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<Loekino`mushiii> and these little people
<Loekino`mushiii> like
<Loekino`mushiii> saying
<Loekino`mushiii> nono you wont
<Loekino`mushiii> i was so angry
<Loekino`mushiii> so i ate them abit
<Loekino`mushiii> killed them
<Loekino`mushiii> and then i farted on them
<Loekino`mushiii> so they went away
<Loekino`mushiii> then
<Loekino`mushiii> i wanted to open the door
<Loekino`mushiii> BUT
<Loekino`mushiii> the door wanted to eat me
<Loekino`mushiii> and it said that it was a door and wanted to eat me
<Loekino`mushiii> but i said please man
<Loekino`mushiii> i am naked
<Loekino`mushiii> let me go
<Loekino`mushiii> toilet
<Loekino`mushiii> i will else pee in your face
<Loekino`mushiii> true ^^
<Loekino`mushiii> and he was like
<Loekino`mushiii> Yeah true
<Loekino`mushiii> i dont have hands
<Loekino`mushiii> and then he was like ofc
<Loekino`mushiii> and he opened it
<Loekino`mushiii> and i tried to scare him and said
<Loekino`mushiii> and then he was hoho please mister
<Loekino`mushiii> my ears!
<Loekino`mushiii> and i was in my room
<Loekino`mushiii> but it changed in human tereris
<Loekino`mushiii> and i was only wearing a bikini and these blocks tried to hit me
<Loekino`mushiii> but i was like a ninja and jumped on them
<Loekino`mushiii> but my poor condition was stoping me
<Loekino`mushiii> and then i thought
<Loekino`mushiii> well
<Loekino`mushiii> why not pee here
<Loekino`mushiii> no one will notice
<Loekino`mushiii> and i did my bikini off
<Loekino`mushiii> and while i was trying to pee
<Loekino`mushiii> this door said
<Loekino`mushiii> OH NO YOUNG BOY
<Loekino`mushiii> and he was like stopping me and i said WTF your a door you can stop me since your stuck in the wall
<Loekino`mushiii> and he was like.. ah true
<Loekino`mushiii> but then i needed to go to the toilet really quick
<Loekino`mushiii> so i was in my kitchen finally since the door helped me to get true
<Loekino`mushiii> so
<Loekino`mushiii> i was up at this high tower
<Loekino`mushiii> felt nice <3 sun in the night on me
<Loekino`mushiii> mjammmmm
<Loekino`mushiii> was laying here a bit
<Loekino`mushiii> but i was thinking
<Loekino`mushiii> i am never naked in the sun
<Loekino`mushiii> wont this burn my ass?
<Loekino`mushiii> and my balls :|?
<Loekino`mushiii> then
<Loekino`mushiii> i cant
<Loekino`mushiii> ...
<Loekino`mushiii> touch myself you know
<Loekino`mushiii> with a burned..
<Loekino`mushiii> so
<Loekino`mushiii> then
<Loekino`mushiii> in the kitchen
<Loekino`mushiii> my cat was chiling
<Loekino`mushiii> with a tulband on his head
<Loekino`mushiii> smoking a large huge pipe
<Loekino`mushiii> i said
<Loekino`mushiii> gimme a hit from the.. cat smoke device!
<Loekino`mushiii> and i was trying to smoke it but he said
<Loekino`mushiii> psssst its fake.. just to impress the ladies you know
<Loekino`mushiii> and then all the lady cats were on him
<Loekino`mushiii> and i said
<Loekino`mushiii> niceee your a cool cat
<Loekino`mushiii> and this is also a store in my city
<Loekino`mushiii> he was on his pillow with the lady cats dancing on him
<Loekino`mushiii> i said
<Loekino`mushiii> can i go to the cats toilet?
<Loekino`mushiii> i always wanted to use this
<Loekino`mushiii> and he said sure, i hope that you fit in it
<Loekino`mushiii> So
<Loekino`mushiii> i came here
<Loekino`mushiii> at this thing
<Loekino`mushiii> was abit small but i was in it
<Loekino`mushiii> i told to the cat next to me
<Loekino`mushiii> damn
<Loekino`mushiii> this gray stuff feels shit on your feets
<Loekino`mushiii> how do you cats do this
<Loekino`mushiii> and they told me about the special shoes you can buy from armani-cat
<Loekino`mushiii> so i said nicee
<Loekino`mushiii> i will buy them soon
<Loekino`mushiii> i like this hairy place and you can kick sand over your shit
<Loekino`mushiii> and i said hmm
<Loekino`mushiii> do you have any tactics do do this?
<Loekino`mushiii> i mean
<Loekino`mushiii> hiding your shit
<Loekino`mushiii> and he said
<Loekino`mushiii> lick it
<Loekino`mushiii> then trow sand over it
<Loekino`mushiii> so i did
<Loekino`mushiii> i was licking it abit
<Loekino`mushiii> but he was laughing
<Loekino`mushiii> and it was a joke because i was for the first time there
<Loekino`mushiii> and then he was like sorry d00d, can i buy you some drink
<Loekino`mushiii> i said sure
<Loekino`mushiii> mister cat
<Loekino`mushiii> and he took me to some bar and he was some vip there and took me behind the scenes
<Loekino`mushiii> and he bought some drinks for me
<Loekino`mushiii> and suddenly he sended me some hairy cats to me:|! but i was like hohoho i dont really like it this hairy man
<Loekino`mushiii> sorry
<Loekino`mushiii> he felt abit offended
<Loekino`mushiii> and said
<Loekino`mushiii> yeahyeah damn human
<Loekino`mushiii> and kicked me out with his tail
<Loekino`mushiii> so then i was in my kitchen again
<Loekino`mushiii> i saw the tetris blocks falling down
<Loekino`mushiii> the door being angry
<Loekino`mushiii> my cat fake smoking
<Loekino`mushiii> and it was really.. strange
<Loekino`mushiii> since suddenly like yeah
<Loekino`mushiii> just that
<Loekino`mushiii> and then i was climbing on the blocks
<Loekino`mushiii> yeah
<Loekino`mushiii> you dont need to shit now so you cant shit on me
<Loekino`mushiii> and i told him
<Loekino`mushiii> GTFO YOUR A DOOR
<Loekino`mushiii> but he said okeoke i will eat you
<Loekino`mushiii> so i was caree
<Loekino`mushiii> so he ate me
<HansoO> FIN!
<Loekino`mushiii> but i just fell out at the other side of the door
<Loekino`mushiii> and he said
<Loekino`mushiii> g3g3 i shitted you out bro
<Loekino`mushiii> so i licked shit and became shit at the same night
<Loekino`mushiii> !
<Loekino`mushiii> and produced shit
<Loekino`mushiii> was quite nice feeling
<Loekino`mushiii> so i went upstairs but wtf
<Loekino`mushiii> in harry potters those little people just died
<Loekino`mushiii> but these little people became zombies
<Loekino`mushiii> so i was rly like
<Loekino`mushiii> wtf is this ?
<Loekino`mushiii> please ?
<Loekino`mushiii> they never show this in videos
<Loekino`mushiii> i mean
<Loekino`mushiii> like
<Loekino`mushiii> ctrl alt delte you
<Loekino`mushiii> but they couldnt since i didnt had admin rights
<Loekino`mushiii> so
<Loekino`mushiii> i was smart
<Loekino`mushiii> and just was like
<Loekino`mushiii> yeah well i have a ladder in my pants
<Loekino`mushiii> i will climb up fu
<Loekino`mushiii> and came back to my room
<Loekino`mushiii> and said hoi on irc!

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Quote by thommpolish girls in IRL are just like polish gamers, i just cant hit them

vae-Nemesis: if Belgians were funny
vae-Nemesis: they would be Dutch


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