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You have been banned from Crossfire.
3on3 Exitium OneDayCup 2010 with exorcists - crAsh, ElANiUS, TRAKTOR
esl fall league 5on5 2010
banned from gamestv.org "Reason: Inappropriate image" successful trolling
place 2009 summercup 8th - excubia team (curtis, resp, wizrox, wizzax, zajac, traktor, kevorkian)
place gamepark riflecup - prize 120GB (was quite good back then :D) barracuda HDD
place CZET cup #3 - kysna's team (kysna, traktor, humros, hyper, d.c., mygun)
place CZET cup #5 - kysna's team (kysna, traktor, plasma, wbcko, d.c., mygun)
place ESL MAJOR series II - qualification - ULTIMATORS (kysna, traktor, plasma, wertyz, death, fr3dy, grego, verbucha, fusion)
CZSK ET Awards 2008 - Best rifle
TosspoT has given you a warning worth 99 points.
CPUintel pentium 4 2.6 ghz
Storage3x something, ~500GB alltogether
Monitor17" LCD
Keyboardcheap shit
Mouselogitech G5
Mousepadcheap 40x40 allsop
Headsetteac 5.1(wallhack)
Connectionlaggy wifi (unhitable tard)