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I played actively we could say as professional (4+ hours in every day) from 2004 first quarter to 2010, and after a gap just for fun from 2013 to 2014. I learned how to play this game from $ector at the beginning. He is a great Hungarian RTCW and ET player, won several 1on1 cups and played with FOP on EuroCup many times, so I think I had a great master. You can watch an ET fragmovie about FOP here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXARi_JnYKo It took me 2 years of intensive playing to achive a similar skill. I mostly played single player trickjump maps or on trickjump servers in the first 2-3 months. After that I started to learn how to aim on Efterlyst and BIO and sometimes 1on1 against $ector. Ofc. I was kicked very fast at the beginning from Efterlyst. After a while, maybe a half year I started to get better in gaming, and much later I could say there were years when I was a star on Efterlyst, with around 49-56% consistent accuracy and many headshots. My speciality was jumping. I was able to move fast and shoot relative accurately even from the air. Sometimes I gave even 3hs while jumping toward the enemy, but that was really hard in this game. The trick was the proper general jumping technique and to press crouch while your are jumping. So you were flying near ground and because of crouching your aiming wasn't that much compromised compared to normal jumping. Because of the vicinity of ground for the first hit you landed and was able to shoot back properly. I think that was a special technique nobody else managed to invent in this game at least I did not see it in any movie or demo. With this technique I was able to jump through the 1 click nade shower on Braundorf when I was attacking from the CP, and yes even against high skilled players this worked and I was able to kill the naders, because they did not expect it coming. Other humiliating act was to jump when somebody was crouching in front of me and give them 3hs from the air. Many players for example Maus always crouched while shooting, because it gives somewhat better accuracy, but that is the worst thing you can do in this game because if you crouch, then you cannot move fast, which means that you are an easy target for a high skilled player. Crouchers can kill only if nobody is shooting back or the enemy has lower than 45% accuracy. I always moved in wasd circles without using up stamina so my accuracy was almost the same as a crouching player, but they were not able to hit me. After a hit I pressed a slight stamina, so they were not able to follow my move properly. Moving this way helped in aiming too, because it made much easier to follow the enemy in close range combat, and if you pressed forward when you were hit, then it was easier to shoot back. With 50%+ acc you were able to kill people in the air just with body shots, because the push of the hits did not allow them to land if they did not press crouch. I played in many clans as standin and for a while as a constant member too, but I think my real home was always Efterlyst, so I am grateful to the maintainers of that server whoever they were. Sadly after a few years they went down as well and only BIO remained with Kevlar. He was a funny guy, but always rage kicked me when I killed him in an impossible situation. He was only med skill and like every med skill player who played many years, he though everyone better than him is cheating. The funny part I played most of the times on wars and on these good public servers, but my favorite frag was against low-med, maybe med players on a random server with a fake name. Three enemy players attacked the Braundorf flag from the tunnel and I defended it with a rifle engineer. There was only enough time to run in from the tunnel and take the flag before we - the defenders - spawn again, so they needed to hurry. I was alone. I shot a rifle nade in front of them, which stopped them for just enough time to realize that they won't reach the flag before we spawn. They expected that I will selfkill and respawn, so they turned around to get out from the tunnel before the spawn kills them. I had full stamina so instead of selfkilling I pressed running and take my sword and made a multikill with it. I think noone except me ever made such a frag in this game. We use to play knife only with pink names sometimes on Efterlyst. I use to win 1 against 2-3 fights with knife, because I always moved in a way that they knifed each other in the back and I had high sens so I was able to run around them and knife them in the back. Not even turn around script helped those poor low sens players. :D After such frags one of them told me that I have sword and they have only knives...

My brother played this game too as professional, his nick is Cs4f1 and was the leader of Team-Hungary and a Hungarian EC team called underscore for many years. Here is a knifing fragmovie from Cs4f1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BD20VaqAHQ. He is just as good knifer as I am, but his speciality was covops. He used to jump on low-med players head by Goldrush bridge and drop a satchel charge before them. They use to panic and try to run backwards, but they weren't able to do that, because he was already proning on their head and stabbing them. I could not stop laughing whenever I was watching how he plays covops on public. He made even high skill players to believe that he is a team member. After they were shooting on him, he shaked his head and they though they were wrong and gave them medpack and ammo before he killed them. I don't know how he managed to play covops that perfectly. :D I always double checked the weapon and the map when I played against him and I suggest you to watch your back frequently too, because you could never know against him when the sheeps will bleat. :D

ET had 3 big gamer generations in Hungary. The first generation was coming from already existing RTCW clans and started the game with high skill in 2003 with clans like RT and FOP. After that they tought the newcomer second generation how to play this game at a professional level. It took around 2 years practicing to get the skill and create a clan like underscore. After a while FOP players ended their ET carrier and trusted Cs4f1 to lead team Hungary in around 2005-2006. Our generation tought the third generation how to play this game and Adze took leadership of team Hungary around 2010-2011 when we ended our professional carrier usually because many hours playing per day interfered with our academic studies, job or lovelife, or because we went to parties instead of playing. Clanbase went down in 2013, so I guess team Hungary ended with the third generation.

I played 1-2 years around 2013, maybe later just for fun on some pub servers rarely, but I never managed to get the same accuracy again. I changed back from the wireless Locitech G7 to a wired Razer Lachesis and later to G400, but it felt like I had mouseaccel no matter what accelfix I tried. I switched from XP to Win7 too, so I am not sure whether different systems were causing this or just the drag of the cord, I did not managed to test those theories because there were not good wireless mouse to try after Logitech ended producing G7. Nowadays you can get G603 with crap ergonomy compared to G7. I tend to buy one just to test whether the cord worsened my acc by 10-15%, but I really don't want to spend that much time on playing. After ET I played Battlefield 4 and 1 for fun. Sometimes I managed to reach med level aiming in those by shooting instant hs and killing 3-4-5 people only with headshots in a multi kill with machine gun, but I did not really liked those games with that many campers and without teamplay. I really liked stuff like helicopter and tbh. I bought BF1 only for the horses, but 1 year was enough from those games. They are made by EA, so they cannot be good anyways. Just like nowadays films, great effects compared to the old ones, but close to zero story.

About my personal life; I was born in 1985 and I live in Hungary. I earned an MSc degree in biochemical engineering in 2011, but I started to work as a freelancer software developer in 2010, so for many years and even now I don't do that bio stuff. I worked last year in laboratory for a quarter, I liked it, but it was the wrong kind of laboratory, so I decided to leave and look for a researcher job in life sciences, preferably immunology or cancer research. So I am looking for that job currently in 2017 and meanwhile finishing a relatively complex software, which I write for myself. I love almost every type of sport except swimming. I did crossfit for a few years, now I run most of the times when I do exercise. I participated on some running races, mostly on half marathons, on an intermediate level. My PB is around 1:41h. Maybe next year I run a marathon if I manage to prepare for it in winter. I learned English at some degree in the past 5 years mostly because I read texts about software development and medical scientific articles frequently, I listen to music and watch films on this language, so I can say I used this language more than Hungarian in the past year. I ended my gaming carrier around 2010 mostly because of love, but sadly it did not turn out well. At least I managed to stop playing for years, which we can consider as breaking an addiction in my case. The other cause was the mouseaccel issue I have already mentioned. In return I got a lot of free time to do my other hobbies. Nowadays I buy sometimes a game and play it for a half year or so, but they are usually boring after a while, so I end up in another year of not gaming period. I am somewhat disappointed in gaming and social media, so this online presence thing, but maybe it is just that I am getting old. I already spent 20 years on using and developing these applications so it might be natural that it gets boring and people on most of the pages are boring as well. So I think in the next few years I'll spend more time on my real life and less time on my virtual life.


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I was member of the Team-Hungary Enemy Territory team for around 5 years back in those times when we had Clanbase. My cb account was http://www.clanbase.com/humaninfo.php?hid=2654130 if that matters. Our best result was 2nd place on Nations Cup VIII. Those Clanbase times were good times for pro gamers.
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