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Using this account Italy mama

Played mostly for / with / as

Italy GuG / eG / eC4
Spain sh0ut / iLoGiK
Italy n1ce
Croatia cortana

Lan Teams

CDC3 n1ce]
Latvia dunno
Latvia fuzz
Italy mama
Austria sick
Latvia vinyl
Austria 10000 damage xet

CDC4 n1ce]
Italy C4o$
Italy dio
Italy mama
Italy neve
Italy Stevji low-med
Italy vegeta

CC5 Zero Empathy Anticlimax]
Italy dio
Belgium KosK
Netherlands eager
Italy mama
Finland ruoska
Netherlands overboost

CC6 Europe JRP

Italy Team Italy several times
Europe Allstars South 2009


CB Summercup 3on3 3rd League 2004 with ItalyGuG
CB Hosten Italian Cup 2004 with ItalyGuG
NGI Italian Cup 3on3 2004 with ItalyGuG
NGI Italian Cup 3on3 2005 with ItalyGuG
CB 6v6 OC Spring 2006 2nd League with Italyn1ce
ESL ET 6vs6 Summercup 2006 with Italyn1ce
ESL ET 3vs3 SummerCup 2006 with Italyn1ce
CB Hosted Mediterranean Cup 2006 with Italyn1ce
CB 6v6 OC Fall 2006 Premier League with Italyn1ce
CB 3v3 OC Fall 2006 2nd League with Italyn1ce
Played in EuroCup XV 2007 with Italy n1ce
ESL ET 3on3 Winter Instant 07 with Italyn1ce
ESL ET SummerCup Division 1 07 with Italyn1ce
ESL ET Fall 2007 with Italyn1ce
CB 6v6 OC Fall 2007 Premier League with Europen1ce
CB 3v3 OC Fall 2007 Second League with Europe n1ce
Played Eurocup XVII with Europen1ce
ESL ET Winter Instant Cup No.2 with Europen1ce
ET 5on5 Summer Cup 2008 2nd League with Europen1ce
ESL ET 6on6 Sunday Night Cup II 2008 with Europen1ce
ESL 6on6 Instant Cup #16 2008 with Europen1ce
Played EuroCup XVIII with CroatiaCortana 2008
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CPUI can't wait 8 nights or more, this zombie's going to war!
MemoryVictory shall be mine !
StorageVictory shall be mine !
GraphicsVictory shall be mine !
SoundVictory shall be mine !
Operating SystemVictory shall be mine !
MonitorVictory shall be mine !
KeyboardVictory shall be mine !
MouseVictory shall be mine !
MousepadVictory shall be mine !
HeadsetVictory shall be mine !
ConnectionU can bite my shiny metal ass