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• name: Stanislaw Walas
• nick: stan
• city: Cracow
• age: 18-08-1986
• university: Agricultural University (Marketing and Management)


• e-mail:
• Gadu-Gadu: 5222548
• IRC: #team-delta
• Xfire: stan86


• PC06 - 1250euro, 10x Creative X-Fi & 10x HS-600
• BFCON06 - 8x Zboard Gaming Keyboard
• [V]Games Party 4on4 LAN - 250euro & 4x Pendrives
• ESL POE BF2 - 5x QPads
• ESL Premium - 12x 10 months
• International LAN Party - 8x BF2142
• Assembly 07 - 8x Creative X-Fi Gamer & 8x HS-400
• TotalGamingLeague - 8x Pendrives
• PC07 - 500euro & 10x HS-600
• BF2142 Polish Lan Party - 425euro
• BF2 Polish Lan Party - 425euro
• Scorched Earth - 1000$, 6x DIAMOND Xtreme Sound 7.1 Card
6x Logitech G15, G9 and G51, 6x PC Gamer(1 year) subs
6x GameRail(6 months) subs, NationVoice(1 year) 20slot Vent srv
• Intel Extreme Championship - 1000$
• VECTRA CUP - 6x GeForce 8800 Ultra and F1 Spyker cap

Clan history

• 62KSC
• Free City
• Voodoo Gaming
• whoCares?
• Team Poland
• Team Delta [active]
• Kocopalony Team
• Greek Operation Forces [active]

Game History

• Battlefield 1942
• Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising
• Battlefield 2
• Battlefield 2142 [active]
• Enemy Territory: Quake Wars [active]


[BF2] [V]Games Party [Poland,Warsow] Voodoo Gaming
[BF2] ESL Infantry 4on4 Opening Cup Team Delta
[BF2] INFANTRY 4fun Voodoo Gaming
[BF2] ESL EU BF2 infantry ladder whoCares?
[BF2142] Team Poland BF2142 elim. Team Delta
[BF2142] Clanbase infantry ladder Team Delta
[BF2142] ESL Conquest Spring Cup Team Delta
[BF2142] ESL Polish infantry ladder Team Delta
[BF2142] Polish Lan Party [Poland,Warsow] Team Delta
[BF2] Polish Lan Party [Poland,Warsow] Team Delta
[BF2142] 2on2 Infantry Cup PL Kocopalony Team
[ET:QW] EMS Sezon I Polish Qualifier Team Delta
[ET:QW] ET: Quake Wars 6on6 EU Ladder with Team Delta
[ET:QW] ETQW Stopwatch 6on6 Poland with Team Delta
[ET:QW] VECTRA CUP [Poland,Radom] with Team Delta

[BF2] Polish Championships 2006 Voodoo Gaming
[BF2] BFCON #06(OPK) [Germany,Alsfeld] Voodoo Gaming
[BF2] ESL Point of Existence 2 Infantry Cup Team Delta
[BF2] BF2 12vs12 OC Spr 2006 Premier League KWA
[BF2142] 4fun Polish infantry cup Team Delta
[BF2142] Clanbase conquest ladder Team Delta
[BF2142] Battlefield 2142 OC Spring 2007 Team Delta
[BF2142] BF2142 INF OpenCup Fall 2007 with GR-OF

[BF2] Eliot Ness Cup Voodoo Gaming
[BF2] Nations Cup(12v12) Team Poland
[BF2142] ESL Infantry Spring Cup Team Delta
[BF2142] Polish Championship 07 Team Delta
[ET:QW] Scorched Earth - TGL demo cup Team Delta
[ET:QW] Intel Extreme Championship Team Delta

4th [BF2142] Assembly 07 WAC [Finland,Tampere] Team Delta
4th [ET:QW] QW BETA Cup Team Delta
CPUIntel Pentium Dual Core E2140 1,6GHz, 1MB L2 Cache
Memory2x Goodram DDR II 1GB 800 MHz GR800D264L5/1G
GraphicsGALAXY 7900GS 256MB 600/1600 Cooler Master 1.2ns
SoundX-Fi Xtreme Music
MonitorSiemens - Nixdorf 17`
KeyboardMedia-tech Genius office
MouseA4Tech X-718
MousepadX-RAY Aqua2
HeadsetSpeed Link Atropos
ConnectionMultimo 1MB