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No koekoek & Online Only LoL

Ooh aah Cantona!

WarCraft II bnet edition

7th ladder euro (90% ratio win)

Starcraft II

naablets ladder image: Ticon_small

image: beer Santé à toi camarade maxuh image: beer


Return to Castle Wolfenstein

¬ Battle for Berlin with imb3ciL
¬ ubercup with tardz
+ onedaycups

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

¬ CB Ladder 3on3 with TWK
¬ CB Ladder 6on6 with sth
¬ European Allstars III with west europe
¬ European Allstars IV with west europe
¬ European Allstars 2011 with south europe
¬ ESL EMS V with dickheads
¬ CB SummerCup 2009 with LAROJA
¬ 1daycup 18 6on6 with eZ
¬ tvl-cup 6on6 with eZ
¬ FrenchLigue with dESIRE
¬ Eurocup XIII with Team-ND
¬ ET-CuP 19 3on3 with TWK
¬ proPlay ET cup with snYpe.ee
¬ Warleagues Premier Season 6 with Team-ND
¬ Be-gameserver ET cup with snYpe.ee
¬ Wolfenstein Extrem cup 2 with snYpe.ee
¬ CB SummerCup 2010 2on2 with frogz
+ onedaycups

Nominated rambo award 2006
France Team France player & captain

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

¬ XP challenge 0.1
¬ ESL major series french quali with Creativ`
¬ LFETQW with Creativ`
¬ ESL 4on4 inf OpenCup with Creativ`
¬ ESL 4on4 inf WinterCup with Creativ`

France Team France player