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past et teams :
http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/cz.gif[/img] #eEriness/nEophyte/confis - january 2009 -> march 2010]
main lineup :
image: cz eRove
image: cz jaLO
image: cz milhAus
image: cz mnew
image: cz curtis
image: cz pecka

image: cz cromer
image: cz caybro
image: cz malfoy
image: cz darky
image: cz denton
image: cz rifleman
image: cz wizrox
image: cz esti
image: cz mDg
image: cz pinokio

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/eu.gif[/img] 7eLeven - autumn 2008]
main lineup :
image: cz eRove
image: be krypton
image: ch barret
image: be jami
image: lt reve
image: de shimmy
image: de wing
image: fr sponge

http://mundus.wippiespace.com/flags/eu.gif[/img] Ferocious warriors - summer 2008]
main lineup :
image: uk williams
image: cz eRove
image: uk eggy
image: ch aquila
image: ca rockstAr
image: us pAuz
image: nl arawn
image: us titan
image: us sixers


ClanBase European 6v6 ladder with nEophyte
ESL 6v6 SW TeamPlay Instant Cup with eEriness
ESL Major Series 6v6 Season IV Czech Relegation Qualifier
ETmasters 6v6 II with eEriness
ClanBase summer cup 2009 Fourth League with nEophyte
World Gamemaster Tournament ET Exhibition 5v5 LAN 2009 with nEophyte
Kosmonosy Lan party 3vs3 with cze

Kosmonosy Lan party 5vs5 with cze

ESL TeamPlay Open Cup 6v6 with eEriness

random cups :
#zero.E 3on3 cup with inteRaction
siN.Gaming CUP BaseRace 8vs8 with bullshit
#zero.E 5on5 Cup v.2 with inteRaction
iGaming 3v3 Cup #2 with supermix
randomZ 6on6 Cup with eEriness
CROW 3v3 cup vol7 with supermix
Just4fame 3v3 cup with supermix
10minutes 3v3 cup with supermix
addicted2battle #1 3v3 with supermix
nKrom cup 3v3 with supermix
CROW.cup vol22 3v3 with supermix
increased Night Cup vol4 3v3 with supermix
09.09.09. 6v6 cup with eEriness
noBra!n - 5o5 Cup #1 with supermix
nSports 3on3 Cup #1 with necroraisers
#zero.E 3on3 Cup v.21 with max

played :

ESL 3v3 summer cup premiere division with eEriness
ClanBase Opencup Fall 09 Premier division with nEophyte
ESL Major Series Fall 09 Qualifiers with nEophyte
ESL Enemy Territory Premier League Fall 2009 with nEophyte
ESL Major Series 6v6 Season IV with eEriness
ClanBase OpenCup Fall 2010 QuakeLive Duel premier league
CPUintel E8200
MemoryA-Data DIMM 2048MB DDR II 800MHz Extreme Edition
StorageSeagate Barracuda 320 GB
GraphicsMicrostar NX 8800GT
Soundintegrated - RealTek ALC889A
Operating SystemWindows XP Home & Kubuntu Hardy heron
MonitorLG L194WS-SF 19"
Keyboardrandom shit
MouseLogitch MX518
MousepadSteelpad Qck+
HeadsetCreative Fatal1ty
Connection4,1 mb/s