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.: Current Team :.

/STOP ET -> 12/2009 at ...

>> Previous ET Team : <<


Site : http://www.cpcet.fr/index.php

--> Poulpes Squad

France N!Ko }- Leader poulpes & Co-leader CPC
France momo/pijp
France F@B
France Ryder
France ICK
France NiveK

BU :

France Sunbata
France Ptimino

Cups with France CPC :

Europe ESL Fall 2009, 6o6, Div. 4 (1/4 play-off)
Europe Open-cup fall 2009, 6o6, Div. 4, Groupe E (1/4 play-off)
Europe Summer-cup 2009, 6o6, Div. 10 (final 2-4 vs TAGAPAGA)
Europe Open-cup XIX, 6o6, Div. 6, Groupe G

France EC Cup II, 6o6 (final 4-2 vs SMC war)
France EC Cup II, 6o6, Div 3
France EC Cup, 6o6, Div 2
France EC Cup, 3o3, Div 1


Site : http://daddies-funsquad.fr/
IRC : #D@DD!E$

France BlUeS
France DiSco
France Groove
France Fado
France Gospel
France Soul
Belgium Rai
France Jazzy
France tango
France barok
France Newjack
France Tr@nc3
France Rock n roll
France TeKn0
France AdaGio
France Flamenco
France FolKlO
France PuNk
France FunKy
France House
Belgium Reggae
France R@p

Cups with France D@DD!E$ :

France Boulard Cup 4, Groupe 6


Site : http://nico13700.free.fr/
IRC : #starzz.gaming

StarZz White :

France N!Ko / fondateur et leader
France M@rco
France F@B
France Maltock
France Booba/Durex
France momo
Belgium Mini/Milaz (B.U.)
France Sunbata (B.U.)

Cups with France StarZz :

Europe Open-cup 2008 XVIII, 6o6, Div 4, Groupe D (1/4 playoff)
Europe Open-cup 2008, 6o6, Div 4, Groupe C (1/8 playoff)
Europe Open-cup 2007, 6o6, Div5, Groupe F (1/8 playoff)
Europe Open-cup 2007, 3o3, Div4, Groupe E
Europe Open-cup 2006, 6o6, Div7, Groupe H

Europe eChaoZ Cup CB, Groupe B, 3o3; Div 2.
Europe eChaoZ Cup CB,Groupe C, 6o6; Div 2.

United Kingdom Warleague X, Groupe Delta
United Kingdom Warleague IX, Groupe Charlie
United Kingdom Warleague VIII, Groupe Echo

1/8 Europe Get-skill cup

France CFET 4, 6o6, Div 2
France CFET4, 3o3, Div2 (1/4 finale des play off)
France CFET 3, 6o6, Div 4

France Boulard Cup 5, groupe 1
France Boulard Cup 3, Groupe 2 ( 1/2 des play off)
France Boulard Cup 2, Groupe 2 (1/2 des play off)

France CLET, Div 3
France League-ET, Div 3

16e France Frenchy-cup 2006


France Kickoff
France Atmozfear
France Tagazou
France Coco-fighter
France Mordrak
France Heineken
Belgium Cubixx
France nico13


France nico13 (fondateur)
France Zillpo (fondateur)
France D@T (fondateur)
France Deathstar
France Arno
France Morlock
France High
France Soulstorm
France Foxhound
France Imanol
France Ov3RfloX
France Tchita

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My Movies :

image: movieniko1
By 400hz

image: movieniko2
By m@rco

image: movien!ko3
By Jeffk (but not finish...)

image: fotw13
By Phaloid


CPUcore 2 duo E8500
Memory4 Go DDR II
Storage500 go
GraphicsATI 4870 1go version 2.0
SoundRazer barracuda
Operating SystemWindaub XP pro
Monitor22 pouces
MouseRazer Death Hadder
MousepadRazer Mantis
HeadsetRazer Barracuda
Connection6 Mégas