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Current Team(s):[/u]

#outlaw wnbPro (6on6)]

Germany Techniker
Germany ramoZji
Germany wIZZ
Germany Kauby
Germany sAAANTA
Switzerland sasq

Poland sLothh
Germany 3quaL

Team 187.et (6on6)]

only backup

currently nothing :]
mixed only

Ex-Teams: [/u]

Germany wild-gamerz (member) ???
Europe team RTA (Leader and Founder) 2006
Germany gDe (Member) 2006
Switzerland SFP (Warteam leader and Orga) 2007
Europe minus-gaming beginners (member) 2007
Europe minus-gaming nonameavailable (member) 2007
Germany tezla-gaming (member) 2007/2008
qMEBACK gaming (Squadleader) 2008]image: qmebacklogoix5

6on6 Squad[/u]

Switzerland sasq (Leader)
Germany Techniker (Warorga)
Germany heArt
Germany frozen
Germany h3ro
Germany bladeZ
Germany chrizz

187.et Team liquid v2 (member) 2008/2009]
Germany Silent
Germany mLi
Germany Lazarus
Switzerland sasq
Germany H0ud!n!
Germany DJ Smile

Germany slifer
Germany butzi

Greetz goes to:[/u]

Germany ownd (for being a good i-net friend)
Germany kanji (same as ownd)
Germany aki (for giving me the chance to start again in ET)
Germany whiskey (for being a good gamer)
Germany msq (for teaching me much in ET)
Germany nicon
Germany hauFi (for being gay/löööv)
Germany Fronti ( Quote: omg die Mine hat nen Aimbot)
Germany endfroggy
Switzerland sixty (for playing with me and being a good RL friend)
Switzerland erbsli (for playing a long time with me and being one of my best RL friends)
Switzerland gifty (for being a high-skilled swiss guy :>)
Germany joker (das schaffe ma noch, we habe ts probs :> )
Germany shizo (diktator number 1 <3 )



official Achievements [/u]
[] L4F 6on6 Groupstage 2009 with Germany187.et
[] critical-error 3v3 cup #1 with Europe newguidftw
[7th] ESL Summer 07 Group C with Europe minus'
CPUIntel Pentium 4 3.02 GHz
Memory1024 MB DDR-Ram
Storage170 GB intern, 80 GB extern
GraphicsGeForce 8600 GT
Operating SystemXP Home
MonitorACER AL1715
MouseRazer Copperhead
MousepadX-Board V2
HeadsetLogitech Premium Stereo Headset