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I made tapsa&rytypiraattileffatheultimatetrailer!!!1!1

6on6 Finland
Finland Cythonic
Finland Jamzz1
Finland Janne[FIN]
Finland loder
Finland req-
Finland tapsulihihi
Finland ukkeli[/hide]

3on3/2on2 Anonymous
Anonymous julieN
Anonymous miika
Anonymous mikko
Anonymous pikkumatias
Anonymous taavi C
Anonymous uttnas[/hide]

CDC3 Finland
United Kingdom Adacore
Finland Capu
Finland crosby
Finland dan (manager)
Finland ecnuob
Finland roskis
Finland tapsa[/hide]

ex - Finland
Finland 2LAGGY4LIFE / Cythonic
Finland Butcher / Sanda
Finland HardyRah
Finland Iratou
Finland konsti
Finland tapsa[/hide]

ex - Finland
Finland AsTrL
Finland clouver
Finland Cythonic
Finland funkY
Finland HardyRah
Finland Keleksi
Finland Ole*
Finland p0rtrait
Finland Plaz
Finland Sanda
Finland Spirea C
Finland tapsa[/hide]

ex - Finland
Finland Blindi-
Finland cross
Finland enSam
Finland Larg0
Finland mutu
Finland Pasha
Finland tapsa
Finland Xmj C[/hide]

ex - Finland
Finland crosby
Finland cross
Finland Cythonic
Finland doNka
Finland enSam
Finland HardyRah
Finland kAvu
Finland puzzle / tapsa[/hide]

ex - Finland
Finland Apa
Finland doNka
Finland enSam
Finland Kupari C
Finland Luuseri / TaZ
Finland Mikko / crosby
Finland Mind
Finland Morin
Finland NAPSUCCAJ / tapsa
Slovenia noctiferia
Netherlands perforator
Finland Roskis
Finland Ruipperi
Finland Rutmon
Finland Scarce
Finland smokeninja[/hide]

ex - Europe
Finland crAdLe / tapsa
Belgium jERRE
Belgium romAn
Poland saM C
Netherlands Sector
Germany sHiZo
Belgium Simme
Slovenia Spike[/hide]

ex - Anonymous
Anonymous DONKA
Anonymous ENSAM
Anonymous PUZZLE / TAPSA[/hide]

ex - Anonymous
Anonymous crAdLe/ tapsa
Anonymous cRosby
Anonymous enSam[/hide]

ex - Finland
Finland cae C
Finland crosby
Finland Ethic
France Nirv
Finland loopaddict
Finland Pasha
Finland tapsa[/hide]



Finland Keskus Rikos Poliisi 6on6 OC 6th div. spring 2006
Anonymous gAytRiO 3on3 Goldendunk cup 11.02.2007
Anonymous gAytRiO 3on3 sensor.et cup 07.04.2007
Finland Teuva Total Dominating 6on6 iSports.pl cup 15.07.2007
Anonymous p!rates 3on3 #grainted cup 05.08.2007
Anonymous p!rates 3on3 Global.Radio cup 07.08.2007
Netherlands simpsons 3on3 reLic-cup 21.08.2007

Finland outwit GOT KICKED FROM #1DAY-CUP


#2 Anonymous p!rates CB 2on2 ladder


Anonymous pummeled Finland enSam
Anonymous pummeled Finland mind
Anonymous pummeled Finland tazOR
Anonymous pummeled Finland Uteoz

Finland Finland's sniper Finland Vanhaomena666 said that my sniping is similar to Finland Finland's sniper Finland Squall's

Anonymous p!rates Anonymous won Europe dignitas in offi
CPUIntel core2duo E6400
Memory2048 Mb
Storage830 Gb
GraphicsGeforce 8800 GTS (640mb)
SoundRealtek HD audio
Operating SystemWindows XP Professional
MonitorSamsung SyncMaster 940B
Keyboardhama easykeyboard white (5€)
MouseRazer Diamondback acid green
MousepadRazer Mantis control
HeadsetIcemat Siberia white
ConnectionNetikka 2/768