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ESL Sunshine Cup vol.2
Warleagues Season X Group Echo
CB Summer Cup 5on5 Second Division Group H
CB Opencup Premier Group B
+ some Liga4fun Achievements

Random One Day Cups:
Nobody is Perfect cup vol.1 (1v1) vol.1 (3v3)
Mentiz-Knifecup vol.1 (4v4)
Increased Night Cup (6v6)
Tukis Cup (3v3)
Infinity Cup (3v3)
Special People Cup (6v6)
Art of Wolfenstein Cup vol.02 (3v3)
Art of Wolfenstein Cup vol.03 (3v3)
Qualitycup vol.2 (3v3)
Outlaw Cup vol.1 (3v3)
darts-team cup vol.2 (3v3)
randomZ Cup (6v6)
surviveCup (6v6) cup 11 (3v3)
Retrocup vol.2 (6v6)
iMmi's 3vs3 cup vol.10 (3v3)
Noname Cup vol.2 (3v3)
uNwiseCup (5v5)
Coldfire X-MAS Northpolecup vol.2 (3v3)
Börek Örnek Cup Volume 1 (3v3)
c4L sunday cup vol.2 (6v6)
wHINECup (3v3)
Increased Pistol Cup vol.1 (3v3) cup vol.1 (6v6)
cdap Cup vol.3 (6v6)
iKs-Balkan strikes back Cup (6v6)
Infinity Cup vol.1 (3v3)
CROW.cup vol.7 (3v3)
oldschoolmaps cup (3v3) cup (3v3)
Infinity Night Cup vol.8 (3v3)
Glitz Cup vol.2 (6v6)
randomZ Cup vol.2 (6v6)
Good Week Start Cup vol.1 (6v6) (3on3)
+ some i forgot

played Enemy Territory (2005 - 2010)
Germany {LoW} / =SOS=
Germany nobody is perfect
Germany lost soldiers
Europe (Razzah,Flopjehz,cRz,Jinosta,Dezz,Poepj,Defcut,Sgt.Pepper)
United Kingdom

(Hvk,Bigsmoke, Fab, cRz,Eirik,Tyyrd,Mayni,noodle,finkregh, fragma, perfo, Kirark,fredd,Karrde,crew,homer)


Estonia GLITz eSports
Germany roYality eSports


Europe floration
Skandinavia RETROTARDs
Baden-Württemberg Team Baden-Württemberg
Baden-Württemberg Team Stuttgart

also played some HoN (early Beta 2009 + DOTA experience - now)
with Poland (Krein,Klejf,cRz,braindisable,ziutaz)
We played ESL Opening Cup

active / mixing around (cless)



played OC Premier Division
played ESL Premier Division
played WL Premier Division

ESL Sunshine Cup vol.2
Crossfire Contribution Awards 2008/1 " Forum Comments
#123 lots of random cups

participated at Germany Xbox 360 Homelan - Fifa `09
participated at Germany Hoheneiche.Lan `09 in Eschwege
participated at Germany Medal of Honor Lan `10 near Stuttgart

1on1 Xbox360 Fifa`09
Free For All MoH (Had 30 Kills more than the 2nd)
CPUIntel Core i7 920 (2.6ghz)
Memory6 GB DDR3-Ram
Storage1 TB
GraphicsNvidia Geforce GTX 260
Operating SystemWindows Vista 64 bit
MonitorSAMSUNG SyncMaster 730 BF
MouseRazer Copperhead
MousepadRevoltec Lightpad
HeadsetSennheiser PC 151
ConnectionVersatel DSL 6000 fastpath