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image: IB5
thx to drv4c

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Retired from playing ET at last!


Belgium Belgium Bartichello
Belgium BlueArmy+
Belgium CRX+
Belgium Gummer+
Belgium Smikkel+
Belgium Snips+

Benelux Belgium Subke+
Belgium St33l+
Belgium Yoda+
Belgium Ac3r+
Belgium Adzoera+
Belgium Bash+
Belgium Bartichello
Belgium Bern+
Belgium Biz+
Belgium BlueArmy+
Belgium Blunt+
Belgium Bolz+
Belgium Cr4sh+
Belgium CRX/Durex+
Belgium Dofke+
Belgium Falc/CheY+
Belgium Firion+
Belgium FMJ+
Belgium Frieza/Nobreak+
Belgium Gummer!+
Belgium Morpheus+
Belgium Poi$on+
Belgium Regeneration+
Belgium Shai'Tan+
Belgium Smikkel+
Belgium ToTTi+

Europe Belgium Napoline+
Estonia xariom
Belgium Invisible

Benelux Belgium Akira+
Belgium Brainsick+
Belgium Aetius+
Belgium Aikon+
Netherlands Bah+
Belgium Bartichello
Belgium Bushi+
Belgium Chigoami image: ico_warn
Netherlands DmasterX image: ico_warn
Belgium Elltoro+
Netherlands G-Linx+
Belgium Ipoz+
Belgium Jacky Brown+
Netherlands Joyride+
Netherlands Jump+
Belgium Kieken+
Belgium Kow+
Netherlands Dio+
Belgium Lo7s+
Belgium Overdrive+ (not bobot)
Belgium Reflect+
Belgium Solun+
Belgium Vamp/Cryo+

Europe Netherlands Barbon
Belgium Bartichello
England Breezy+
Belgium Cimm@ron+
Netherlands Geronimo+
Netherlands Greyfox+
Netherlands Hawk+
Hungary Senti image: ico_warn
Belgium Tripax
Germany Vrael+

Benelux Belgium Dra+
Netherlands DAN+
Belgium Bartichello
Netherlands Frantic+
Netherlands Fro+
Netherlands Izzoke+
Belgium Orthax
Netherlands NFX/jesse
Belgium Porn

Europe Spain Cadaver
Belgium Usutski
Poland Band!t+
Belgium Dav1d
Spain Dr34m+
Spain Flat+
England Foonr+
Netherlands Ligntning
Croatia Mr.Bean+
Belgium Prydz
Croatia Rimi

Europe FLEX e-sports - pstarz

Benelux Belgium Bartichello
Netherlands Izzoke+
Netherlands Fran+
Netherlands Tsk
Netherlands Nfx/jesse
Belgium Chigoami image: ico_warn
Netherlands Fro+
Netherlands Ryan+
Belgium Xajp image: ico_warn

Belgium Belgium P!mp
Belgium Cluster
Netherlands Kitty
Belgium sjco
Netherlands Anzz
Belgium nunca
Belgium bobot
Netherlands Anderson
Belgium Truifel
Belgium Luigi
Belgium Nakato
Belgium BartiChello
Belgium p0rn x
Belgium L4mp +
Belgium glekke x
Belgium communist +
Belgium flasq x
Belgium $eth +
Belgium Nilo +
Belgium extr +
Belgium anaconda x
Belgium blood +

Flanders Flanders Chello
Flanders Dis1

Europe Belgium Brch
Belgium sylvester
Hungary Karrde
Spain CiD
United Kingdom Munchies
United Kingdom Herbal

Belgium p!mp
Belgium Skeiz
Belgium Brch
Belgium Hisedase
Belgium Anaconda
Belgium Strango
Belgium Slut
Belgium I3artichello

Non player history:

Europe ET Open cup 6vs6 and 3vs3 admin: Since 2004 spring
Europe ET Nationscup Admin: since 2005 spring
Europe ET Eurocup Admin: Since 2004 Fall
ET EuroCup XVI (co-sup) With United Kingdom Adacore
ET OpenCup 6vs6 Fall 2007 (co-sup) With Spain Donex
ET NationsCup XI (sup) With Spain Donex
ET EuroCup XVII (sup) With Belgium Koe and England Bulldog
ET Summercup '08 5on5 (Sup) with Germany mUnduS
ET EuroCup XVII (sup) With BelgiumZell
ET NationsCup XII (sup) With Germany mUnduS

ET 2vs2 European Ladder (sup) From December 2007 until September 2008
ET 3vs3 European Ladder (sup) From December 2007
ET 5on5 European Ladder (sup) From September 2008
ET 6on6 European Ladder (sup) From Spetember 2008

Cheat and Abuse
ET C&A supervisor - Received After England Bulldog quit :(
ET C&A co-supervisor - when Malta Killerboy joined up


Malta KiL|3rBoY: im thursty :( feel like having myself a cock brb
KiL|3rBoY: once i drank 2 bears

Europe @Bartichello [22:00] -sBNC: Mon 05 Nov 2007 05:01:39 PM CET nogard|Ixo (~Ixo@81-208-83-250.fastres.net): hi , im nogard's cl .. are you donex?
<@Bartichello> lol
<@Bartichello> :p
<@[CB]doneX> read this
<@[CB]doneX> 20:24:35 <nogard|Ixo> 4-2 nogard i sent the screens but i forgot to wrote the result :)
<@[CB]doneX> 20:24:54 [CB]doneX all the mails I have pending are from today
<@[CB]doneX> 20:25:00 [CB]doneX nothing from yesterday
<@[CB]doneX> 20:25:07 [CB]doneX can you send me it again
<@[CB]doneX> 20:25:19 <nogard|Ixo> yes
<@[CB]doneX> 20:25:23 <nogard|Ixo> 1 minute
<@[CB]doneX> 20:26:04 <nogard|Ixo> is Bartichello@gmail.com your mail address?
<@[CB]doneX> 20:26:33 [CB]doneX no
<@[CB]doneX> 20:26:37 [CB]doneX donex@clanbase.com

Wales (@gtv`angrykid) pfft you belgians
(@Bartichello) :o
(@gtv`angrykid) not quite dutch.. not quite french...
(@Bartichello) you welsh...
(@Bartichello) not quite scotish not quite english
(@Bartichello) :)
(@gtv`angrykid) ow i made myself feel bad :(

Thanks to Donex for all your support :) and all the Crew ofc. Special thanks to Bartichello, his spirit and approach kept me going 3 more months than i wanted to. I take my hat off to him. He is a true pro!

Canada[18:22] anim`: [CB]Bartichello, I'm sorry for any inconvinience I've caused, I'm not going to ask for any mercy or pity, I just want you to realize that you've done your job as admin and stuck to the rules
[18:36] [CB]Bartichello: thx

Netherlands[21:01] @Ins0mnia: Yay I get laid today! Been a month.... needing it by now
[21:01] @Ins0mnia: Only a few hundred pounds but its better than nothing
[21:01] [CB]Killerboy: lol
[21:01] @Ins0mnia: damnit i mean PAID
[21:01] @Ins0mnia: not laid.
[21:02] [CB]Killerboy: lol

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image: bartichello


Graduated and got my Bachelors degree
Wales Ryan Giggs Fanboy
FOM 9.0 ET compo
8th at CDC3 poker tournament
ClanBase Featured Cup: Quakelive Duel Div 9
CPUIntel i5 2500k
MotherboardASUS P8Z68-V/GEN3
Memory4* 2 GB DDR 3 1333
Storage20GB SSD+ 500 GB SATA Intel Smart response + 2 tera HD
GraphicsAsus GTX580
SoundOnboard 7.1 Soundcard
Operating SystemWin 7 64 bit
MonitorBenQ 22" E2200 Series HD
KeyboardLogitech Classic Keyboard 200
MouseLogitech MX518
MousepadRazer Mantis Speed
HeadsetRazer Baracuda HP-1