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My lowfragmovie with menjah :p

Clean yawn for the time being :p

[center]Current team :[/center]

Super Heroes (3on3)]
  • Keeji ---------->JOKEMAn
  • Azaa ---------->USELESSMAn
  • FEk ----------->FAILMAn
  • Lunix--------->FLAMMAn

contact #super-heroes @Qnet [/hide]

[center]Clan History :[/center]

dESIRE.CIC7 (5on5)]
  • Bruceh
  • Sinus
  • Rizkk
  • Karnaj
  • FEk


dESIRE / pstarZ (6on6)]
  • Bruceh
  • Sinus
  • Rizkk
  • Shewie
  • meNth
  • FEk


  • Odr
  • jahu
  • locky
  • athenos
  • lunix
  • Fek
  • menjah
  • Folken

smd&tmb (6on6) and (3on3)]
  • Menjah
  • Azaa
  • Esox
  • Riggs
  • Goran
  • Fek
  • jAu

smd&tmb vLAN (6on6)]
  • Menjah
  • Azaa
  • Esox
  • Riggs
  • Goran
  • Fek

QuoteEsox 10acc on lan... Menjah sleep during a pause...

[center]Quotes :[/center]

Swedenslajdan : Was nice to play vs desperate cheaterkids! gg
Russiah8m3 : sup maus why rename?


#3G cup 3v3 with AnonymousSuper Heroes
#supercup 5v5 with AnonymousSuper Heroes
#unbrained cup 3v3 with AnonymousSuper Heroes
#KKK 3v3 super Night CUP with Anonymous Super Heroes with won against Swedendisposable and some whine
Chupa chups cup v4 with AnonymousSuper Heroes
#et-needle 3v3 cup#3 with Anonymous Super Heroes
#sc-cup v6 with Anonymous Super Heroes
CFET v2 3on3 division 2 with FranceX.eT
#zeroEv3 3v3 with AnonymousSuper Heroes
gZcon 3v3 cup with AnonymousSuper Heroes
DOOPi 3v3 cup v7 with AnonymousSuper Heroes
#unbrained cupv6 3v3 with AnonymousSuper Heroes
CFET v2 6on6 division 3 with FranceX.eT
Chupa chups cup v2 with San Marinosmd&tmb
11th FrenchLAN 2 with San Marinosmd&tmb =====> FAIL[/u]
13th CiC7 with FrancedESIRE
CPUcore 2 duo e8200
Motherboardasus p5n-e SLI
Memory2G ddr2
Storagesamsung 500 Go
GraphicsgeForce 8800 GT
Operating SystemXP
Keyboardlogitech lol
Mouserazer deathadder
MousepadQpad UC large
Headsetcreative fatality