woohoo, I guess this will make everyone happy!

Anyway, I spend my day time with going to school, watching some tv and listening to music on my iPod.

After I got tired of doing all that stuff, I jump behind my laptop and search terrible forums and community sites such as,,, and

Well, something about my history in Call of Duty gaming then! I started playing Call of Duty late 2003. Played for a load of unknown clans which I forgot the name of. Later I went into CoD:UO scene (crappy game, I know, I know..) and started playing rifles only (don't laugh at me!). I was one of the more famous CoD:UO rifle players (quit laughing!) and was captain for the UK side on a small hosted Nations tournament.

Then I got sick of that crappy game and went on to Call of Duty 2. I started playing for MyPleasure (which I played for on CoD:UO too), which were later known as Lowbirdz, overKill and (after I left) Unzomath. Then I formed perfect6esports with some friends from CoD:UO, later we became Gamax, which had a pretty known BF2 team. My only really known team I played for was Redsky (lineup: wizinium, dan1z, mean, shadzaj, dutch & me), where I was captain of the team. After leaving that because of intern problems, I moved on playing with some friends for Ninjatechnique.

Then the trouble started, my pc crashed! Oh no, what should I do now! There wasn't mutch I could do. No money. So I moved on with my life and focussed on school, sports and friends. But finally I confinced my parents to buy some new parts my good old matey! So around Christmas my pc was up and running again! And what was even better; I got Call of Duty 4 for Christmas!! I had a great two weeks, but then, my nightmare struck AGAIN! The remaining parts of my old pc, turned out to be terrible!

So now I'm here with only my laptop and a pc in my closet. My parents probebly won't buy a new one so I guess I'll have to get a job and spend my time writing news articles for Four-Kings and DailyCOD, posting useless stuff on forums and doing some managemental jobs Random-Gaming.

Thanks for reading!

Roald "roychez" van Buuren

#DailyCOD [at] Quakenet

#4Kings [at] Quakenet

#Random.Gaming [at] Quakenet

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News writing
[flag]uk[/flag] Four-Kings
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[flag]fi[/flag] Random-Gaming
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Warcraft 3
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Call of Duty
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Call of Duty 2
[flag]eu[/flag] Redsky-Gaming
[flag]uk[/flag] Team-Coolermaster
[flag]fi[/flag] Ninjatechnique
[flag]de[/flag] Gamax
[flag]nl[/flag] Perfect6esports

Call of Duty 4
[flag]eu[/flag] enlightened Gaming

*Note: Italic are my current jobs/teams


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